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Twentieth Century Fox Films, Chernin Entertainment and Dune Entertainment present an R rated, 117 minute, action, crime, comedy, directed by Paul Feig and written by Katie Dippold with a theater release date of June 28, 2013.

Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) is an uptight, lonely, FBI agent in New York.  Her fellow agents don’t want to work with her and every night when she comes home she basically kidnaps her neighbor’s fat cat for company.  Her claim to FBI fame is the Red Falls killer case and the fact that she can find more drug and weapons stash in criminal’s locations than the K9’s that are trained specifically for that duty.  When she requests the opportunity for a promotion her boss Hale (Demian Bichir) at the agency assigns her to a case in Boston to take down a drug lord named Larkin and if she solves the case her chances of advancement are promising.
Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy) is a Boston police officer that literally doesn’t take crap from anyone, no criminal let alone her Captain (Thomas F. Wilson).  Her goal is to fight crime in any manner possible and when she comes across a drug dealing street punk named Rojas (Spoken Reasons) she does whatever she needs to in order to bring him in whether by car, on foot or by watermelon she always gets her man.  Nothing stands in her foul mouth way that is until FBI agent Ashburn shows up.
Right off the bat the two women butt heads and are complete polar opposites almost a throwback to the days of Laurel and Hardy or Abbott and Costello but with a bit more bad language and extreme acts of violence.  Once Ashburn and Mullins decide to work together to chase down a path of bad guys to find Larkin they discover a sense of nerdy friendship and soon a bond begins to form.  They work with Levy (Marlon Wayans) at the station as one of the women end up with a slight romantic intrigue but find that not all fellow police officers are on their side let alone DEA agents Craig (Dan Bakkedahl) the scary albino and Adam (Taran Killam) the quiet partner.  In a race against time since now Mullins family including her brother Jason (Michael Rapaport) who worked for Larkin are all in danger both Ashburn and Mullins must make their way through the list of bad guys like Julian (Michael McDonald) and many others to find their main target and bring him to justice.  One problem the women do not know who the leader is but they fear that there is a mole within their own agency helping to keep the bad guys one step ahead at all times.
This film is well worth the ticket at the theater since it is very well directed and accompanied by an appropriate soundtrack.  The writing is very well done with some of the most hysterical one liners laced throughout the story although I found the main plot line to be a bit on the weak side.  There are moments of laughter from beginning to end but the plot kind of loses its way a bit.  Although it truly doesn’t matter as much since the duo of Bullock and McCarthy really shine from start to finish with moments of levity that make it hard to believe these women were not doing a lot of ad-lib within their scripted scenes.  This film should do extremely well and I personally look forward to this super team of Bullock and McCarthy coming back together for a sequel.  The only complaint is that the laughter in the theater was so loud it was hard to hear the characters lines at times.
Surprisingly Wayans plays a more laid back straight laced character that takes a liking to Bullocks character.  The Mullins family which consisted of Jane Curtin who plays Mrs. Mullins and Rapaport her brother along with the rest of the sports playing Jesus fanatics all bring a nice supporting effort to the story.  Bakkedahl plays a funny albino agent but his partner Adam played by Killam in my opinion falls a little bit short on the acting front.  Overall the film is quite hysterical and well worth the almost 2 hours of viewing pleasure.  Thankfully the animals which are used in the film also played a nice supporting role and were not depicted in obscene or violent manners.  If it takes a nerd to know one and like this film than give me a bow tie and glasses because this film is filled with heat  from beginning to end thanks to two big character nerds Ashburn and Mullins.  It seems whatever these two actresses touch tends to turn to gold and this film is no exception.  Written and enjoyed with 3 paws out of 4 by Jon Patch.

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