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Talkin' Pets News

July 10, 2021

Host - Jon Patch

Co-Host - Jillyn Sidlo - Celestial Custom Dog Services, Tampa, FL

Producer - Kayla Cavanaugh

Network Producer - Kevin Lane

Social Media - Bob Page

Special Guest - Co-Founder of Mission K9 Rescue, Bob Bryant will join Jon & Talkin' Pets at 5pm ET 7/10/21 to discuss Working Dogs, the international Rabies ban and his national non-profit organization

Hey Lifebooster, Happy Blueberry Pie day! THIS flavor has taken over my house, LITERALLY! You see, my biggest fan for Lifeboost Coffee is... ... my wife. As soon as I let her try it, She fell in love with our Low Acid Single Origin Medium Roast Beans that you have grown to love. The problem, is that anything else I brought to her? She wouldn't give the light of day to. She would just keep saying... "Just give me my medium roast. It's the best. I don't want anything else. " (Yes, yes, she's a sassy one) That is, until I brought out a very particular flavor... Cinnamon Blueberry Crumble. SHE FELL IN LOVE. I don't know why. I asked her and she doesn't even know why. She just said "I can't get enough of it, it makes my morning and my mouth happy" She told me it was perfectly balanced and she doesn't even add cream or sugar to it! Straight black. And she says "it's sooo delicious!" Who am I to argue. I love it too. I LOVE mine cold brewed with organic heavy whipping cream. OH.MY.GOODNESS. Simply delicious!! So now, my house smells like wonderful Blueberry Crumble :-) Since we make these in small batches, I do have a limited number of bags. If you want to be one of the first to get one, I have 150 bags in stock. Well, 148 because my wife took two of them. :-) Save Me A Cinnamon Bluberry Crumble NOW! Our coffee artisans at Lifeboost set out to create the perfect blend of blueberry, cinnamon, and of course the crumble... BUT without the sugar, calories, or artificial ingredients of those coffee shop concoctions. We’ve taken natural blueberry extract, juicy, sweet, and with just a little “bite” – And paired it with fresh cinnamon and a natural crumble essence To create a complex, low acid, single origin, specialty bean flavored coffee This is as satisfying as it is robust. You won't be disappointed. Go here to get your share of the 148 bags left! Like I said. This is HANDS DOWN my wife's favorite coffee. So what that means is that it's got the wife seal of approval! Dr Charles Livingston CEO of LifeboostCoffee P.S. Your Lifeboost of the day: Tough times never last, but tough people do! - Robert Schuller P.P.S. How long has she been drinking this particular flavor daily? 4 years now!! Add the word PETS for 30% off your first orders
Lifeboost Coffee Hey Lifebooster, It's our 6th Birthday! To celebrate, we've created a very special, Birthday Batter Coffee! Birthday Batter Coffee Velvety vanilla cake batter extracts infused into our medium roast, single origin, low acid, specialty beans...Yum. If you love vanilla, this is a dream flavor. No calories, no sugar, no fat. Have your cake and eat it too ;-) YES! I Want My Bags Of Birthday Batter Coffee! To Amazing Coffee! Dr Charles Livingston CEO of Lifeboost Coffee P.S. Your Lifeboost For The Day: A Birthday is just the first day of another 365 day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip! P.P.S. Over the past few years, we've been able to build a school for children of coffee farmers, we're corporate sponsors to the Rain Forest Trust (which protects the wildlife and vegetation in Central/South America) and we donate thousands of pounds of coffee every year to various charities, food shelters, and first responders. One thing we know for sure... We couldn't of done that without you!
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Why We Do What We Do


Martha Gonzalez inherited her 6 acre farm from her deceased father; she was 22 at the time------a single mother with 2 small kids.


With the farm, she also inherited debts as well as friendly disputes over the land with her 2 younger brothers.


She started working the farm with the agricultural knowledge she had acquired from her late father, and decided to do everything in her power to make this plot of land profitable, for the benefit of herself, her 2 children and her widower mother.



It was very hard to work with very little money or help, but she kept working from sunrise to sundown to get out her first crop.


Her first experience in business came at the hands of outside brokers----- who came to her farm and offered her money and a working loan for her crop, but without disclosing the high interest rates applied to her loan.


That year was very difficult for her, and making ends meet with defaulting on her loan or going under was an extreme challenge.


Trying to stay positive through this ordeal, she combined her strong work ethic along with daily prayers ----all the while trying to make arrangements with the lenders so she would not lose her farm.


Her persistence and determination eventually paid off, and she met a family that offered her a more productive way of producing her goods and services.


A family farmer and coffee roaster from Matagalpa, Nicaragua offered to pay her debt, and also help her with the financing for the new crop.


But it was not only that-------- she was going to be able to sell her entire production... her coffee was going to be in the local and regional supermarkets, roasted and packaged!


And she was going to participate in the profits, advancing her financial capability to educate her kids, nurture her elderly mother and work with more help at her farm.


Martha's success came because of her determination to never quit, no matter how hard the circumstances.


If you ever get down and depressed about a tough situation. Just think about Martha and her success. If she can do it, you can too! 


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I am too positive to be doubtful

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