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Universal Pictures, Relativity Media, Chernin Entertainment and Ironhead Studios present a PG-13, 126 minute, action, adventure, sci-fi, mystery, directed by Joseph Kosinski, written by Kosinski and Karl Gajdusek with a theater release date of April, 19, 2013.

Set in the future two people, Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) and Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) are the last human beings left on earth to protect the hydro rigs which are extracting the last resources on a dying planet.  Since the moon has been practically destroyed in a war between the humans and other forces known as Scavs, earth has experienced devastating earthquakes, tsunamis and other disasters virtually shattering the planet.  It’s been five years since Jack had his memory wiped but he still has flashbacks of a past in New York City and of a mystery woman known as Julia (Olga Kurylenko).
Jack and Victoria live high above the layer of clouds, she monitors the drones that help protect the hydro rigs and Jack basically flies the skies keeping watch on the possibilities of an alien attack on the rigs, the drones or even he and Victoria.  When drone 166 goes missing Jack is assigned to get it back on line by Sally (Melissa Leo) who resides on Titan the new home of which Jack and Victoria will be leaving for in two weeks when they finish their work on what is left of earth.  Sally is in close contact with Jack and Victoria always asking if they are still an “effective team”.  Once he gets drone 166 on line he soon goes on search for drone 172 but encounters more than he bargained for as he becomes embattled in a war with Scavs. 
There is one place where Jack likes to retreat to that no one knows about which is a cabin on a lake.  He listens to old music, wears his New York ball cap, flannel shirt and dreams of what should have been, all signs leading to his memory return which is not supposed to happen.  When a vessel comes crashing on to the planet Jack soon discovers temporary survivors yet one in particular, the woman he dreams of in his memories, Julia.  She happens to be from sixty years past and Sally wants Jack to bring her to Titan.  Jack discovers it is the Scavs transmission that brought her vessel crashing to earth causing the curiosity in Jack to take over the best of him.  It’s not until Jack and Julia are captured by the Scavs does everything that is happening make sense to tech 49 Jack Harper.  Later Jack’s encounter with tech 52 in the radiation zone on earth only solidifies the truth that Jack is seeking.  Who would have thought the reaching out for a book in an old abandoned library covered underground would cause one man in particular, Beech (Morgan Freeman) to believe that there is hope for a dying species.  In the end tables are turned resulting in a man dying better for facing fearful eyes, dropping the F bomb and three years later finding home as a different number, one man left from thousands.
The film is absolutely beautiful as the director uses some extremely breath-taking visual effects that one must see on the IMAX screen.  The writing is brilliant and will leave you guessing and a bit lost at times but will definitely catch you up to par in the end.  I found a few unanswered questions that don’t ruin the story but may have helped to at least shed light on such a God.  At times I felt like I was watching some scenes from “Star Wars” since the special effects and the fight scenes were so visually satisfying especially accompanied with a wonderful score.  If there is one thing wrong with the writing it created some lag times in the story and maybe about fifteen minutes shaved off the time would have helped to tighten up the story line.  Other than that the story itself is quite interesting it’s just that at times when I expected a bit more excitement it never seemed to happen.  Thankfully the scene with the dog was animal friendly and the writers decided not to have a terminate drone attack moment which would not have been a good audience pleaser for sure let alone that of animal supporters out for an attack of their own. 
Cruise was his typical self not much of a stretch with his character.  Although the story line is intriguing with a touch of romance Cruise was able to add some very distinct moments into his role that really helped reel in the audience especially during some of the dull moments in the script.  Kurylenko was a nice support to Cruise’s character but at times I felt she fell a bit flat.  Actually it might have been better to switch roles with Riseborough who really seemed to show a much more interesting side to character making the audience fell her every emotion and desire not only for Cruise’s character but her hopes of making it to Titan.  Freeman has a small role but as usual is perfect along with Leo who only appears on a small monitor throughout the story.  Even though there are many other supporting roles in the film the main focus of the story evolves around the last threesome on earth, Jack, Victoria and Julia.  Albeit the film is beautiful to watch, a bit too lengthy causing it to drag in parts but definitely worth seeing in the theater just don’t expect more action than drama in this adventure to our possible future.  Written and enjoyed but not quite meeting my expectations with two and half paws out of four by Jon Patch.

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