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Columbia Pictures, Relativity Media and Happy Madison Productions present an R rated, 114 minute comedy directed by Sean Anders and written by David Caspe with a theatre release date of June 15, 2012.

I did not expect much when I walked into this film especially since Sandler has not pumped out a decent money maker in some time so not much is what I got. Actually I have to give him an A for effort since he pulled a lot of punches in this story about a young Donny Berger (Justin Weaver) who has sex with his sexy school teacher Mary McGarricle (Eva Amurri Martino) and of course get caught doing it in front of the entire school. The teacher gets 30 years in a women’s penitentiary and Donny when he becomes old enough must raise their child, soon to be born and named Han Solo Berger. Well 18 years later Han Solo moves out embarrassed of his upbringing he decides to start a new life.

Present day Donny Berger (Adam Sandler) is in need of money since he owes the IRS $43,000 and if he doesn’t pay up he goes directly to jail without passing go. The aged Mary (Susan Sarandon) is still in jail and Donny has no one to turn to for the money, not his stripper friends, not his pal Vanilla Ice, yes the real Vanilla Ice nor his manager. He did become famous after his sexcapade with his teacher but fame only lasted so long especially in the monetary category. One day while enjoying his friend dancing on a pole, man the torpedoes, he notices in the paper that Todd (Andy Samberg) aka Han Solo is getting married to the beautiful Jamie (Leighton Meester) and since his son that no one knows about is a wealthy Hedge Fund Manager he thinks what better than to make $50,000 from a local television show if he can unite the entire Berger family in front of a televised audience, Mary in jail, Donny the has been and Han Solo the product of a dysfunctional situation.

Todd many years ago was a diabetic 400 pound loser with a mother in prison and father famous for knocking her up when he was a teen. So the last thing Todd wants is for his new life to find out about his old life. When Donny shows up at Steve Spirou’s (Tony Orlando) house, Todd’s boss, the nightmare for Todd begins once again. Grant it Donny plays along that he is Todd’s best friend but secrets are always hard to keep especially when you’re drunk or stoned or just plain horny and stupid. This film really tries hard to take the “Bridesmaids”, “Hangover” approach but misses the mark by trying too hard. Sometimes less truly is more especially when you know how to use it and apparently the director has a bit of an issue with foreplay. A little WrestleMania, a fist fight that becomes a true blessing, a men’s spa day that lacks any real happy ending all leading up to one night at the Bacon Leggs for a bit of boozing, dancing and nudity.

In the end we discover that blood is thicker than water and that all hot people apparently have sex with each other, well so do people that aren’t hot so there’s no excuses for another bad example of our society downfalls. We learn the meaning of love and that on Todd and Jamie’s wedding day the jazz hands are out for all to see along with a very naked Marine. Yes the writers have taken the script into the lets insult as many people, professionals and organizations as possible whereas to make this film memorable enough to make money. The story is actually well written, at least in regards to the plot, but the direction tends to miss the mark along with some of the acting which lacks true climax in its delivery.


Sandler bounces in and out of his so called Boston accent leaving you feeling sorry for his loser voice as well as his life and truly by all means I am a Sandler fan, not a diehard fan but a fan. Hats off to Samberg, the break out actor from Saturday Night Live that hopes to pounce on Hollywood and truthfully he’s one of the best aspects of this film. Meester performs, Vanilla Ice was a delightful throw back in time, Caan as Father McNally is a cool cameo, Ventimiglia who plays Jamie’s Marine brother with an attitude is absolute eye candy, girls brace yourselves for the bedroom scene there is truly not much fat percentage anywhere on his body and you can judge every inch for yourselves. The rest of the cast are a nice support right down to Grandma Delores (Peggy Stewart) that still can wear a swimsuit. As for the final moments it comes down to a 20 to 1 longshot whether Donny goes to prison or not! This film truly has its moments it’s just too bad they’re in the last 15 minutes. Raunchy and sex sells so maybe this film will find its audience in the devoted fans of Adam Sandler but either way I believe once again Happy Madison has missed his mark. I think he should have had my buddy Bob Barker back in this story then maybe he would have got a hole in one. Written with one and a half paws out of four by Jon Patch.

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