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A24, 21 Laps Entertainment and Andrew Lauren Productions present an R rated, 95 minute, coming of age dramatic love story, directed by James Ponsoldt, written by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber with a theater release date of August 2, 2013.

A small town boy named Sutter (Miles Teller) believes he has it all, living in the moment he has a beautiful girlfriend, sex, a car, a roof over his head living with his mother Sara (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and a best friend named Ricky (Masam Holden) who apparently needs to have sex before it’s too late.  One night after a night out Sutter wakes up in someone’s front lawn with Aimee’s (Shailene Woodley) face hovering over him afraid he might be dead.  Introductions are made and a friendship begins to develop between Sutter and a relatively unknown unpopular girl at school, Aimee.
Sutter’s mother is a nurse his father is MIA and his older sister Holly (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is married to a wealthy man and apparently has no need to work.  Sutter works in retail, drinks too much, lies quite a bit, has bad grades in school and is somewhat known by others as a joke.  Still after their first encounter Aimee still see’s something in him that others do not and even though Sutter still has eyes for his ex-girlfriend Cassidy (Brie Larson) Aimee still continues to hang out with him.  Some tensions flourish but don’t last long when Sutter finds out that Cassidy is dating the school President, well known school athlete Marcus (Dayo Okeniyi) who happens to be the total opposite of Sutter.  Question is does Sutter seek Aimee because Cassidy found someone else or is it because he is falling for her?
Graduation is around the corner and Aimee is accepted to a school in Philadelphia and as the relationship with Sutter begins to develop further he is uncertain of making a life change for her but more so leaving his life in the moment within his small town in Georgia.  Sutter wonders about his life and why he is who he is and hopes to find some answers by seeing his father, Tommy (Kyle Chandler).  His mother has sheltered Sutter from his father for some unknown reasons ones that Sutter blamed on her.  When Sutter decides to take a road trip with Aimee to visit his long lost father his life and that of Aimee’s will never be the same.  There are always two sides to every story but sometimes one side should honestly be enough.  A person should never live in the past but rather live in the now since it  could be a reflection of one’s self that could create a person to live life afraid until there’s nothing left but tomorrow is another day and if appreciated could forever bring love in the future.
The film has no bells and whistles but is nicely directed and written.  The only issue is that even though it has a very real and believable story it moves like a snail very slow yet in the end after some bumps in the road the story reaches its destination although leaving you to perceive for yourself the final answer.  It has a nice soundtrack and some brilliant dialogue between the characters with a great use of development from the start but the story although well written never seems to rise above a made for television appeal.  I must say though that the acting in this film for two virtually unknown actors is superb.  Both Teller and Woodley will definitely go places after this film and rightfully so since their acting skills were impeccable.  Everyone else takes a back seat to these two but Larson, Chandler, Jason Leigh, Winstead and many of the smaller roles all add a factor of true life to this story, one that many people can honestly relate too.  Overall in the end this story has its moments in the now but unsure of what its future will be but as for Teller and Woodley I surely see longevity.  Written and appreciated for its life lessons with one and half paws out of four by Jon Patch.

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