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The Hangover Part III Featured

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Warner Bros. Pictures, Legendary Pictures and Green Hat Films present an R rated, 100 minute, comedy, directed by Todd Phillips, written by Phillips and Craig Mazin with a theater release date of May 23, 2013.

A riot breaks out in a prison outside of Bangkok and it’s soon discovered that Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong) has burrowed his way to freedom.  Meanwhile back in California Alan (Zach Galifianakis) has decided to buy himself a giraffe but upon his travels home the poor animal comes face to face with a low clearance bridge ultimately causing a multiple car pile-up on the freeway.  A mouth-dropping scene in the opening of the story that will definitely not lay well in the minds of animal lovers especially that of a radical group like PETA who are sure to have some choice words.  Forty two years old and Alan still lives at home with his mother (Sandra Currie) and his father (Jeffrey Tambor) that is until he ends up killing his father by way of a heart attack.  After the funeral Alan’s family and friends gather together to cause an intervention and drive Alan to Arizona to live at New Horizons, in hopes of helping him gain some sense of normalcy. 
After a little convincing the Wolf pack, Alan, Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms) and Stu’s brother-in-law Doug (Justin Bartha) take a road trip to drop off Alan at New Horizons.  Of course things don’t go as planned when a group of pigs, men in pig masks, ram the guy’s vehicle off the road eventually taking Doug hostage.  Black Doug (Mike Epps) is working for a criminal mind named Marshall (John Goodman) who wants the guys to find out where Chow is hiding.  You see Chow stole 42 gold bars from Marshall and in return for Doug’s life he wants his gold back and of course Chow as well.  The Wolf pack has three days or Doug dies. 
Well the guys track Chow down in Tijuana, New Mexico, where after a kiss on the cheek, some karaoke and some cocaine addicted angry fighting cocks the men are soon working with Chow to break into his old house and retrieve half of the hidden bars.  Once again not a friendly animal scene this time involving two Rottweiler’s not to mention what they did to the chickens earlier.  Oh I can already hear the wrath of PETA.  There are some very hysterical moments during the break in though when Chow acts like a dog as he tries to get to know Stu just a little bit better.  Any dog lover will know what I mean!  Well things at the house break in goes as planned then not as planned and in the end definitely not what the guys have planned at all.  So now in order to save Doug, not black Doug, the guys must fix their mistakes.
Once again in search of Chow their path leads them to Vegas.  First stop a local pawn shop where Alan falls in love when he meets the women of his dream, Cassie (Melissa McCarthy).  Definitely some of the best non- spoken moments in the film, that causes Stu to heave in disgust and the audience to break out in laughter.  Who would have thought Billy Joel would cause such a stir.  A trip to Caesars and the guys are once again in pursuit of Chow thanks to Cassie and an old familiar face, Jade (Heather Graham), who is now married, pregnant and raising the original baby from past stories.  So what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas that is unless you go see this film than you’ll know exactly what happens in the final countdown.  Vegas otherwise known as Sin City has many tales to tell but for the most part what lies in the desert face down is probably dead and will never be able to tell tales ever again.  Although six months later the unexpected happens in a very blissful and happy event for one of the guys.  Although once again thanks to Chow the celebration is beyond words making the other outcomes in the end of the previous other two films seem inferior to this one.  Make sure you stay for the credits to know exactly what I’m referring too.
This film is definitely better than part two by a mile.  The direction was superb; the writing is spot on although truthfully a bit disheartening to the use of animals from the giraffe to the dogs to the chickens, none of which are truly friendly to the species.  At least the story had meaning and bit more direction in this third rendition to a very hysterical trilogy.  I actually found myself outright bursting with laughter during many moments of the film.  Especially since the writers did a great job of tying in some past moments from the other films although still allowing the version to stand alone. 
Cooper seems to take on a bit of a more mature version and uses his facial and body expressions to bring out the laughter in his moments especially with Galifianakis, who by the way is the life to this film once again.  With his child-like demeanor yet sarcastic outbursts Galifianakis truly brings out the best of this story.  Helms is a nice additional mix giving the story line a bit more flavor as it moves along since as always Stu tends to be the point of attack.  Bartha has a minimal part as does Epps but both men bring a good additional support to the main players.  Jeong of course being the top of the food chain here as he runs from Goodman’s character and the Wolf Pack, making all of his scenes outright hysterical.  Goodman who I am a fan of just didn’t quite hit the mark for me in this role.  Personally I would have gone with someone a bit more on the edgier side.  McCarthy the new queen of comedy on the big screen is a more than welcomed addition to this story and by the looks of things is quite open to part four if they decide to do another.  Overall a great cast with Galifianakis and Jeong really running the show but if not for the rest of the ensemble this part three would not have been as good as it is and it is very good and definitely worth the ticket price.  Star Trek may have a bit of a hard time holding on to number one once this film opens up.  Written and much more enjoyed than the second one with two and half paws out of four, would have been three but half a paw deduction for the cruelty to animals, I’m Jon Patch.

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