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Warner Bros. Pictures and Nick Wechsler Productions present an R rated, 110 minute drama, comedy directed by Steven Soderbergh and written by Reid Carolin with a theater release date of June 29, 2012.

The movie starts out as Dallas (Matthew McConaughey) instructs women in the audience at his Tampa bar Xquisite where they can and can’t touch but as we discover soon after anything goes on and off the stage in a strippers life. 
It’s the month of June, Mike (Channing Tatum) wakes up in bed not with one but two girls and of course the viewing audience gets quite an eyeful as he wrestles from the sheets.  Not to leave the male audience out of the picture since of course they too get to experience quite an eyeful as well.  Remember my eyes are up here!  My line there was probably funnier than the lines in this film which were poorly written and sometimes executed.  Mike is managing several jobs in hopes of one day opening up his own custom furniture business.  The core of his existence and the reason for his aggressive work ethic yet oddly enough the story never even takes us there other than some pictures to a bank lady when he tries to get a loan.  At his construction job, a shameless plug for Craigslist, Mike meets Adam (Alex Pettyfer) and soon a 19 year old boy’s life is forever changed.
One night Mike convinces Dallas to hire Adam behind the scenes but before you know it he’s taking his clothes off.  The story jumps around with open holes almost as much as the naked men in the film which by the way is truly raining men.  So the ladies will definitely need some umbrellas or maybe not!  As Mike and Adam become involved in a bit of a bromance shortly thereafter Mike meets Brooke (Cody Horn) and wow what a miscast of an actress this was, she had absolutely no chemistry with Tatum, who by the way does a very nice acting job in this film, probably because it is loosely based on his life, but back to Horn, she was lifeless almost like a pair of pants torn away from a strippers libido.
So now it’s July, Marilyn Monroe comes by Brooke’s apartment to take Adam and her to a sandbar party for the 4th.  This little moment in the story was actually kind of funny and Tatum wore the outfit well!  Back to business, Dallas is trying to take his show on the road to Miami since he believes bigger prospects await him and the dancers there, more so than Tampa.  Here’s a concept show the audience a bit of Miami!  I guess it wasn’t in the budget!  Later during a hurricane party at Dallas’s house once again we get to experience quite a bit of T&A, drugs, sex and Herman.  No not another stripper like Big Dick Richie (Joe Manganiello) who by the way was not used properly in this film, actually the pig got more screen time.  The word love gets tossed around quite a bit here but honestly not quite the love you may be thinking of!  Several scenes in this party took me back to the old days of Studio 54, especially the camera shots and depictions which were pretty well done here unlike the beach party which contained some horrible photography as well as dialogue.  Actually a lot of the dialogue was just awful but I guess that’s not quite why anyone is going to see this film especially women and gay men.
Coming to the end of summer and its August, why they choose to put the months in the film who knows!  Brooke’s boyfriend, tall Paul (Reid Carolin), waste of storyline, moves to Orlando, Mike and Adam get into a huge sorority party fight over a bit of X, a battle line between Mike and Dallas is carved in to their old friendship status, Herman eats vomit and well Adam gets in deep trouble with Dallas’s DJ Tobias (Gabriel Iglesias) and a couple of thugs.  As for Ken (Matt Bomer), Tito (Adam Rodriguez) and Tarzan (Kevin Nash) like Richie they get lost in the shuffle of the story but at least look good on stage, well Tarzan should maybe go back to the jungle.  In the end, we find out what defines a stripper and the life they lead and once again the ladies of Tampa make it rain, all making Tampa look like a bit of a party town and not necessarily in a good way.  Overall in just seven hours it will be time for a $10,000 breakfast!  The same amount this film may actually profit.  Hope it was worth it since this film is more worth the DVD rental than the price of a theater ticket especially without a coke and popcorn.  I so wanted to like this film since it was filmed in Tampa, where I live and hang out sometimes, but sadly it was all wrong, not a good enough story, bad acting even by McConaughey but ironically not Tatum he actually was the best thing of the film.  Was it so bad that it made him look so good or could it be that he is finally learning the skill of acting?  Although, the boy can definitely move well in and out of clothes and looks good doing so.  Mostly for the ladies but it has its moments for the men as well this film will definitely disappoint unless you walk in only wanting to see some T&A.  Written with one paw out of four by Jon Patch, and that’s being kind.  This little piggy decided to go home!

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