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Warner Bros. Pictures, Cloud Atlas Productions, X-Filme Creative Pool and Anarchos Pictures present an R rated, 172 minute, drama, mystery, sci-fi, directed and written by Tom Tykwer, Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski, novel by David Mitchell with a theater release date of October 26, 2012.

The film opens to an old man, Zachry (Tom Hanks), scarred face, unrecognizable as the actor we know, telling a story of the past.  The film ends with Zachry finishing his story, pointing out Earth so many millions of miles away to a youngster and praising the woman he loves to this day.  As the film begins to unfold the audience is welcomed into the lives of several people that lived throughout the past, present and future.
A young woman, Luisa Ray (Halle Berry), is living in 1973 San Francisco trying to make her name in the world working for the press.  A young man, Adam (Jim Sturgess) lying in a bath tub with a gun in his mouth ready to end his life.  1849 in the Pacific Islands a young white man watches as a slave is whipped to near death until the white man passes out.  In Cambridge, 1936, two men in bed together as they kiss to say goodbye since Adam leaves Rufus (James D’Arcy) to go seek work for a famous composer, Vyvyan Ayrs (Jim Broadbent) in Edinburg, mainly to reap the benefits of his financials and experiences.  From this moment on the degrees of separation begin and we soon discover that through time what one person does in the past will outline your present and lead you to your future.
Luisa Ray, working for Spyglass Magazine becomes trapped in an elevator with an older Rufus who little does she know at the time has a story to be told about the oil industry and the scandals from within.  London, 2012, we witness Timothy Cavendish (Broadbent) at a publishers party, Dermot Hoggins (Hanks) has a bit of an altercation with a critic named Finch and soon the party takes a whole new turn.  Let’s just say writer 1, critic 0 which makes his poorly received book named Knuckle Sandwich to go through the roof in sales.  2144 in Neo Seoul, young Asian women, produced liked clones are working in Padasong, a diner for consumers.  They are bound to their jobs by the necklaces around their necks that mean the difference between life and death. 
In the Big Isle, 106 winters after the Fall, Zachry watches in fear as these demon warriors kill the people he herds goats with in the hills.  Back in Neo Seoul, Sonmi -451(Doona Bae) watches in fear as her friend Yoona-939 (Xun Zhon) is executed.  On the ocean waters a stowaway (David Gyasi) on Captain Molyneux ship is discovered by the man that watched him get whipped and the choice to turn him over the Captain may end in his death.  Dr. Goose on this same ship we find out has his own agendas pertaining to one particular passenger on board.  You must truly let yourself go, leaving your desire to make some sense of all these scenarios, just understand and believe that all lives are connected as we begin to understand towards the end of this very long but very worth it must see film.
There is a moment that we are invited to watch Timothy Cavendish lose his virginity but when the parents return home this young lad has a major accident caused by a pussy.  We soon meet Hae-Joo Chang (Sturgess) who is out to rescue and enlighten Sonmi, one woman who can definitely make a difference in Neo Seoul, a city that within 100 years will be totally submerged by water.  When Timothy Cavendish seeks help from his brother Denholme (Hugh Grant) he soon finds himself thrust into the Aurora House, a nursing home with no way out especially since Nurse Noakes (Hugo Weaving) is guarding the doors.  These moments within the home as Cavendish and a few of his close friends try to escape add to some of the most humorous moments in the story.
We learn along the way whether or not one person can truly fall in love with another one in a matter of first meeting each other.  I believe a person can!  Maybe it’s because the love was there before in a past life!  Does the fact that one’s bad reputation in a past life outlines their same behaviors in their next life?  We discover that our lives are not our own but rather bound to many others.  One person truly extends beyond the limits of their being. 
Luisa is getting a little too close for comfort in her attempts to uncover the truth especially when one hit-man (Weaving) is out to kill her but the other hit-man (Keith David) ends up fighting on her side.  I personally had the opportunity years ago in Hawaii to spend a promotional week on the big Island with Keith David who is truly a very sweet and caring man and yet although we hardly knew one another he made me feel comfortable in his presence.  In the end we are left with the answers to many of the questions that pop out of this story.  There are reasons why many people would die if necessary to unveil the absolute truth.  Love is real and will definitely out live death.  We are invited through this film to discover who we are in life and what it truly means to love.  We challenge whether there is a Heaven and Hell and if there is another world, a better world in which we currently live.  Yet if there is no Heaven for that matter it opens up the question of if we stay dead for long.  When one door in life closes then another one opens claiming that a spirit moves on as the one and only Heaven to yet another realm of being.  When one person so near and dear tells us we can’t do something then we must live our own lives.  What is an ocean but a multiple layer of drops!
This film is a bit confusing in the beginning but it all comes together in the end.  It is truly a thinking person’s film but as long as you let yourself and your imagination go then you’ll absolutely love this story as it takes the imagination on a very fascinating adventure.  Grant it PETA will be knocking down the films door due to the shooting death of an innocent dog.  A great score with some breath taking cinematography and this film will visually please all.  The makeup was astounding in this film, making the cast who all play multiple roles to become far from recognizable.  If there would be any complaint in this film I’d say it was that sometimes due to occasional monologue some of the lines contained with the scenes come out a bit muffled. 
All of the actors have played multiple roles here and have more than proven their abilities to make a superb piece of art.   Hanks is brilliant as always but he really outshines himself in this story taking on the roles of so many different characters.  As for Berry I still found her not to be at the same level as Hanks in terms of her character but she plays the part well.  Broadbent is hysterical in so many ways bringing so many moments of enjoyment to the story.  Weaving is a bit more the straight man or woman but as always flawless.  Sturgess, the younger of the actors proved that he is just as capable to project multiple roles with superb development as the next guy or girl.  Bae is truly enticing and will draw you in like a moth to a flame.  David who I personally spent a week with in Hawaii years ago was a great support to his lead characters and I can actually say he is just as endearing and polite in real life as he is on film.  D’Arcy was a great character to the plot and Zhou. Gyasi, Sarandon, Grant, Fyle and Wuttke are all such brilliantly cast, making this movie one of my favorites of 2012.  Pay attention to the words spoken even though some of the dialect gets lost in the actors accents because if you hear the words they will shed more light on life and death than you could ever imagine, giving the audience much to discuss for a long time.  Written and absolutely enjoyed as a must see film with three and half

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