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DreamWorks SKG and Touchstone Pictures present a 103 minute, PG-13, drama, comedy, directed by Ken Scott, written by Scott with the original screenplay “Starbuck” by Martin Petit and a theater release date of November 22, 2013.

David Wozniak (Vince Vaughn) is a man loved by all but not as much respected by friends, family and his girlfriend Emma (Cobie Smulders).  Nothing seems to go his way and it could be because he never seems to make the right grown up decisions.  When someone tells you to get a life you may think about it but when everyone tells you then you should do more than think about it.  David works with his father and two brothers at the family owned meat store, Wozniak & Sons, mostly as a delivery driver.  Being in debt to a loan shark for $80,000 doesn’t help his case in gaining respect from his family and friends let alone his girlfriend who by the way just announced to him she is pregnant.
Well things get worse when David finds out that the sperm he donated to the sperm clinic over the last thirty three months , 693 times for a dollar amount of $21,000 has sired 533 children and better yet 142 of them is suing the clinic to find out who is their biological father  currently only known as “Starbuck”.  Thankfully David has a friend who happens to be a lawyer, Brett (Chris Pratt), single father of four and currently an unlicensed lawyer.  Friendships prevail and Brett steps in to help David by asking him to keep quiet about his sperm situation but when David is given 142 profiles of his children in a sealed envelope he cannot help but become curious. 
First person out, Andrew Johansson (Kevin Hopkins) a professional basketball player, next up Josh (Jack Reynor) who works at a coffee shop but aspires to be an actor.  Then there’s Kristen (Britt Robertson) a junkie trying to get her life back together but one the saddest yet inspirational moments is when David meets Ryan a young handicapped man living his life in a home for special needs.  One at a time David starts going through all the profiles with the intent to find out exactly who his children are without telling who he happens to be.
When David stumbles into a private Starbuck Inaugural meeting at a local hotel he soon finds himself face to face with all of his children and still not divulging his identity happens to be followed out by Viggo (Adam Chanler-Berat), his one of many son’s, who happens to overhear a conversation that David is his father.  Secrets kept between David and Viggo, they start too bond and soon David spends even more time with all the children getting to know each and every one of them in a group setting. 
When the sperm donor dad story goes national and the court trial ensues by the children hoping to expose their true father to them and the world David realizes that no matter what he now needs to make the right choices for him, his family and his soon to be new born child and possible wife.
I have to admit this was a story I thought was going to be hysterical and although it had a few funny moments it was more dramatic and touching to the heart than the funny bone.  I’ve never really been a huge fan of Vaughn but he really does a nice job here on the side of serious acting depicting his tender more loving side to some serious situations.  Overall an enjoyable film with a number of slow moments throughout the story but well worth the inspiration that maybe if we all grew up just a bit we might find out that the world really could be a loving place after all.  Well directed and written this film will leave you appreciating the values of family no matter what you may or may not classify as real.  Hats off to Vaughn for his dramatic turn, Pratt was a great balance that added a bit more humor to the story line and Smulders who I was not familiar with has a small but meaningful role that should help propel her career.  As for all the kids, their stories are compelling, their acting is substantial with some better than others but overall a well done film.  Written and enjoyed for its dramatic content mainly, with two paws out of four by Jon Patch.

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