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September 15, 2018

Host - Jon Patch

Co-Host - Dr. Anne Lampru - Animal Alternatives - Tampa Bay

Producer - Lexi Lapp

Network Producer - Quin McCarthy

Social Media / Executive Producer - Bob page

Special Guests - John Gerstenberger from WARE Pet Products will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 9/15/18 at 5pm EST to discuss their line of chicken products and more

Jerry Grymek - Doggie Concierge at Hotel Penn NYC will join Jon and Talkin' Pets at 630pm EST

Debra Tosch & Abby search for survivors in the wreckage of the Twin Towers

September 11th

We have not forgotten.

We will never forget.

Honoring the Canine Disaster Search Teams

and all First Responders

who risk their lives to keep us safe...

Search Dog Foundation teams deployed to the World Trade Center Disaster:

Rob Cima & Harley - El Dorado County Fire

Kelly Gordon & Buddy - Montebello Police Dept.

Randy Gross & Dusty - Sacramento Metro Fire

Rick Lee & Ana - Sacramento City Fire

Sergio Morariu & Tammy - Fremont Fire

Howard Orr & Duke - Santa Barbara County Fire

Seth Peacock & Pupdog - Civilian

Jeff Place & Zack - Fremont Fire

Mike Scott & Billy - El Cajon Fire

Steve Swaney & Sherman - El Cajon Fire

Deresa Teller & Bella - Los Angeles City Fire

Debra Tosch & Abby - Civilian

Ron Weckbacher & Manny - Civilian

SDF Deployments:


Missing Person Search - Fillmore, CA

Missing Person Search - Simi Valley, CA


Missing Person Search - San Luis Obispo, CA

Hurricane Irene - Green County, NY

Missing Person Search - Ojai, CA

Vehicle Accident - Hacienda Heights, CA

House Explosion - Salem, NY

Building Collapse - Tijuana

Tornado - Oklahoma City, OK

Tornado - Joplin, Missouri

Earthquake & Tsunami - Japan

Landslide & House Collapse - Tijuana


Gas Pipeline Explosion - San Bruno, CA

Truck Crash into house - Santa Barbara, CA

Missing Hiker - Carmel Valley, CA

House Explosion - Sacramento, CA

Tornadoes - Oklahoma City, OK

Earthquake - Mexicali & Calexico

Earthquake - Port-au-Prince, Haiti


Truck Crash - Monterey Park, CA

Missing Person Search - South San Francisco, CA

Missing Person Search - Neff's Canyon, Salt Lake City, UT

Missing Person Search - Laguna Beach, CA

Building Collapse - La Puente, CA

Building Collapse - San Diego, CA

Vehicle Accident - Lakewood, CA

Missing Person Search - Tustin, CA

Missing Child Search - East Glenville, NY

Highway 58 Vehicle Rollover - Bakersfield, CA

Truck Crash - La Cañada-Flintridge, CA

Missing Person Search - Tijuana


Metrolink Crash - Chatsworth, CA

Hurricane Ike - Galveston, TX

Hurricane Gustav - Louisiana

Roof Collapse - Rosedale, CA

Construction Explosion Missing Person Search - Tijuana

Earthquake Pre-staging - Tijuana

Landslide - Santa Fe - Tijuana


Parking Structure Collapse - Jacksonville, FL

Mudslide Pre-Staging - Orange County, CA

Large Area Search - Albany County, NY

Soledad Mountain Road Landslide - La Jolla, CA

Hurricane Dean - Fort Worth, TX

Structural Fire - Alhambra, CA

Catskills Flood - Roscoe, NY

Landslide - Tijuana

Tornado - Lake County, FL


Trench Collapse - Tijuana

Mesa de Otay Search - Tijuana

Hurricane Ernesto - Florida & North Carolina

Missing Person Search - Palm Bay, FL

Building Collapse - Daly City, CA

Broome County Floods - Town of Conklin, NY

Building Explosion - Albany, NY

Floods - Sullivan County, NY

Mudslide - Mill Valley, CA

Missing Person Search - Mt. Pinos, CA

Partial Building Collapse - Bal Harbour, Miami, FL

Missing Person Search - Ventura, CA


Hurricane Wilma - Florida

Hurricane Rita - Texas & Louisiana

Hurricane Ophelia - U.S. East Coast

Hurricane Katrina - Missouri & Louisiana

Missing Person Search - Topanga, CA

Mudslide - Laguna Beach, CA

Mudslide - Fraccionamiento los Lobos - Tijuana

Train Derailment - Glendale, CA

La Obredja Mudslide - Tijuana

Mudslide - La Conchita, CA


School Wall Collapse - Tijuana

Mechanic Shop Wall Collapse - Tijuana

Torrey Pines Bluff Collapse - San Diego, CA

Hurricane Ivan - Florida

Hurricane Charley - Florida


Mudslide - Waterman Canyon, CA

Earthquake - Paso Robles, CA

Disneyland Train Derailment - Anaheim, CA

Train Derailment - City of Commerce, CA

Building Collapse - Sacramento, CA


Winter Olympics - Salt Lake City, UT

Commercial Building Collapse - Sacramento, CA


World Trade Center Attack - New York, NY


Building Collapse - Echo Park, CA


Landslide and Retaining Wall Collapse - San Diego, CA


Thank you for being Part of the Search.

SDF Logo

National Disaster Search Dog Foundation

501 E. Ojai Avenue / Ojai, CA 93023
(888) 4K9-HERO
Tribute to 9-11 Search Dogs Copyright AKC


We Remember.  We remember who perished.  We remember who helped.  We remember where we were.  We remember how we felt.  Good or bad, we remember.


At goodnewsforpets, we are quietly remembering the search dogs that helped.  The New York City-based American Kennel Club honors this special breed of hero.  We reposted our beloved New Yorker, the late Mordecai Siegal's Paw Prints in the Dust.  In Canine's Role in Search and Rescue, FEMA tells us how urban search and rescue dogs are now used. 


On 9-11, I remember I was in my office at the Livestock Exchange Building in Kansas City.  I was reconfirming a phone interview for a client with a New York City business reporter.  My then three school-age children were - in school.  And then the world changed for everyone.


Frantic phone calls to my mom who lived just blocks from the World Trade Center - and who loved to frequently go there and to nearby Battery Park.  Finally connecting by email.  She was safe - thank G -- she and her neighbors helping the streams of people coming from downtown as best they could. Calling the reporter who thought the smoke would clear in a bit, and then with shaky voices abandoning our plans. I remember - I just wanted to get my kids and go HOME.  We all did.  Then, when I knew everyone in my family was safe, I wanted to come to my New York.


Now, on the 10th anniversary of that horrible day, I am in the New York City metro area.  My mom has moved but has not forgotten.  New York is still her beloved New York.  There are loved ones of people where we live that did not come home.  So many changes.  And while the tributes and memorials come to a crescendo, there are conflicting emotions for New Yorkers who lived it - some want to remember, some do not.   We all deal with it in our own way.  We Remember.


Lea-Ann O'Hare Germinder