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Europa, Relativity Media, Brick Mansion Productions Inc, Canal+, Cine+, present a 90 minute, PG-13, action, crime, drama, directed by Camille Delamarre, written by Luc Besson and Bibi Naceri with a theater release date of April 25, 2014.


In the near future one of the most dangerous metros in the USA, Detroit, has created a walled off section of the city, called it “Brick Mansions” and left it as home to some of the most ruthless criminals and drug lords in Michigan and the leader of the pack happens to be a drug lord named Tremaine (RZA). He and his gang led by K2 (Gouchy Boy) and Rayzah (Ayisha Issa) are out to destroy Lino (David Belle), a man of many athletic talents, who happens to keep getting in Tremaine’s way of running his drugs. In order to take Lino down Tremaine kidnaps his girlfriend Lola (Catalina Denis) and threatens to kill her if Lino doesn’t give himself up.

Meanwhile an undercover narcotics agent, Damien (Paul Walker), is hot on the trail of George the Greek (Carlo Rota) and in order to capture this drug kingpin Damien must fight his way through bullets, hand fights and car chases to bring the man to justice. A bigger problem looms in the mansions as Damien is informed a nuclear weapon has been stolen and if not disarmed will explode in Detroit in a matter of hours. As Damien enters into the mansions to find this weapon he soon discovers that everything he believed in soon will come crashing to one explosive ending.

The film is packed with stunts, the premise of the story is weak albeit it has one, it is just poorly executed. The characters are extremely under-developed so for the most part the audience has no interest in getting invested in neither the leads nor the story. If not for the stunts and car crashes this film would have been a straight to DVD for my taste. For what dialogue there is in the story it is simple, amateurish and at times ridiculous let alone some of the characters laced within the film. Heck the stunts all seemed too preplanned as well with zip lines, mattresses, tires and so many other props strategically placed throughout the story.

Walker once again does a nice job in this film but not even this actor who the film is dedicated to can save this ninety minute mishap. Belle is awesome for his stunts but truly needs to polish up his acting skills as does RZA, Gouchy Boy and Denis. As for Issa she was at least one of the better actors in the film besides Walker and that’s not saying a lot based on this films lack of lines. Overall a good film to watch on DVD for its stunts but not a movie to race out to and spend money at the box office any time soon. Written with one and half paws out of four by Jon Patch.

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