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That Awkward Moment Featured

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Focus Features, Treehouse Pictures, Aversano Films, What If It Barks Films and Ninja Runnin’ Wild Productions present a 94 minute, R rated, romantic comedy, directed and written by Tom Gormican with a theater release date of January 31, 2014.

So, Jason (Zac Efron) is apparently not ready for love or so he thinks!  He likes to party, hang out with his best friends Daniel (Miles Teller) who happens to work with him at a book cover business and Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) a doctor.  Jason has no mental or emotional attachment to any women but he does invest his physical attention in them as much as possible especially with Alana (Addison Timlin) one of his regular non-attached sexual partners.  Daniel on the other hand is the less attractive guy of the three and has a bar partner named Chelsea (Mackenzie Davis) to help him land a date for a night while out in the bars.  Mikey, attractive young man with a medical degree and a beautiful wife, Vera (Jessica Lucas) has everything he’s always planned for that is until Harold who happens to look like Morris Chestnut enters the picture bringing in the ultimate bad word in marriage, divorce.
Three single friends in the city of New York are now trying to figure out life, a life they think is better to be single in then in a relationship.  Are they following the right path towards happiness?  They seem to think so and have made a promise to one another that neither of them will get involved with a woman for anything other than casual sex.  They begin to experience the life of partying which of course has its moments of joy and its moments of depression.  Jason meets a beauty in the bar one night, Ellie (Imogen Poots) and its lust at first sight that is until he mistakes her for a hooker.  Apparently slutty shoes, magazines, condoms in the night stand all lead up to the final outcome, she’s a hooker!  Not really, sometimes what appears the obvious is not quite as it appears, at least in Ellie’s case! 
Every relationship likes to have spontaneity when it comes to the bedroom and sometimes that makes the difference between pass or fail for a long term partnership, sad but true, for some.  The film follows these three guys through their times of sexual encounters, the use of Viagra, sexual positions and locations but most of all their bond as friends and the understanding of relationships amongst themselves and the women that they meet.  Jason for once in his life has several revelations that lead him to realize that Ellie could be the one.  A great line in the film is when Jason realizes that the meaning of relationship is always being there for the other person especially when they need them.  My favorite line in the movie which hands itself off to some pretty good writing about life, love and relationships.  Daniel discovers that sometimes the person right in front of you is the one that is the most important.  As for Mikey, well Vera is truly a piece of work and sometimes the girl in the glasses is the one that’s meant to be.  So?
The direction is not bad but I tend to like the writing which focuses on the relationships and love amongst the characters.  The film has its dramatic moments but for the most part comes across pretty real with some great visual and dialogue scenes filled with hysterics.  Case in point brace yourselves for the Viagra scene and the Bob Barker conversation.  I enjoyed the walks through New York but mostly the fact that finally a film gives us a reason to fall in love.  At times it reminded me a bit of one of my favorite date films from the past “About Last Night”, which is being remade and released soon.  Hopefully they don’t destroy the remake!  Even the music in this film gives us a good vibe making it worth a look at the soundtrack. 
Efron does a nice job here but the film tends to rely on his naked body quite a bit and really could support itself on the plot if need be but overall Efron is growing up and becoming a better actor along the way.  Teller is a burst of funny that sometimes hits its mark but sometimes not but for the most part helps to move the story forward.  Jordan is a bit more straight laced and not my favorite of the three but tends to come across a bit too safe for his character that is dealing with potential divorce in what he thought was the perfect relationship.  Poots is sweet and somewhat innocent and is a nice attraction for Efron’s character.  Davis was perfect and really could have had a bigger role especially at the piano in song.  Lucas along with the rest of the cast are a great support to a fun and enlightening story that won’t win any awards but is truly worthy of a date night out.  Written and enjoyed with two and a half paws out of four mainly for its meaning that this world needs more love, by Jon Patch.

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