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Paramount Pictures and IAC Films present an R rated, 101 minute, Comedy, directed and written by Chris Rock with a theater release date of December 12, 2014.


The film opens abruptly with Andre Allen (Chris Rock) a well-known comedian turned dramatic actor trying to get his career and private life back on track before he settles down to a marriage with his reality star girlfriend (Gabrielle Union). Andre is walking down a New York City sidewalk with Chelsea (Rosario Dawson), a writer for the New York Times who happens to want to do a story on him. The conversation happens to be of course black versus white and the downfall of society under a white government. Grant it Chelsea is sounding a lot less racist than Andre in this debate which I think seems to reflect Rocks true beliefs! This theme seems to develop even more so throughout the entire film with some pros and cons.

Andre is trying to make a comeback and one way he will only do so is by not falling off the wagon. Even though some of his best comedic moments was when he was drunk he must one day realize that life does not evolve around alcohol. Oh I know so many people that think otherwise! Sad for them when one day they sober up and find life has turned into a country song. Andre’s worst moment of his career was Houston in 2003. Let’s just say three is company but four is a crowd and with two angry women involved you know matters are about to get worse.

Andre’s next film, Uprize, is coming out soon and he’s working hard on promoting it since longevity is not looking like a possibility for this Haitian revolution film out to kill as many white people as possible! One stop SiriusXM, big fan of course since I used to be one of their original shows, great studios, great people, so it was good to see them featured in a film. My name I assume is still written on their wall from my visit there. No not the bathroom wall either! Another stop a visit to his family in the projects, some funny jokes and a good cast of characters but once again a very cliché moment in this story along with way overuse of the “N” word. Other than that there are some very good lines in the story both hysterical and inspirational. Yes by the age of thirty you should have your crap together and know where you’re going in life. In the late 60’s the reference to the “Planet of the Apes” film and Martin Luther King has a mouth full of discussion to follow. In life if you do not have an audience why bother putting on a show for some that reference could swing both ways.

The back drop of the storyline of Andre and his reality show girlfriends wedding is back seat to everything else. Even when Chelsea bumps into her boyfriend, not a fan of hot sauce, but loves the finger, does she discover he too has a boyfriend; things start to take a turn for the Prince. Andre and Chelsea start to develop a stronger friendship bringing in the question of what constitutes the meaning of sex, the fact that she is not who she appears to be and rigorous honesty is the best policy in any relationship, reality or not! In the end, all things lead to a Cinderella moment.

I have to say I laughed during this film several times but not all the time since yet again I think Rock may be a bit one sided regarding is opinions. He directs the film well but I tend to think the writing is what keeps this story moving, even though there are a bit of lines that tend to wonder throughout the racist world, black or white, and unneeded. It seems Chris who at times reveals quite a bit of himself tends not to be so favorable towards the white race. As for the cast, Dawson, Rock and Union tend to own their roles preforming them extremely well. Sandler, Goldberg, Tracy Morgan, Hart and Seinfeld seemed to be lost in the story not giving them the applause they deserve in the comedic roles. Cedric the Entertainer seemed to shine well in the story really showing off his true assets. Overall a very funny movie that is sure to make a sound at the box office. Written and enjoyed with 2 paws out of four by Jon Patch.

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