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Paramount Pictures, Plan B Entertainment, Skydance Productions, GK Films and Apparatus Productions present a 116 minute, PG-13, action, drama, horror, directed by Marc Forster, written by Matthew Michael Carnahan and Drew Goddard with a theater release date of June 21, 2013.

A normal day at the Lane residence as daughters Constance (Sterling Jerins) and older sibling Rachel (Abigail Hargrove) jump in bed to wake up their parents Gerry (Brad Pitt) and Karin (Mireille Enos).  Gerry is the morning pancake maker since he no longer works for the government as a U.N. Investigator.  In the opening minutes of the film on the news channels flashing in our faces are constant scenes of human travesties in the world along with the recent odd behaviors of animals, wolves attacking wolves, beached dolphins, swarms of bees and dying whales.  A news announcement is made that an outbreak of rabies has taken over parts of the world.  The world as we know it is a mess in this film as well as in reality but life goes on at least for the moment.  The writers make it quite known to the audience that if we don’t begin to clean up our act, war of the worlds is quite possible in a biological sense.
The family is stuck in traffic in downtown Philadelphia Pennsylvania when suddenly the city breaks out into havoc. People try to escape what is first the unknown but soon becomes very visible as humans begin to attack other humans and in the matter of seconds turn into horrific walking dead that are able to move violently with great speed.  The Lane family like the rest of the world is on the run trying to save their lives moving and hiding in any possible location that seems safe for the moment.  Eventually after overcoming several obstacles they take refuge in apartment 715 with Tomas (Fabizio Zacharee Guido) and his parents but as Gerry expresses, “movement is life” and for some it is yet for others it is not.  There are moments in the film for instance with the character of Tomas I question if the writers forgot of why they added him into the entire film since he literally seems to have no purpose for being with the Lane family to the end.  There are a number of holes and uncertainties in the story that the director seems to cover up with action sequences, which are phenomenal by the way, but the writers at times seem a bit lost.  The pace of the scenes from dialogue and plot to action are well spaced out so that the film continually moves from start to finish but it may have helped if the story line was as strong as the action scenes.  Not that I need things spelled out but when Gerry gets attacked by the soon to be called “Zombies” and gets blood in his mouth that whole possibility of his future for this reason seems forgotten soon thereafter.
Saved by his government associate Thierry Umutoni (Fana Mokoena) Gerry and his family are flown to the U.S.S. Argus in the Atlantic Ocean 200 miles off New York.  As long as Gerry commits to coming back to work to help find the origin of the virus and hopefully create a vaccine his family can stay safe on the ship otherwise they would have to be relocated.  Gerry of course has no choice and leaves his family behind to venture across the globe in search of clues.  From South Korea to Israel Gerry is surely on a race against time and potential death.  Mother Nature is truly a serial killer that in the long run leaves clues in hopes of getting caught; disguising her weaknesses as strengths and Gerry for the sake of his family and the world is out to discover the answer to her deadly environmental game. 
Nowhere is safe and when in Jerusalem Gerry is helped by a female military officer named Segen (Daniella Kertesz) who in turn is helped by Gerry as they try to outrun the Zombies.  Whether on land or by air nowhere on the planet seems to be truly safe as Gerry and Segen try desperately to reach A W.H.O. facility to find a possible answer to their questions.  At one point when Gerry is left for dead, Gerry’s family is relocated to Nova Scotia and their chances of survival is yet uncertain as is Gerry’s but he with the help of some researchers have one last hope that could or could not be the answer to their fears.  Overall in the end, our war has yet to begin. 
As I stated the directions is well done, the writing is sufficient but contains several holes left as assumptions for the audience.  The score is dramatic and the special effects pretty awesome but the 3D seems in my opinion to be a waste of visuals since I think the film would have been just as good without the use of glasses.  Pitt who I like seems a bit sleepy in this role.  There are times I just wanted a bit more from him and maybe a little less from his hair.  Enos who although had a much smaller role was complementary to Pitt as was the young actors Jerins and Hargrove.  Not quite sure if Guido was needed for anything else other than a prop but the writers had a missed opportunity with him.  A huge cast of extras mixed in with all the special effects and this film has potential but slightly misses the mark.  I love a good Zombie movie just like the next guy or girl but I really expected big things from this one and sad to say it missed its mark a bit.  Overall I still enjoyed it and would truly recommend it with two and a half paws out of four by Jon Patch.

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