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Inception Media Group, LLC and Simon Films present a 90 minute, drama, action film directed by Martin Huberty, written by Simon Murray and Axel Aylwen with a Blu-ray & DVD release date of July 17, 2012.

Based on real events, this story follows a young Englishman; Simon Murray (Paul Fox) who faced with a failed romance decides to enlist in the French Foreign Legion.  He soon meets up with a small group of men from all walks of life that are out to join the Legion as well, one man in particular Pascal Dupont (Tom Hardy) who is truly there for his own personal reasons and not quite the same as the others.  The story starts off a bit raw but has hope especially when they move into the sadistic training regime that these men begin to endure.  Also, since Hardy is a lead actor in the new Batman movie coming out I’m sure his star power has and will increase.
The foundation of the story surrounds the men fighting a battle in Algeria while they fight for independence from France in 1960.  The battles seem to lose interest for the viewers since they mainly seem lackluster and not well portrayed and even the character development lacks a connection for the audience.  Grant it the actors truly do a nice job of portraying their blood, sweat and tears while training for the Legion but the story never seems to let you get connected to their inner struggles and thoughts.  Hardy has more of an edge to him than Fox does and it is these two men that basically carry the film more so than any of the supporting actors but the mediocre cinematography, writing and direction loses its way to make this film not worthy of big screen time but rather television or of course DVD.
In the end, a change in allegiance tears the men’s loyalties apart with both of the leading men standing on opposite sides of their friendship and the reason for joining the French Foreign Legion in the first place.  Both men change their point of views one for the better and one for the worst causing one man to take desperate measures to right a wrong.  The film does a decent depiction of testing the men’s honor toward the Legion, their morality for what is right and wrong and the hope that their lives will forever change and make a difference.  In the end you can desert everything and everyone but yourself and true statement for everyone. 
Fox although he is a very meek and boy next door type character for the most part was able to pull off his role with some believability and conviction but it is Hardy that tends to shine a bit more sporting his rough and angered character always struggling with himself surrounded in a world he despises.  Even though the story is balanced, the film comes across amateurish but it is the actors themselves that seem to give it life by putting their hearts and souls into the making of this movie.  Written and worth a watch if there is nothing else that peeks your interest on DVD or Blu-ray with one paw out of four by Jon Patch.

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