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Saturday, April 14, the 105th day of 2012.
There are 261 days left in the year.

Today In History

1912, the British liner RMS Titanic collided with an iceberg in the North Atlantic at 11:40 p.m. ship's time and began sinking. (The ship went under two hours and 40 minutes later with the loss of 1,514 lives.)

1902, James Cash Penney opened his first store, The Golden Rule, in Kemmerer, Wyo.

1956, Ampex Corp. demonstrated its videotape recorder at the National Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters Convention in Chicago.

Celeb B-Days

Sarah Michelle Gellar Actress (T-V's Buffy the Vampire Slayer and All My Children; Scooby Doo, Cruel Intentions, Simply Irresistable, Scream 2, I Know What You Did Last Summer); wife of Freddie Prinze Junior (Age: 35)

Pete Rose Baseball great; barred from the Hall of Fame due to betting on games while a manager. (Age: 71)

Abigail Breslin She received a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination at the age of ten for Little Miss Sunshine. (Age: 16)

Anthony Michael Hall Actor (Aftermath, Edward Scissorhands, National Lampoon's Vacation, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, T-V's Saturday Night Live) (Age: 44)

Jon Patch - Host
Barry Siebold - Veterinarian Tech / Co Host
Amanda Page - Producer/ Reporter
Bob Page - Executive Producer
Matt & Zach - Network Producers

Special Guests: 
5:00 PM EST – Author:  Ceiridwen Terrill – Part Wild  One Woman’s Journey with a Creature Caught Between the Worlds of Wolves and Dogs (Book Give-aways during Interview)
5:40 PM EST – Dr. Kerry Kriger – SAVE THE FROGS!  Founder, Executive Director and Ecologist
6:30 PM EST – Grant Cleveland Founder, DuneCraft, Inc. (Give-aways of Rainforest Biosphere, Happy Cat Sproutn’ Grow, Dogs Delight Sprout n’ Grow, Native Perennial Seed Bombs, Butterfly & Bird Seed Bombs, Tasty Herb Mix seed Bombs, Shortgrass Seed Bombs).

Horace the kitty used more than one of his nine lives when he went off on his last adventure.

The 18-month-old ginger tabby cat was missing for nearly three weeks. Owner Kara Hayward, believes he was injured in a hit and run after going missing on March 11. And just when they thought Horace was gone forever, the bleoved cat limped through the door of the family home 18 days after he was last seen.

He had lost a lot of weight and was struggling to walk with his two broken legs.

“I saw him trying to walk and I could see that something was not right. What was obvious was that both legs were broken, so I took him to our local vets in Haughley but they said that it just does not happen, cats surviving this long, they would have given him five days, 10 days at most,” said Mrs Hayward.

Horace has now had two operations to fix the two broken legs at Christchurch Veterinary Surgery, in Ipswich.

“They said that he was not so badly de-hydrated, he had managed somehow to get water. It was quite amazing, we have all said he is a real friend with a lot of determination. Everyone at Christchurch said how perky he was considering, he is eating everything now,” said Mrs Hayward.


Mystery boy saves baby penguin... 

One of two Humboldt penguin chicks recently hatched at the Woodland Park Zoo might never have see the light day had it not been for a youngster  zoo officials are now trying to find and thank.

The boy was watching the penguin exhibit a short time ago when he saw an egg on a ledge in the exhibit. He brought it to the attention of a zoo keeper who fetched it and put it in the care of a pair of foster parents who tended to it until it hatched, according to a zoo news release. It hatched on April 5.

Birds sometimes reject eggs. Had this one not been spotted by the boy… well.

When zoo keeper Celine Pardo went to thank the boy for his eagle eyes, he had disappeared.

Here’s what the zoo has to say: The boy is described as 7 or 8 years old with blonde, curly hair; he was wearing a white t-shirt and was extremely polite. “We are so grateful to this little boy for helping us save this precious bird. If a crow or seagull had scooped up the egg, it would have been a goner” 

Zoo officials would like to invite the youngster for a look behind the scenes to meet the chick he saved and help give it a name.

