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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Featured

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2oth Century fox, Fox 2000 Pictures, Sunswept Entertainment and 1492 Pictures present a 106 minute, PG, 3D, adventure, family, fantasy, directed by Thor Freudenthal, written by Marc Guggenheim and based upon the novel “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters” by Rick Riordan with a theater release date of August 7, 2013.

Four young children, Annabeth (Alisha Newton), Bjorn Yearwood (Grover), Samuel Braun (Luke) and Thalia (Katelyn Mager) are running for their lives from two evil Cyclops in the shadows of a dark forest.  When one of them gives up her life in order to save the others by the watchful eyes of the Gods in her death she becomes a live tree that projects a protective force field around their camp protecting all the young children from evil forces that want them dead.
Years later as the children have grown they are competing in physical games of competition at camp with the most ruthless player being Clarisse (Leven Rambin) who stops at nothing to make sure Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) is always at least second best.  Now young adults, Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario), Grover (Brandon T. Jackson) are best friend s with Percy but as for Luke (Jake Abel) he has walked over to the evil side.  Soon Percy, half-blood son of Poseidon discovers he has a brother, Tyson (Douglas Smith) who happens to be a bit on the different side, he’s actually a Cyclops who doesn’t quite fit in with the others let alone Percy.  You see a Cyclops known for being dangerous and angry is what killed young Thalia years earlier but Tyson proves otherwise when the camp is attacked by a fiery metal bull.
There is a prophecy known throughout the land that involves Percy since he is the only known true eldest half-blood of a God and it is one that doesn’t reflect well on his friends and their camp.  When Mr. D (Stanley Tucci) learns of the breech on to their land they soon discover that the protective tree is dying and the only way to save it is by bringing back the Golden Fleece to their camp.  Mr. D chooses Clarisse to bring back the fleece but Percy and Annabeth have other intentions which along with Grover and Tyson are to bring back the fleece themselves.  We never see how Clarisse makes it to the stomach of a beast during her quest but we definitely see that Percy and his gang travel by way of a cab and three blind cool but crazy women.  The women give Percy a clue to his destination 30,31,75,12 before they kick them to the curb in DC rather than Florida but either way along their quest they end up in the same place as Clarisse and her new found zombies. 
When they all escape the beast they discover that Luke, son of Hermes (Nathan Fillion) wants the fleece to raise the dead, the Titan father of time, father of the Gods, evil to the core who wants to kill his sons and all that follow them.  Percy wants the fleece to save Thalia (Paloma Kwiatkowski) now older and the tree in order to protect their camp from evil.  All comes to a close when Percy and his friends reach Circleland, in a small world after all, they find a lost friend; steal the fleece from a huge Cyclops and battle Luke and his army from raising Cronus from the dead but sometimes evil wins over good.  Or does it?  Forget the oracle, in life sometimes we need to choose our own destiny.  
The film just did not seem to hit the mark for me.  I thought the direction was a bit choppy and the scenes seemed to run into each other too often too fast making the film seem to jump around too much.  When some of the special effects moments along with some traumatic situations appear the outcome sometimes seemed to just fall flat.  The effects are good along with the score and even the 3D was intriguing at times but overall the dialogue fell harder than a Cyclops after having his legs cut off.  I just felt at times the foreplay was there but then there just wasn’t a climax maybe because it is more directed at kids than adults but either way it seemed a bit forgettable and not because of the actors.  The actors actually all seemed to do a fine job with their roles but I did notice many times that the levity that was included in their dialogue seemed to hit the ground harder than a bird that died in flight.  Along with Lerman I‘d have to say that Rambin seemed to be the two stand out actors in the story as the others did nice work but still seemed a bit amateurish in their delivery.  The film is in no doubt enjoyable and at times very visually magnificent especially the water horse moment but albeit in the end I’d have to say it would not be my first choice to see at the theater and it has a long way to go to catch up to Harry Potter.  Written with two paws out of four by Jon Patch.

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