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Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures present a 108 minute, PG, animation, 3D, adventure, fantasy, comedy, directed and written by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee with a theater release date of November 27, 2013.

To quote my friend Tony, “nice to see Disney getting back to what their movies used to be” this film is true Disney with great animation, use of 3D, fantastic adventurous story with great characters, beautiful music and overall just a superb film for young and old to enjoy together.
Before the movie started the audience was privileged to watch a Mickey and Minnie black and white with color mixed in short film in 3D.  Honestly some of the best use of 3D I’ve ever seen so I hope everyone gets to experience this short because it is absolutely amazing.
The story opens in the Kingdom of Arendelle with two sisters, the youngest Anna (voice of Livvy Stubenrauch) and the oldest Elsa (Eva Bella), later known as the Snow Queen (voice of Idina Menzel).  Anna loves to play and her favorite time with her older sister is inside the castle when Elsa who holds special powers makes the castle into a winter wonderland.  They slide on ice, up and down hills and building a special snowman together they call Olaf (voice of Josh Gad).  All goes wrong though when Elsa accidently hits Anna in the head with her powers causing her hair to slightly turn white and her body to freeze.  Her royal parents have only one solution to help their daughter which is to take her to the trolls to cure her.  Luckily Anna was hit in the head and not the heart which if so it could have frozen her forever.  Anna is saved but her memories erased and as for Elsa she locked herself away forever in her castle bedroom fearful of once again hurting Anna or someone else.
Years pass, their parents have died and Elsa is about to be coroneted as Queen which means she will have to open the gates of the castle to let the people of Arendelle in for the ceremonial ball and crowning.  Finally Anna (voice of Kristen Bell) gets to spend time with her sister after so many years of isolation but when Anna announces her quick engagement to Hans (voice of Santino Fontana) at the ball everything goes wrong and Elsa ends up exposed for her witchery powers, in fear of becoming a monster Elsa flees into the northern mountains for safety of herself, Anna and the kingdom.
Anna soon runs after Elsa, leaving her one day fiancé Hans to run the castle but along her icy journey Anna meets up with the handsome Kristoff (voice of Jonathan Groff) and his best friend and ice sled puller Sven the reindeer.  Not soon thereafter the three are on a journey together to find Elsa, chased by wolves in the snowy wilderness, faced with extreme conditions but eventually joined by a live and funny Olaf they all come upon a beautiful ice castle on the highest peak of the mountains.  Anna tries to bring Elsa home but a frozen heart later, a hug scary snowman and the love of an iceman she is trying to get home in order to save her own life. 
Not long thereafter when a battle ensues with some of the villagers that find Elsa in the castle she is brought back to Arendelle in hopes of returning summer to the village since when she left all was left in ice.   But things do not appear as they should in the castle, Elsa is locked in chains and Anna on her return is left for dead.  In the end, love prevails unlocking the key to a warm heart and the acceptance and understanding of the new Queen of Arendelle.  Oh and as for the scary snowman make sure to wait until the end of the credits to see what happens to him. 
This film is beautiful and well worth the ticket to see on the big screen for the entire family.  Even though it starts off a bit slow with the characters as children it swiftly turns into a phenomenal story filled with superb enchanting songs, character development, and brilliant animation.  A must see at the box office that will be sure to join the ranks of Disney’s best films that will last forever and ever into the archives of Disney magic.  Written and thoroughly enjoyed with four paws out of four by Jon Patch.

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