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Warner Bros. Pictures, New line Cinema and Gary Sanchez Productions present an R rated, 96 minute, Comedy, directed by Ben Falcone, written by Falcone and Melissa McCarthy with a theater release date of July 2, 2014.


First off let me start by saying I am a huge fan of Melissa McCarthy and I think she is probably one of the funniest women to hit the screen in some time but even though this film has its funny moments it is laced throughout with some dramatic and deep undertones that don’t help the cause in making this a must see comedy.

On her way to work at Topper Jacks, Tammy (Melissa McCarthy) hits a deer with her car and while on the ground on the side of the road trying to revive the animal we discover this film is going to be off the wall. One problem though this assumption is not necessarily true! I think due to the writing and a bit of the direction more so than the acting since McCarthy is a pro for ad-lib and off the wall slap stick. Anyway when she shows up at the fast food restaurant she gets fired by her boss Keith Morgan (Ben Falcone) which sparks off more potty language than hysterical banter. Arriving home early from work she walks in only to find her husband Greg (Nat Faxon) with the neighbor Missi (Toni Collette) and Tammy is left with no car, no job and no home that is until she walks to her mom Deb’s (Allison Janney) house. Moments later she is off on a road trip with Grandma Pearl (Susan Sarandon) mainly because the alcoholic, diabetic old lady has a car and money, sixty seven hundred to be exact, enough to get them some adventures for a while.

Traveling across country from Illinois with the intent to land in Niagara Falls the women make a pit stop in Louisville but little did they know this stop would change both their lives forever. They hook up with Earl (Gary Cole) and his son Bobby (Mark Duplass), sleep outdoors with a friendly raccoon, find themselves in jail, Tammy robs a Topper Jack’s, of course they get drunk and say and do things they probably should not have and also attend a lesbian party at her cousin Lenore’s (Kathy Bates) beautiful home in the country which she shares with her lover Susanne (Sandra Oh). Yet though throughout it all Tammy finally begins to figure out what it is she wants in life and happily decides to go get it. That is after her stay in jail again for thirty eight days. Ice cream for all and a Jacuzzi night with Becky (Sarah Baker) and Larry (Rich Williams) but the biggest and most promising aspect in life, karma, and what goes around comes around. Remember to stay for some of the credits since there are one or two funny bloopers.

I enjoyed the film mainly because of the cast, McCarthy is like the modern day Lucille Ball, and Bates even though in a small role is iconic. Duplass does a nice job as the romantic interest but overall it is McCarthy who owns this story. Sarandon of course is in it from beginning to end but I have to say a poor choice for the role. I love Sarandon’s work but it’s too bad some of the other actress’s considered for the role where not able to make it. I actually would have strongly considered switching Bates with Sarandon. Overall though Janney, Aykroyd, Cole, Faxon, Collette, Oh, Falcone, Baker amongst other supporting roles help give the story its flare but with a heavy mixture in the writing of lessons learned versus straight out of the box comedy this story sometimes loses its true meaning to make the audience laugh considering the trailers make it seem this way. In the end, I liked the film but pretty much felt like I wasn’t getting exactly what I thought I would. A ninety six minute laugh out loud funny movie! Written and enjoyed with two paws out of four by Jon Patch.

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