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The Dark Knight Rises Featured

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Warner Bros. Pictures, DC Entertainment and Legendary Pictures present a PG-13, 164 minute action, adventure, crime, drama, directed by Christopher Nolan, written by Nolan, Jonathan Nolan and David S. Goyer with a theatre release date of July 20, 2012.

It’s approximately eight years later, the city of Gotham has memorialized Harvey Dent by creating the Dent Act has a method to fight crime and protect the citizens of the city.  Batman (Christian Bale), who does another great job playing this role, has taken the blame for the crimes that were created by Dent and only he and Commissioner Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman) know exactly that Dent was the true enemy.  So Bruce Wayne, as we all know is Batman, and apparently it was not as much a secret to several characters in this story, has gone into seclusion.  Looking worn and walking with a cane Bruce lives within the walls of his estate not even keeping track of the outside world let alone his finances.
One night at a charity function at Bruce Wayne’s estate, in which he does not physically attend, a young woman, Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) posing as a waitress delivers a food tray into a wing of the house meant for Bruce but instead of leaving the room right away she cracks a safe a steals a string of pearls once owned by Bruce’s mother.  But are the pearls all she was after or just a bonus?  Like a cat to a mouse, this time Bruce sneaks up on Selina only to discover that this woman is quite the gifted thief with keen senses and movements like that of a cat.  Is there no character Hathaway cannot play she is like the Meryl Streep of today’s younger leading ladies.  She absolutely shines while on the prowl in this masterpiece of film making, handling every movement like the rest of the boys in fight mood.
Soon a man appears in and under Gotham known as Bane (Tom Hardy) with one intention in mind which is to destroy Gotham.  Hardy truly as taken this evil character and made him real and believable, maybe not as sick and insane as the Joker was, played by Ledger, but truly Hardy brings out the dark side of life and death as Bane.  Muscled and intimidating he may be but his movements were a bit stiff at times and the facial piece he wears made some lines a bit hard to translate.   A flashback storyline is told of a young child born imprisoned, the mother killed by the men in the prison and the child escapes in a way that no other human being has been able to do, ever!  This child has grown up and is the mastermind behind the downfall of Batman, Bruce Wayne and Gotham. 
Bane has started to try and take down Wayne’s empire by stripping him of his billions and turning him into a so called bum.  Wayne reaches out for help from his associate Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) who recommends that Bruce work with Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard) and her clean energy project as a way of gaining back his fortune and also preserving some important assets not known to the public.  After witnessing the opening scene when Bane takes over a plane in mid-air and only rescuing what he needs every question the audience may have does not go unanswered and the brilliantly written story pieces together like a puzzle but not without its many twists and turns.  I must say though that even though the film has its many explosive special effects and stunt driven action the actual story line by far exceeds the expectations of the film in whole. 
As Bane continues to throw Gotham into turmoil, trying to destroy the structure of its civilization, he has awakened Batman to once again stand up for the city that once rejected him for crimes he did not commit. Wayne has found not only Tate to become a partner in the office but he has taken her into the comfort of his bare arms as well, trying to forget his love Rachel that died.  There are a few references to the other Batman stories but none too confusing if you haven’t seen them or for that matter remembered their plots.  Bat suit on body and many new toys to play with Bruce Wayne has once again graced the streets of Gotham with his presence but little did this Batman know that Bane who speaks through a metal mouth is one hard ass criminal that does not fall easy.
The stock exchange, the sewers, the football game, the bridges of Gotham, nothing is safe while Bane is on the loose and Catwoman is no help to the caped crusader, at least in the beginning of their awkward relationship,  as he tries to bring Bane to his knees!  Even Alfred (Michael Caine) has deserted Bruce for no other reasons other than he did not want to see him die trying to protect a city that rejected him.  When Batman who adapted to the dark meets Bane who happened to be born to the dark meet beneath the city, a battle like no other, fist to fist takes place eventually showing that one force is truly stronger than the other.  Batman soon realizes he needs the help of the city as Jim Gordon along with his Deputy Commissioner Foley (Matthew Modine) and newly appointed Detective John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) along with the entire police force step in to help eventually finding themselves defeated and entrapped by Bane as well. 
Bruce Wayne is captured by Bane and imprisoned as he once was himself; the criminals of Gotham have taken over the city and in a few days Gotham will be leveled to ashes.  The only short term solution for the innocent people of Gotham is death or exile but either way according to Bane death will soon see the fire of twelve million souls.  In the end, we question is this the demise of Batman and Gotham?  You’ll have to see it to believe it but I must say that there are no holes and all is perfectly explained making this film supported by a huge cast a must see by all.  I tried not to give much a way in this review, some facts along with a few cameo appearances seen throughout, I believe I haven’t because there are a number of twists and turns to this superbly directed, scored film, with brilliant cinematography that overall will have you wanting to see it more than once.  Definitely look for yet another Batman in years to come since Nolan and his crew have left this answered ending open for yet another set of wings.  Two and half hours truly fly by giving this dark night and very bright day at the box office.  Written with all expectations met with three and a half out of four paws by Jon Patch.

Our hearts and prayers from the entire crew of Talkin' Pets goes out to the family and friends of the victims from the Aurora, Colorado movie massacre.


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