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Fox Searchlight Pictures and Sneak Preview Productions present a PG-13, 96 minute, romantic comedy directed and written by David E. Talbert with a theater release date of September 27, 2013.

Montana Moore (Paula Patton) is the oldest of two siblings, her younger sister Sheree (Lauren London) is about to get married and their mother Catherine (Jenifer Lewis) who is going on husband number five can’t imagine why Montana struggles to find love.  She may be picky as some would say but truly speaking it’s a rough dating world out there and most people do have their check list of ideals.  Some potential suitors are too heavy, too short, too bald, too ugly, not working, liars, pretenders, partiers, married or gay. 
Montana is a flight attendant for Trans Alliance air and flies the friendly skies with two of her best friends, Sam (Adam Brody) yes he’s gay and Gail Best (Jill Scott) a bit of the wild child with cleavage for days.  Her best friend since they were kids, William Wright (Derek Luke) and his girlfriend Taylor (Christina Milian) live right across the hall from Montana and her cat at The Argyle.  Some say love is blind and others say that many times it is staring you right in the face and you don’t even notice it.  I say both statements can be true but then again I’m still single but dating!  Any way Montana thinks she has found Mr. Right rather than Mr. Right Now and travels to Chicago from Baltimore to spend time with Graham (Boris Kodjow) but after one slow motion sexy wash board moment in bed Montana after a night of stalking under the advice of Gail finds out that the white picket fence and dreams of a family with Graham are nothing but a lie.
Soon the friends kick in as Sam devises a plan that could possibly help Montana find her man.  With the help of Sam, Gail, Tanya (La La Anthony), Cedric (Affion Crockett) and several other of her airport friends Montana is about to go back in time with 30 days and 30000 miles to find a husband and hopefully before her sister’s wedding.  Along the way revisiting past relationships William informs her that the magic isn’t in getting married but rather it’s in staying married.  For Montana she soon learns the hard way as she discovers that the past should stay in the past.  Damon Diesel (Trey Songz) recording artist, Langston Jefferson Battle III (Taye Diggs) running for Congress with his Yorkie Juicy, Quinton Jamison (Djimon Hounsou) hotel owner, are some of the men she tries to land but in the end finds that there is only one person she needs to love more which is herself and once she does she will find her true love.  Thanks to a big Ho Ho Ho Montana finds her perfect guy pretty much within a box of Cracker Jacks.
This film is not about to win an Oscar but it is a fun film to go see especially if you’re a romantic in the mood for some moments of inspiration.  Nicely directed and written with some great one liners this story backed by a wonderful soundtrack will have you smiling and laughing from start to finish thanks to a great cast of characters. 
Patton is just plain gorgeous and really shows off her likeable personality in this story.  Luke is that man next door that everyone wants to know and call a friend and for some maybe even more.  Milian doesn’t have a huge role but plays the role she portrays quite convincingly.  Brody and Scott really bring back references to Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, Lewis and Martin, adding some great support to Patton’s character.  The guys all do a great job with Kodjoe bringing the sex appeal and Songz. Diggs and Hounsou all bringing there acting skills to this hysterical, lovable story.  Moore is every daughters pain in the butt that wants nothing but the norm for her daughters not realizing that the norm these days is what each and every person holds within themselves and not what other people want or expect.  Overall this film which targets the female demo is truly worthy of a night out at the theater with a date if you’re looking for some laugh out loud mindless humor that centers around one good looking woman in search of a man with some so-called help from her friends.  It gives a whole new meaning to desperate.  Hard to believe from Patton but hey it’s a movie that is predictable but fun.  Written and enjoyed with a number of laugh out loud moments with two and half paws out of four by Jon Patch, the hopeless romantic.

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