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CBS Films, Animus Films, Benayora Pictures, Serena Films, Parlay Films, Waterfall Media and Also Known As Pictures present a PG-13, 96 minute, romantic drama directed and written by Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal with a theater release of September 7, 2012.

Never in a million years did Rory Jansen (Bradley Cooper) believe that a book would affect so many people let alone in more ways than one his own life.  In love with a young woman, Dora (Zoe Saldana), Rory wants nothing more than to be with her but also become a writer.  She supports his endeavors into the literary world even when she herself along with his father (J.K. Simmons), realizes that Rory is not a great writer. His father suggests that Rory grow up and become a man, support himself and his wife, find a real job and make writing a hobby.  That is until sometime after the two get married at city hall and honeymoon in Paris does the lives of Rory and Dora Jansen change forever.  While in Paris Rory stumbles upon an old billfold in an antique shop and knowing how much he loved it, Dora buys it for him as a present. 
Throughout parts of the film the story of Rory and Dora is told through the lips of an older writer, Clay Hammond (Dennis Quaid), who is speaking within an auditorium in front of an adoring amount of his fans.  He tells the detailed story of a young man who happens to find another writers non-fictional works of his life and love in an old billfold.  Rory, faced with a decision, he claims the story as his own in order to break into the literary world with the next great American novel.  His earlier writings have all been rejections and he struggled with the fact that everyone in his life around him was somewhere in their lives but he was just standing still, going nowhere. 
The story unfolds the life of a young American man (Ben Barnes) who was serving over in Paris in the military.  One day at a small café he meets a young woman (Nora Arnezeder) and their lives eventually become one in marriage.  The young man struggles to become a writer but the words just did not seem to flow from the tips of his fingers on to his Remington typewriter.  That is until one day the words come to him at the cost of his happy life, one that was once filled with love, family and a future.
As Clay continues to tell his story of Rory to his peers he suddenly begins the next chapter about the old man (Jeremy Irons) that has been watching Rory’s success.  In Central Park on a cool day two men come to rest on separate park benches next to each other.  They are the old man who happened to be the original writer of the book and Rory, the one who stole his life and made it his own.  Rory confronted with the one person who knows the truth and of course the original writer of ‘The Window Tears’, Rory is lost for words let alone actual speech.  Uncertain what the man is after Rory struggles with the choices that now haunt him within his mind and life, no longer that of fiction.  No person can ever erase the past no matter how much you long too. 
As the two men chat in the park, the old man begins to tell Rory much more of the life of the young couple in Paris.  A story that in some ways resembles his own life both then and possibly in his future, Rory must face not only his publisher but also his wife Dora and his family and friends, let alone the world, possibly disclosing the truth.  One can only hope that the other person loves them for the right reasons and can understand not only the good choices but the wrong decisions made in life as well.  More than often in any case from lies comes truth and it is that truth that can determine one’s future.  “Things are just things and you can’t make things right”, as the old man professes to Rory about taking his life.  The choices that become secrets we make, many times are those that we must live with until our dying day.  We all must choose at one time or another between life and fiction!
I must say I absolutely loved this film from beginning to end.  At times I felt like I was in the story, the writers along with superb direction and a perfect score draw you so far into the lives of the characters through the use of storytelling that it makes you feel like you’re actually part of the cast.  Cooper absolutely shines in this story showing not only his vulnerable side but that of good and bad and the choices one person makes in life which eventually reflect on many others.  Saldana is a nice match to Cooper as they truly complement each other in some very honest and revealing ways.  Even though Barnes and Arnezeder have very little speaking parts their acting abilities and the character roles they take on working under that of narrative accompaniment is brilliant.  At one time I finally realized that they were literally not speaking but I was so drawn in by the narration that I did not notice the actors little lines but rather became engulfed with Irons as he tells their story.  Irons by the way is absolutely astounding as the old man that shines truth on an old story resurrected from the dead.  Quaid does a fine job as one of the key players yet with a smaller role as does Olivia Wilde who plays (Danielle) a young Grad student at Columbia out to unleash more unknown truth from the lines that lay hidden within Hammond’s new book, “The Words”.  This film is a must see for any person that truly wants to sit in a theater and get engulfed by shear poetry of a story told about life, love and the choices we make that may just change our course of being.  People come and go in our lives for a reason, some known and some that may never be explained but overall it is our fate that reflects on us from the choices we ourselves make and must live with forever.  Written and extremely enjoyed for its riveting story, superb cast and pure perfection I must say one of my favorite films of 2012 with three and a half paws out of four.

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