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20th Century Pictures and DreamWorks Animation present a PG rated, 98 minute, 3D adventure, comedy, directed and screenplay by Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders with a theater release date of March 22, 2013.

The Croods are a prehistoric family that spend most of their time hiding out in a cave.  Since most of their neighbors have died from being stomped on, eaten or the common cold Grug (voice of Nicolas Cage) the father has ruled that unless they must hunt for food the family must spend all their time in the cave away from dangers of the outside.  Ugga (voice of Catherine Keener) always abides by her husband’s rules as does their hyper baby, their son Thunk (voice of Clark Duke) not exactly the most intelligent of his species and Gran (voice of Cloris Leachman) although she always has something to say about it but it is Eep (voice of Emma Stone) that lets her curiosity get the best of her and eventually the family.
According to Grug, darkness brings death and fear keeps them alive but when Eep ventures out one night to chase an odd light moving through the caverns the Croods lives suddenly take a turn for better or worse.  When Eep catches up with the light she stumbles upon a warthog which is really a young man named Guy (voice of Ryan Reynolds) accompanied by his pet who he calls Belt (voice of Chris Sanders) who happens to have captured the sun, well not exactly but he did discover fire.  After a brief encounter Guy gives Eep a shell phone in order to call him if in trouble then he suddenly disappears right before Grug appears.  Eep tells her father all about the boy but of course he is not interested but more so upset with her for leaving the cave especially at night.
When an earthquake rumbles the grounds leaving the Croods without a home they soon discover a new world upon which a new journey begins.  Vibrant colors, strange animals some friendly yet some not so much but when their first danger is about to end their new beginning Guy comes to Eep's rescue and in turn saves the entire family and soon there after becomes their guide on a cross country adventure to the sun.  In hopes of surviving the end of the world as Guy has told the Croods they all follow the direction of the sun in hopes of a safer world.  Along the journey Grug and Guy do not see eye to eye since Guy and Eep have suddenly developed a bit of a romantic interest.  It doesn’t help that Guy has many brilliant ideas yet Grug has none and Gran is surely not his cheerleader which of course only makes matters worse.  In the end sacrifices are made, new members of various species have joined the Croods leaving one member to realize they are more of a cat person than dog and love has once again come out of the dark and into the light.  Da Da Da …
A great story for the entire family although it tends to play a bit more on the mature side than for very young children but either way it’s a pure delight.  A relatable story of a controlling father and his relationship with a maturing daughter looking for what lies beyond the walls of her cave.  Superb direction, wonderfully written with some brilliant use of 3D this film is full of unusual creatures of many colors far from the dinosaurs that so many of us are familiar with from the real world beyond the life of animation.  Truly a must see film that is accompanied by a wonderful list of voices and a superb score to follow some inventive and fascinating animation.  Grant it the story line involving Doug the dog was a bit harsh but the writers made up for it in the end.  Overall a fun story that is sure to attract a nice bottom line at the box office.  Written and enjoyed with three and half paws out of four by Jon Patch.

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