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Warner Bros. Pictures, Evergreen Media Group, New Line Cinema and Safran Company presents a 112 minute, R rated, based on a true story, horror, thriller, directed by James Wran, written by Chad Hayes and Carey Hayes with a theater release of July 19, 2013.

In 1968 two nurses encounter an inhuman demonic doll named Annabelle that misses them so much when they leave their apartment that she trashes it while their gone leaving written notes of “Miss Me?”.  Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) and his wife Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) teach classes for seekers of the supernatural explaining that he can perform exorcism and she is able to visually see the ghosts that haunt a person or dwelling. 
In 1971, the Perron family, Roger (Ron Livingston), his wife Carolyn (Lili Taylor) and their five daughters Andrea (Shanley Caswell), Nancy (Hayley McFarland), Christine (Joey King), Cindy (Mackenzie Foy) the youngest April (Kyla Deaver) and their dog Sadie move into a house they bought on auction from the bank.  A fixer upper so to speak off an old country road in Rhode Island the family looks forward to a life of peace and tranquility but right from the start the family dog wants nothing to do with the home and won’t enter, a true example to the intelligence of the canine senses.  The family did not know that they actually had more space than they thought.  While playing a clapping game the kids found a boarded up entrance to a cellar.  From that moment on strange occurrences started to happen on the property.  The clock would stop at 307 every night, knocks on walls, odors of death filled the rooms, birds flying into windows and the girls started to experience physical and visual contact with someone or something as well. 
In Monroe Connecticut at the Warren house Ed is giving a reporter an interview about the Annabelle doll and his supernatural room.  His daughter Judy (Sterling Jerins) walks into the room only to be told never to come into the room again.  You see Ed keeps items from all of his demonic visits and is afraid of the consequences for Judy if she were to touch something like Annabelle and become possessed herself.  More things have been happening at the Perron home and soon thereafter Carolyn searches out the Warren’s for their help.  When they visit the house both Ed and Lorraine are convinced the family needs their help before it’s too late.  The stages of demonic occurrence have begun as the infestation has started leading into oppression and ultimately possession.
The Warrens have been doing a thorough background check on the home and property and as they progress discover that the pieces to the puzzle are all falling into place.  When things truly get worse they seek the help of God and visit the local church in need of an exorcism but because the family is not baptized and not members of the congregation the church will not intervene.  All this leading up to a fight to save the family and everything that means the world to the Perron family.  Next stop for the Warren’s, Long Island!
This film has brought so many memories that have never nor will they ever be forgotten of my encounters in New Jersey when I myself experienced similar episodes in my apartment from a man that walked my hallways and spent many visits inside my own apartment, later still being around even after the move to Florida.  So this story has significance to my own life and maybe that’s even more of a reason I found this film to be disturbing and realistically scary.  No major bells and whistles just all out true suspense, thrills, intrigue and horror as the director really does an excellent job to a superb script bringing the audience face to face with fear and the unknown.  I’m sure many will have nightmares after seeing this film although the interesting part for some will be is if they are nightmares or actual true encounters.  The sets, score and overall feel of the film is perfect and the director and writers truly bring out the elements of surprise throughout the story causing the audience to scream, jump in the seats or cover their eyes.  I felt the story was not over-done at all but rather a true breath of fresh air when it comes to a good old fashion horror tale.
The entire cast is well chosen with some of the actors stepping out above some of the others like Farmiga who brings a very real feel to her visions, Taylor who right from the start is my favorite and King the child actress that also was my favorite in “White House Down” one again proves she will be a force to be dealt with in Hollywood.  Wilson a Tampa Bay native whose father is an anchor news man at our local television channel proves also that he is more than capable to carry a film as he takes control of the scenes he is in whether dealing with the demons or his co-stars like characters Drew (Shannon Kook) or Brad (John Brotherton) who work by his side to film, photograph and over throw the demons from the Perron home.  In the end I must say I absolutely enjoyed this frightening film from start to finish and believe that it will do well at the box office.  Written with a watchful eye, so as to not encounter my old experiences of ghosts and entities with three and a half paws out of four by Jon Patch.

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