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Warner Bros. Pictures, Alcon Entertainment, DMG Entertainment and Straight Up Films present a 119 minute, PG-13, drama, mystery, sci-fi, directed by Wally Pfister and written by Jack Paglen with a theater release date of April 18, 2014.


The film opens to where it ends when mankind has collided with technology and for the most part has failed. Questions to ask yourself is that if the internet is making the world smaller by taking away social interactions or would the world be a smaller place without internet?

Five years earlier in the story we learn about Doctor Will Caster (Johnny Depp) his wife Evelyn (Rebecca Hall) and Doctor Max Waters (Paul Bettany) all ready to give a speech on how to “evolve the future”. There is an eternal love between Will and Evelyn one almost like no other. Will has shown his love to her by creating a solidarity garden in their yard one where nothing can penetrate technologically so that she can escape modern advancements whenever she felt like it. Many people believe in new technology and how it will advance the world but for some like a known terrorist group called R.I.F.T. run by Bree (Kate Mara) and others they are out to take action against Castor and his research fearing that if he were to succeed his technology would end the world as we know it. So after several attacks on his research labs there is also an attack on his life. After learning of his impending slow death to follow it is decided by his wife Evelyn with the help of Max their friend and colleague to take his brain and insert it into his already created computer system called “PINN”.

After a successful attempt for Will to live within his computer after his death Max begins to question if the intelligence coming from the computer is actually Will and what makes him question his presence even more is when he asks for more power so he can go global. Already R.I.F.T. members are out to stop his expansion and the FBI led by Agent Buchanan (Cillian Murphy) is out to arrest all the national members of this global terrorist group. Little does the FBI know that this group out to stop the creation of BDC, aka the Brightwood Data Center, controlled by Will and run by Evelyn in a remote desert location is actually trying to do the right thing and if not for Joseph Tagger (Morgan Freeman) and Max the world might have been a different place years later.

Any intelligence needs to grow to advance and two years into the birth of the BDC technology under the watchful eye of Will has advanced hundreds of years before its time leaving many to question if it is for the right reasons considering that people with ailments and handicaps are showing up in Brightwood, changing in many ways both physically and mentally. In a center run by hundreds of solar panels with the main facility located five stories under the ground a new world is being created and some saying maybe a new God? If one man could create a new world would he be classified as a God? Some may think so but for many they still believe in only one original God and the world that he created for mankind. Evelyn is blinded by her love for Will but through the logic of Joseph and others she has come to terms with right from wrong but overall in the end has decided to upload herself so that the two could be together forever. Or did she? Did she believe or not? In the end throughout darkness and the end of the world as we know it both Will and Evelyn have found a way to be together again within their garden. There could never be life without water to nourish it but without technology maybe life would someday learn how to communicate again albeit in a much smaller world.

I really enjoyed the story and the premise behind its meaning but I found that the story line stayed level from start to finish. Not that it was a bad plot and all but based on the trailers I really expected there to be much more special effects and action moments throughout the film. There were very little highs to meet the lows although I did think the film has nice direction it is the writing that saves the day here along with some effects and the momentum to make you think about what is happening within this unfolding story on the screen right in front of you and possibly behind your back in real life.

Depp does a nice job here once again from beginning to end even though for the most part his character seems one dimensional from start to end. If not for the actions of Hall then Depp may not have looked as good since she tends to help him shine as she does as well. Bettany does well even though I kept thinking that he and Hall’s character were going to pick up where Depp’s Will left off after his death. I am a fan of Murphy but I felt like he was under-used in this role. For some reason I like him better as the villain or the mean guy versus that of mister nice guy. Mara performs well but at times I felt she gets a bit lost in the shuffle and as for Freeman he as always brings a sense of stability to some awkward moments at times within his scenes. Overall strong on story but weak on action this film is worth watching for those out to stimulate their brains. With two paws out of four, I’m Jon Patch. Time to send a text!


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