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Columbia Pictures, Broken Road Productions and Happy Madison Productions present a 105 minute, action, drama, comedy directed by Frank Ciraci, written by Kevin James and Rock Reuben with a theater release date of October 12, 2012.

Scott Voss (Kevin James), once teacher of the year is now always late to teach his High School Biology class.  Principal Betcher (Greg Germann) is quite quick to point out Scott’s tardiness and has no problem docking his vacation time especially since the school is in deep financial trouble.  So much so that the Principal and Assistant Principal Elkins (Mookie Barker) have decided to make some cut backs to extracurricular activities at the school, one in particular, music class, taught by Marty Streb (Henry Winkler).  Scott just found out that his dear friend Marty’s wife Molie (Nikki Tyler-Flynn) is pregnant at the age of 48 and he decides to fight for Marty’s job, literally.
Scott has a crush on Bella Flores (Salma Hayek), who runs the schools health services department.  Scott, Bella and Marty try to hold a meeting amongst the teachers to discuss ways of raising $48,000 in order to cover the schools expenses and save Marty’s job, for truly “without music life would be a mistake”.  Scott teaches night Citizenship school as a way of making extra income which of course is nowhere near the money needed to help Marty.  When he learns from Niko (Bas Rutten), one of his students who was once a fighter that if a fighter makes it to the UFC the loser can automatically receive $10,000 but the winner would get $50,000 and Scott sees the opportunity for a quick $10,000. 
With the help from Niko and the moral support of his students like Malia (Charice) and his brother Eric (Gary Valentine) and his wife Lauren (Melissa Peterman), Scott is on his way into the fighting cage.  When his apple sauce fight hits the internet he not only becomes a video sensation but a hero as well.  Moving from amateur to eventually the fight of his life thanks to team Sityodtong trainers, Marty and the real Joe Rogan, Scott is off to Vegas to fight Ken Dietrich (Krzysztof Soszynski) the champ of the UFC.
When Scott finds out that not only are all of his students behind him along with Bella and the school principal he realizes that as a teacher it is time to inspire and right a wrong created by Elkins.  Like a scene from the famous classic film “Rocky” Scott gives it all he can in his last bloody fight to the end in hopes of saving the music department and Marty’s job.
I must say I’ve really grown to appreciate James’s work as an actor especially after screening this film.  Nicely directed and written the story really does not have many surprises and is filled with many cliché moments but overall I absolutely enjoyed it.  Filled with many actual UFC fighters and employees this film is funny, dramatic but once the fighting kicks in you feel like you’re actually watching live and in person a real UFC fight. 
James is brilliant in this role and probably his best yet.  Winkler plays a nice side kick to James creating the perfect “Abbott and Costello” relationship or better yet Ralph and Norton from the classic “Honeymooners”, either way they play well together.  Hayek really lays down her guard and shows that she can really perform comedy and drama wonderfully giving her a more likeable personality.  Valentine and Peterman are superb giving the audience a look into life with a house full of kids.  Nicely cast Germann does a wonderful job bringing back memories to his old “Ally McBeal” days.  Once again Charice proves why she is a recording artist and why Rogan is good support but overall Rutten is hysterical as well.  The film offers several side stories for the audience to enjoy at this screening when they laughed out loud one moment then cheered on the fights in another, either way this film is worth a trip to the theater.  Guys enjoy the fight and ladies enjoy the dramatic undertone but overall everyone will enjoy this comedy.  Written and enjoyed with three paws out of four by Jon Patch.

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