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Twentieth Century Fox, Regency Enterprises, Wild West Picture Show Productions and Twenty One Laps Entertainment present a 119 minute, R rated, comedy, directed by Shawn Levy, written by Vince Vaughn and Jared Stern with a theater release date of June 7, 2013.

Two middle aged guys, Billy McMahon (Vince Vaughn) and Nick Campbell (Owen Wilson) are not only best friends but partners in watch sales for Sammy Boscoe (John Goodman), or at least they were.  Technology has over-shadowed the days of yesteryear and Sammy Boscoe Sales is no more.  No one wears a watch to tell time any longer they just look at their phones, so Sammy is out of business and Billy and Nick are out of jobs.
It seems everyone is out looking for jobs and while Nick took employment working at his sister’s boyfriends (cameo by Will Farrell) mattress shop Sleep “N Snooze, Billy is searching Google for his next big idea.  An idea that eventually comes to him by staring at the six letter word straight on, Google, with one issue you must be a college student to apply for the internship and be considered for a job.  Problem solved, welcome to the online school, University of Phoenix.  So after applying for the internship, the guys succeed and head out to northern California to the Google headquarters.  A pretty awesome place and if the film reflects reality I can see why people would want to work at Google.  Heck this film in itself is like a recruitment film for a career at Google.  It really helped me to understand the company and the process of their employment that is if this story is fact and not fiction.
The guys get the positions and are then grouped in teams of five interns each, amongst a large group of competing teams that are all there for the same reason, a job.  Billy and Nick are teamed with Stuart (Dylan O’Brien) who spends more time on his cell phone than coercing with his team, Neha (Tiya Sircar) the bubbly yet smart girl with the perfect teeth, Yo-Yo santos (Tobit Raphael) the book smart but not street smart nerd and last but not least their twenty three year old Google manager Lyle (Josh Brener) wet behind the ears but filled with a dream.  First impressions set in amongst all the teams but it is the British bully himself Graham Hawtrey (Max Minghella) that decides to make the misfit team with Billy and Nick his target. 
The race is on amongst the teams as they are instructed by Mr. Chetty (Aasif Mandvi) the tasks the teams must do in order to win the positions at Google.  There is a slight romance in the air but this time besides that of Billy and Nick, Nick finds a Google playmate Dana (Rose Byrne) and the task of winning her over is on and she is a hard drive to open.  Finding a bug, winning at Harry Potter, creating an App, the help desk and making a sale are just a number of tasks that the teams must fulfill to succeed but little do they know there is a spy (Josh Gad) in the company that may or may not have good intentions for all.  As the Lyle team eventually comes together, young versus old starts to become obsolete at least within their own team but when technology becomes too difficult for some, change may not be the right path.  Times have definitely changed since the old station wagon days, everybody is always searching for something to give them that warm fuzzy feeling during one hell of a summer and if all goes right for one team with a dream, free coffee, bananas and bagels are forever in their futures.
I tend to think this film was a bit more of a dramady then a comedy as Vaughn once again lights up the screen with his chatter and Wilson with his Zen like attitude that at times really seemed a bit too sleepy.  The direction was well done as was the writing but overall the story just did not seem as funny as it could have been.  I found it to be more interesting than humorous even when the team hits a night out on the town the best moment was in the men’s room between Nick and Yo-Yo.  There was definitely some nice photography especially during a moment over-looking the Golden Gate Bridge but still the story seemed a bit too much like an ad for Google.  There were times the writers could have extended that old versus young card and the lack of knowledge in technology for Nick and Billy to make the dialogue funnier but it seemed they lost their way.  I enjoyed Mandvi’s character and Minghella, O’Brien, Raphael did mediocre supporting roles but if I had to pick one I tend to think Sircar slightly outshined them.  Albeit in the end it’s an aspiring story but just not hysterical enough to make a lasting impression at the box office especially when “This is the End” hits the theater which will crush “The Internship” like an Apocalypse.  Written and inspired with 2 paws out of 4 by Jon Patch.

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