The zoo asks if  anyone knows the identity of the mystery boy, please contact the zoo by emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Naked Vermont governor almost eaten by bears...

Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin said Friday that he was chased by one of four large bears in his back yard the night prior… absent his pajamas.

Speaking to the editorial board of Valley News in Vermont, the first-term Democrat said he noticed the bears in the back yard late at night, outside his rental home near Monteplier, where they were nosing at his bird feeders just feet from his windows.

After shouting at them from relative safety, for some reason Shumlin said he decided to fetch the bird feeders, explaining that he didn’t want the bears to become a frequent feature on his property.

“The (bear) charges me on the porch — I’m tearing through the door,” he reportedly said. “You almost lost the governor. Security was not there. I was within three feet of getting ‘arrrh.’”

Shumlin is also quoted as saying: “I sleep like many Vermont boys, without too much clothing at night. I’m not a big pajama person. The bottom line is: The bears were dressed better than I and they could have done some real damage.”

He also showed a brief video of the encounter to the Valley News, though it’s not clear what exactly the footage revealed.

Shumlin concluded that leaving bird feeders in Vermont yards during the spring time is inadvisable because it may attract bears.

Times are so bad that even Fido is in the unemployment line...

Dozens of employees at the Canada Border Services Agency are among the latest federal workers in Halifax to receive notices that their jobs are on the line.

The Public Service Alliance of Canada said 26 employees at the Canada Border Services Agency got notices on Thursday. The agency is also losing two dogs used to sniff out drugs, explosives and other contraband material.

Bret, 6, and Griffin, 7, are the two Halifax-based Labrador retrievers whose handlers were notified their jobs will be eliminated.

Brett Evans, the president of the Nova Scotia branch of the Customs and Immigration Union, said the canine teams have boarded ships at ports in Halifax, Sydney and Port Hawkesbury and help screen thousands of containers entering the agency's facility in Burnside.

"We have lost an important tool in our daily battle to keep our streets safe. This is our national security we are talking about," Evans said in a statement.

He said the dogs will likely be permanently adopted by their handlers.


babies be warned!!! Four Australian dingoes have arrived at New York's Prospect Park Zoo.

They are the first dingoes at a zoo in New York City in 40 years... 

The two male and two female dingoes were born in Australia last year.

Dingoes are wild dogs found mainly in outback Australia. They hunt mostly at night, preying on rabbits, wallabies, rodents, lizards, and other small animals but occasionally attack larger animals such as kangaroos and domestic livestock.

Infamously, a dingo was blamed for the disappearance of nine-week-old Azaria Chamberlain in central Australia in Aug. 1980, in a case that gripped the nation and led to her mother, Lindy Chamberlain, being convicted and sentenced to life for murder. She was released three years later when further evidence emerged.

An Ohio man accused of zipping six bulldog-mix puppies into a suitcase and leaving it next to a trash bin might have gotten away with it if he had remembered to remove the luggage tag bearing his contact information...

A Toledo Area Humane Society officer filed two misdemeanor charges of abandoning animals against Howard Davis, 53, of Toledo, this week, according to court records.

"It's unfortunate he chose to abandon the dogs," said John Dinon, the Humane Society's executive director. "If he had just called us and said he couldn't care for them, we would have taken them and he wouldn't have been charged with a crime."

Passers-by found the suitcase containing the three female and three male puppies outside a business on April 4, authorities said. The pups were about 4 weeks old.

The mother matches the description of a dog licensed to Davis and was identified as his dog by people who also said he had been trying to sell the puppies.

Davis told a Humane Society officer that he had given the dogs to someone in Michigan and had not abandoned them.

The puppies were in good shape so must have been found shortly after they were left, Dinon said. The mother was a bit thin, he said - not unusual for a dog nursing puppies.

The dogs will be sent to a foster home until they are ready for adoption.

Davis is scheduled to appear in Toledo Municipal Court on April 13.


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