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Relativity Media, FilmNation Entertainment and A Bigger Boat Production present a PG-13, 101 minute, horror and thriller, directed by Mark Tonderai, screenplay by David Loucka and story by Jonathan Mostow with a theater release of September 21, 2012.

Sarah (Elizabeth Shue) and her teenage daughter Elissa (Jennifer Lawrence) have decided to leave the busy city of Chicago for a more serene environment in the country town of Woodshire.  Separated from her husband Sarah aspires to become a better mother to her daughter Elissa.  They rent a beautiful home on the edge of state land so their back yard is protected woods but across the way in sight of their home is an abandoned house.  Or is it?  After they signed the lease the realtor tells them that Ryan Jacobson (Max Thieriot) lives there the son of murdered parents.  According to legend, Carrie Anne (Eva Link) Ryan’s sister killed her parents while he was living with his Aunt and the authorities have never found Carrie Anne’s body.  Some say she drowned yet some say she lives in the woods, no one really knows.  Or do they? 
Grant it Ryan is not popular amongst the neighbors and they question why he still lives in that house after his parent’s murder.  They complain that his presence in the neighborhood is driving their property values down.  Elissa is attending Woodshire High School now and has made some friends like Jillian (Allie MacDonald) and her brother.  Since they found out she was once in a band they have now asked her to participate in the local ‘Battle of the Bands’.  She has however made one enemy, Tyler (Nolan Gerard Funk) the popular boy at school, after she turned down his sexual advances.  Elissa’s mother Sarah is working at the local Woodshire Hospital and she too has made a friend, Officer Weaver (Gil Bellows).
As the story progresses Elissa has taken a liking to Ryan and soon have become friends which eventually escalates into a bit more, against her mother’s wishes.  Soon though inquisitive Elissa begins to discover a bit more about Ryan and the secrets that are held within the Jacobson home for many years.  A young girl known for trying to be a savior, “miss fix it” is about to get a little more than she bargained for eventually bringing all the secrets kept within the walls of Ryan’s home tumbling down in a race against want versus need.  Leading into the final question of just who is Carrie Anne? 
I am trying not to give too much away since the film does have a number of twists to it, all being not too difficult to figure out along the way.  Grant it there are one or two good turns amongst all the cliché scenes and holes in the story to make the film worth seeing but I wouldn’t say that you’ll be scared.  The director does a nice job of making the film interesting even though the writing drags out the story too long before anything really close to suspenseful starts to happen. 
Many of the supporting characters seem to fade in and out of the story but other than there for content they really don’t add much to the storyline.  Lawrence, right out of the money maker “Hunger Games” definitely carries the film and does so nicely although at times she seems to have a very expressionless face.  Shue, I will always be a fan of for some unknown reason, I’ve just always liked her work and even in this film she did not disappoint me.  Nice to have her back to the big screen even though they could have given her a bit more to work with in regards to lines.  Thieriot was nicely cast since he tends to have that sweet demeanor with a shadow of terror to his look.  I haven’t seen Bellows in much as of late and based on his role here I can see why!  Overall I enjoyed the film but it was a bit far from what I expected but for a good thrill it may make a good date movie.  The film may ride on Lawrence’s popularity right now but I don’t expect it to have a long life line unlike Lawrence that thanks to her hunger shall continue on for some time to come.  Oh and by the way a shout out to my almamater ‘Go Penn State’, you’ll know what I mean when you see the film.  Written with 2 paws out of 4 by Jon Patch.

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