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Summit Entertainment and Offspring Entertainment present a PG-13, 97 minute, 3D, drama, music, romance, dance film directed by Scott Speer, written by Duane Adler and Jenny Mayer with a theater release date of July 27, 2012.

The story opens on Ocean Drive, bumper to bumper traffic, which is common in Miami since everyone is checking out the beach front sites but this time there is something a bit different, “The Mob”.  A group of flash mob dancers out to win a contest on You Tube worth one hundred thousand dollars take to the streets.  The contestant with the most hits will win and it looks like their only major competition is a singing cat.
Sean (Ryan Guzman) and Eddy (Misha Gabriel Hamilton) aka the ‘Hacker’ are both co-founders of the group.  They are flanked by Penelope (Cleopatra Coleman) the ‘DJ’, Jason (Stephen Boss) the ‘FX’ guy, you’ll recognize him from the television show “So You Think You Can Dance”, Mercury (Michael ‘Xeno’ Langebeck) the ‘Artist”, Francisco (Claudio Pinto) the ‘Video’ guy, along with a number of supporting dancers.  These dancers are excellent in their trade and in 3D the film truly jumps out at you while you’re sitting in your seats grooving to the accompanying score which stands out as a great soundtrack. 
Mr. Anderson (Peter Gallagher), thankfully he can act, although the poor writing doesn’t help, is in town visiting one of his hotel properties on the strip where of course Sean and Eddy work.  Traveling with him is his beautiful daughter Emily (Kathryn McCormick) who is inspired to become a professional dancer in Miami and his auditioning for a dance group led by Olivia (Mia Michaels), another face and excellent choreographer from “So You Think You Can Dance”.  Sean meets up with Emily not knowing right away who she is and soon they take a liking to each other.  When things get a little difficult for Emily as she needs to find originality and inspiration as a dancer she soon learns that Sean is the leader of ‘The Mob” and with approval from Eddy, not knowing her family history, she joins as one of the lead dancers.  After yet another on screen dance sequence this time at the Miami Museum of Arts and Culture I can tell you that this film is a must see for its dance, music and magnificent choreography but in regards to the writing and acting it leaves a bit to be desired although you’re really seeing this film not for its Oscar performances but rather its moves. 
The groups hangout is Ricky’s Club and when they find out that Mr. Anderson, Emily’s father, is about to tear down their local businesses and homes to build a multimillion dollar development ‘The Mob’ with the direction from Emily herself decide that performance art is out and protest art is in.  Everything soon goes wrong for Emily and her new found friends when the group finds out that she is Mr. Anderson’s daughter and rather than making a statement at their next flash mob the group unknown to Sean is out for revenge.
The film at times took a few pages straight out of “Dirty Dancing” per my opinion regarding the story line but with that said overall it had some good direction and a relative story line that it true to fact every day in this country.  Big business coming into deprived areas, knocking them down, pushing the people out and building new high-rises rather than trying to enhance the way of life to the original culture that has survived there for decades seems to take prevalence over what’s right from wrong.  I thought the story took a few risks with their mob approach and if it were real life there would be many things that could and probably would have gone wrong.  It is a movie though an imagination can go a long way, taking a few risks, not to worry about the penalties to follow.  Overall a fun film filled with some brilliant, wardrobe, dance, music, choreography and cinematography that outline the beautiful ocean beaches and skylines of Miami.  In the end, we learn if Sean and Emily remain together, if Mr. Anderson develops the land he so desires, if ‘The Mob’ wins the contest and last but not least if this inspirational film will prevail at the box office for its truly phenomenal artistry of dance.  Even though the story can get a bit corny at times and the acting a bit amateurish it makes up for that through its high level of dance supported by some eye candy dancers of course!  Maybe more people should express themselves artistically through dance since actions do tend to speak louder than words sometimes.  Written and thoroughly enjoyed and inspired with two paws out of four mainly of course for its dance and choreography, I’m Jon Patch.

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