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Seven Psychopaths Featured

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Blueprint Pictures and CBS Films present a 109 minute, R rated, drama, comedy, crime film, directed and written by Martin McDonagh with a release date of October 12, 2012.

Two Mafia men standing on a bridge outside Los Angeles are waiting for a hit when suddenly they become the hit themselves by a masked man known as the ‘Jack of Diamonds’ known also as Psychopath #1.  Right from the start of the film there is definitely no lack of blood and guts.  Cut to Hans (Christopher Walken) and Billy (Sam Rockwell) and they are running a dog-napping business in which they steal the dog and when a reward poster goes up they collect their earnings.  Billy is best friends with Marty (Colin Farrell), an Irishman with a drinking problem but hates his girlfriend Kaya (Abbie Cornish). 
Marty happens to be writing a movie called appropriately so, “Seven Psychopaths” and has been using some of Billy’s ideas for characters.  Psychopath #2 happens to be one of Billy’s stories of a Quaker whose daughter was brutally murdered and years later he the Quaker haunts the killer causing him to kill himself.  Then we have Sharice (Gabourey Sidibe) who was supposed to be watching Charlie’s (Woody Harrelson) pet Shih Tzu named Bonnie but Hans and Billy found him first causing Charlie to go all psychotic, psychopath #3.  So the hunt is on for the lost dog Bonnie, which has really been dog-napped but Hans and Billy who really have no idea that they took a criminals dog and Charlie the owner will stop at nothing to get Bonnie back.
Psychopath #4 is a Vietnamese priest (Long Nguyen) locked in a hotel room with a naked hooker (Helena Mattsson).  This guy has a personal vendetta against the United States military, his story changes several times.  Psychopaths #5 and #6 happen to be a bi-racial couple, Maggie (Amanda Mason Warren) and Zachariah (Tom Waits) the rabbit lover both serial killers since their teens many years ago.  In 1975 due to the brutal murder on a Hippie, Maggie and Zach have split ways and ever since then he has searched for his one true love. 
Billy the dog-napper just so happens to be psychopath #7 and rightfully so since his story shuffles along like a dealer with a deck of cards in a casino.  I must say though that thanks to Billy no animals were ever murdered in the movie just women and men of course!  The movie ends Billy’s way while out in Joshua Tree National Park as a final shootout takes place involving Bonnie, Marty and a few psychopaths.  One thing to remember when writing a movie though never promise anything on your life and the first cut is always the deepest.
There is so much going on in this film that it’s amazing that the writers were able to come full circle right to the end tying in all the psychopaths.  Make sure you stay through the end credits or else you’ll miss an important end result.  The direction was well done even if I must say the film is quite the strange and quirky road trip to save a dog.  Grant it dog is man’s best friend and part of the family so it is no wonder what a man will do to get him back from thieves even if it comes down to an eye for an eye.  Not everyone will like this film, a matter a fact I noticed a few people leave before the screening ended but I must say even though it is one odd array of encounters, the characters are quite intriguing and the music is very fitting. 
The cast is the best part of the film with Walken who in his own right is quite the strange man in real life.  Rockwell was brilliant and natural and Farrell was a true delight playing at times his masculine yet feminine side to his role.  Waits is scary within himself yet Harrelson is superb as the man out to find his Shih Tzu.  Heck even Bonnie the dog did a wonderful job just being cute and cuddly yet brave and loyal.  All of the actors in this film really bring their game to this bizarre story making them appear on the big screen as if they’re not acting at all but rather really just a bunch of psychopaths.  Written with two and half paws out of four by Jon Patch.

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