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For a Good Time, Call Featured

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Focus Features and AdScott Pictures present and R rated, 85 minute comedy directed by Jamie Travis, written by Lauren Miller and Katie Anne Naylon with a release date of November 2, 2012.

Lauren Powell (Lauren Miller) is a young articulate woman in love with Charlie (James Wolk) but for reasons of boredom Charlie wants out of the relationship and to go find himself in Italy.  Alone in New York except for her gay friend Jesse (Justin Long) Lauren is unsure of what to do with her life, let alone where to live it. 
Katie Steele (Ari Graynor) lives in a very large and nicely constructed with crown molding, wood floors and huge windows apartment in New York overlooking Gramercy Park.  Her Grandmother died and since it’s a rent controlled apartment Katie gets it at a very good price but not quite good enough that she can afford the rent.  She works three jobs, a nail designer, handing out flyers for Jesse’s comedy act and in the evenings working as a phone sex operator. 
Grant it the girls had been frenemies since college ten years ago over an accident in the front seat of Lauren’s new car.  Albeit in New York with the high cost of living one must do what one must do, so the two girls eventually become roommates.  They could not be more different personalities but sometimes opposites really do attract to one another.  Thankfully for the sake of one gay man and a King Cavalier named Zelda life goes on and partnerships forge.
Partners as friends and in business when Lauren and Katie decide to open their own 1-900 service from their apartment.  A lot of moaning, screaming and dildos later and their business is a huge success.  So much so that they hire their first employee, Krissy (Sugar Lyn Beard), who happened to have her own hidden agenda.  Since Katie was the experienced one she eventually teaches Lauren the ropes, breaking her connection from her boring self and eventually working her pink phone as well with Katie. 
Soon the business is beaming and the parents are too when they decide to stop by unannounced getting an ear and eye full but luckily not a mouth full of the girls new trade.  Adele (Mimi Rogers) called there business dirty money and as for Scott Powell (Don McManus), well no comment.  It’s not until one day when Katie brings her business home, a man by the name of ten o’clock Sean (Mark Webber) and Lauren decides to find a job with more benefits than an occasional orgasm, does reality set in and take control. 
The word of the day is “love” something that’s not dirty in any sense of the word and yet even more perfect is the sound of “I love you”.  It feels so good to hear it, sense it and feel it that nothing could ever feel better inside you than the penetration of those words inside one’s body.  Ok enough said, yes the film has an extreme amount of sexual innuendoes and straight out scenes and acts of sex both of the verbal and somewhat of the physical context but overall this film is quite funny and well directed and written, sure to make you laugh several times throughout unless you’re a bit too prudish for its content. 
Miller and Graynor work extremely well together.  At first I was wondering if this was coming across as an amateurish endeavor into the world of film making directed to tickle the funny bone of the younger audience.  After the first several scenes it kicks in and comes to life and both girls remind me of a moment from a film starring Midler and Hershey called “Beaches”, without the death part and musical interludes.  I guess what I mean to say is that both girls resemble the characters I’m referring too.  Graynor especially reminds me in so many ways to Midler.  Long is hysterical as the stereotypical gay character a bit over the top and dramatic.  Most of the other characters are supporters to move the film along and all do a nice performance along with a few cameo appearances as well but all in all this is truly a fun movie worthy of a box office visit.  Surprisingly I’d give it at least two paws out of four for giving me 85 minutes of mindless yet entertaining comedy and a break from the sorrows and judgments of the real world.  Written and enjoyed by Jon Patch.

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