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Demarest Films, Gaumont, Relativity Media, Reliance Entertainment, IM Global, and EMJAG Productions present a PG-13, 106 minute, dramatic thriller, directed by Robert Luketic, written by Jason Dean Hall and Barry Levy with a theater release date of August16, 2013.

Everyone for the most part wants more out of life but sometimes when we ask for it are we prepared to deal with the effects thereafter when we get it.  So by all means maybe in life we should all be careful for what we ask for! 
Adam Cassidy (Liam Hemsworth) lives with his father Frank (Richard Dreyfuss), his mother passed away when he was seven and his father Frank is now on oxygen, they struggle from day to day to pay the bills let alone the medical bills especially since the company, Wyatt Mobile, that Adam works for just cut off his insurance plan.  In the morning Adam is about to make a presentation to Nicolas Wyatt (Gary Oldman) and his corporation regarding a new technology for his mobile phones but when the meeting doesn’t go well Adam and his members Kevin (Lucas Till), Allison (Angela Sarafyan) and others are out of jobs.  Adam and friends leave with boxes in hands and no place to go, what better to do than drink at their favorite New York City bar and better yet on the company credit card until the Wyatt Corporation cuts it off.  It’s at this bar where Adam meets his one night stand Emma Jennings (Amber Heard) who in the morning tosses him to the curb as quick as his job did. 
That morning Adam is called into the Wyatt Corporation for a meeting with Wyatt and his henchman Miles Meechum (Julian McMahon) along with his right hand woman Dr. Judith Bolton (Embeth Davidtz).  Adam is asked if he is a horse or dog.  Does he live off fear or food?  Either way he now owes Wyatt an extensive payment on the evening’s night out at the bar and money is not what he is looking for.  You see Wyatt started out as partners with Jock Goodard (Harrison Ford) but when their partnership broke up Goodard created eiKon Corporation a direct competitor to Wyatt Mobile and Wyatt now wants to destroy him even though everyone knows in the world competition breeds innovation.  One way to do it is to steal his trade secrets surrounding a new phone in the making, Occura, that is about to change mobile phones as we know them.  In return for his debt Adam will get a job at eiKon, a $500,000 bonus with more to follow, a New York City apartment, a new look, literally a new life from Wyatt all for one thing, secrets.
Wyatt’s people make Adam look the part, act the part and learn that if he can get Goodard to trust him than he can rule him.  “A good artist copies but a great artist steals” and that is the rule for Adam to live by while working undercover for the Wyatt Corporation.  Judith makes it possible for him to get hired at the top and at his first meeting with Tom Lungren (Kevin Kilner) Adam also finds out that his one night stand Emma is head of marketing for eiKon.  Oh what a small world we all live in!  Not far-fetched since situations like this really happen every day.  Once Adam joins eiKon he is soon accompanied to his corner office on the 40th floor and before you know it he’s partying in the Hamptons at the Goodard home. 
Truth always has a way to make itself to the surface especially once the FBI gets involved.  Agent Gamble (Josh Holloway) knows exactly what’s going on especially since young employees that worked directly for Wyatt have turned up dead.  Now Adam has been caught in a web between the FBI, Goodard, Wyatt, his friends, his father and the girl he has fallen in love with, Emma, every move he makes is being watched by someone.  Not only is Adam’s life at risk in this corporate game of war but that of his friends and father.  In order to get Wyatt what he wants Adam must break into the Goodard vault and steal the Occura device.  In the end blind ambition will get you nowhere since someone is always watching as Adam makes the wrong decisions yet tries to make them right.  In the end things he thought he wanted are not always the right things but for Adam it ain’t over until it’s over as he works from the ground up with no short cuts especially since from across the bridge it feels more like home.
This is a great picture with superb direction but better yet phenomenal writing along with a nice score that will keep the audience thinking from beginning to end.  The corporate world is truly filled with crooks and this film is sufficient evidence that they really do exist since many men strive for nothing more than power and money backed by their everyday greed for even more.  Brilliant writing with several twists and turns surely to keep you guessing and asking yourself what you would do.  I really think this is one of the better dramatic films of the year filled with enough thrills to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.
A remarkable cast lead by Hemsworth who really makes his mark as a leading man especially while working side by side with such greats as Ford and Oldman who are both ideal in their roles.  The dialogue especially between these two men when they come face to face is outstanding and expressed as only they can do it, with the conviction of years of experience.  Heard not only looks good but plays her part well as the pawn between Hemsworth and her job.  Till and Sarafyan are like real friends and although Dreyfuss has a bit of a fluff role his wisdom is impeccable and his relationship with Hemsworth on screen seems honest and real.  Davidtz and McMahon are evil to the core as Wyatt’s vicious dogs and Holloway was nice to see since his days on “Lost” just too bad he wasn’t handed more screen time.  Overall a great cast, great story, well written script and nice direction make this film a must see on my list of suggestions especially for those of you working in the corporate world.  Remember someone is always watching so always sleep with one eye open.  Written and appreciated especially for its writing with three paws out of four by Jon Patch.

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