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Saturday, Dec. 17, the 351st day of 2011.
There are 14 days left in the year.


Today in History:
1843, Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol is published.

1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright of Dayton, Ohio, conducted the first successful manned powered-airplane flights near Kitty Hawk, N.C., using their experimental craft, the Wright Flyer.

1957, the United States successfully test-fired the Atlas intercontinental ballistic missile for the first time.

1975, Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme was sentenced in Sacramento, Calif., to life in prison for her attempt on the life of President Gerald R. Ford. (She was paroled in Aug. 2009.)

2001, After six months of marriage, Tom Green files for divorce from Drew Barrymore, citing "irreconcilable differences."  The couple, known for media pranks, vows it is not a joke.

Celeb B-days:
Comedian-actor Eugene Levy is 65. The American Pie movies

Actress Milla Jovovich (YO'-vuh-vich) is 36. The Resident Evil series, The Fourth Kind, The Fifth Element

Actor Ernie Hudson is 66. Desperate Housewives; Miss Congeniality 1 & 2, Ghost Busters 1 & 2

Bob Guccione 1930 - 2010 The founder and longtime publisher of Penthouse died October 10th, 2010 of lung cancer at 79.


Jon Patch - Host

Dr. Anne Lampru DVM / Co Host

Bob Page - Producer

Zack Budin - Network Producer

Special Guest Hour 1 – 5:00 PM EST – Mike Bender: author: Awkward Family Pet Photos – (Book Give aways)
Special Guest Hour 1 – 5:30 PM EST – Kim Rodgers & Sarah Sypniewski – authors: Dog Photography for Dummies – (Book Give aways)
Special Guest Hour 2 – 6:00 PM EST – Omar Von Muller – Parent and Trainer of Uggie – the Jack Russel Terrier star of “The Artist” – film nominated for 6 Golden Globes
Special Guest Hour 2 – 6:30 PM EST – Tierra Bonaldi – the Pet Lifestylist – representing the APPA and the latest holiday pet products – (Give aways)
Special Guest Hour 3 – 7:00 PM EST – Audrey Khuner – author:  Hot Guys and Baby Animals – (Book Give aways)



Lucas Hembree, at just four years of age, is fighting a terminal illness. We posted a picture of him & his guide dog on our facebook page and the response from you guys was amazing... 
The words terminal and child should never go together. Tragically, for this beautiful child, they do.

Hembree struggles daily with something known as  Sanfilippo type A/MPS III - a disorder which provides this young child with a life expectancy of just 15 years.

But Lucas Hembree does not go through his struggles alone - constantly by his side is his devoted service dog, Juno.

Juno was saved from death row at a shelter - just hours from the moment that she was to be killed.

Lucas' father trained Juno to be a service dog - the incredible dog took to her new job, and her boy, with the intense, devoted loyalty which shepherds are known for.

Juno and Lucas are inseperable... The Facebook Community recently came up with a beautiful idea for the inseparable duo - sending them Christmas cards.

Christmas cards for a family who struggles daily with a sick little boy.

Christmas cards for a little boy who struggles daily with physical impairments brought on by a disease which is robbing him of the carefree childhood that he deserves.

Christmas cards to show compassion, love and support - cards to provide a moment of joy.

Interested in taking part?

Send your card of support and love to:

Lucas Hembree & Juno

204 McKinley St.
Alcoa, TN 37701

You can find this address in the comments under their picture on our facebook page... Just head over to and click the facebook icon on the top of the page and find the pic on our wall.


Christmas Miracle: Dog Survives After Getting Hit by Car

A dog in Washington state was hit by a car and presumed dead.   After spending a night in the cold, the impossible happened for the family of a dog named 'Scamp.'

"I was talking and not paying attention and he somehow got outside the fence and the next thing I know I heard the car," said Scamp's owner, Paul McKinlay

The family's 8 1/2 month old Yorkshire Terrier -ShihTzu mix was hit by a car.

Paul initially wrapped Scamp up in a blanket and brought him outside, placed him underneath a wheelbarrow to protect him from other animals. When he came out to bury Scamp, what he found underneath shocked him.

Scamp was sitting up, a bit dazed and confused, but alive. The family immediately rushed him to the vet? They wondered how a dog, after being hit by a car, could survive is such frigid conditions?

"It would've slowed down all his body functions and made it to where his brain didn't swell. That's what the vet said, that's what saved his life," said Reta. "Christmas is about the kids, it's about miracles, it's about hope... as long as family is together and Scamps part of our family."

Three thousand dollars in vet bills later, Scamp came home this week.


A new billboard in Hillsborough County is causing a stir about circus performances.

The organization Florida Voices for Animals put up a billboard along Dale Mabry Highway that shows a baby elephant with a bullhook and the words "Circus animals suffer violent training."

In a statement, the group said their reason for putting up the billboard is, "They are subjected to horrific violence, routinely, as part of their training to perform unnatural acts. And, predictably, they don�t live long."

However, circus trainer Lyne Delmonte disputes those allegations.

"I believe a lot of it has to do with people who are good-hearted and want to do their part, but they just don�t understand and they take it out of context," she said.

Delmonte trains horses for the circus. Her husband, her in-laws and even her children are involved with circus performances. She said she thinks the organization doesn't understand the methods they use.

"They don�t know what it takes to train an animal," she said. "They don�t know how to use different equipment so they take it turn it around and make it look bad."

Delmonte said that while she understands the organization's intent, she said the snapshot posted on the billboard can be misleading because it doesn't show exactly what the person in the picture is doing to the elephant.

She said it's all about the trainer when it comes to the treatment the animals receive. She said she treats her animals like her children, and she is concerned that the billboard puts the entire profession in a bad light.

"Don�t take the animals we love and cherish, and say that it�s wrong for us to have them when that�s all we�ve know all of our lives," she said.

Delmonte said she hopes people who pass by the billboard will make their own judgments when it comes to the circus.

The organization said the billboard will remain on Dale Mabry Highway until Dec. 27.


Woman blames family's misfortune on Princess the Poodle who was 'possessed by the devil'

Are you worried that a demon may have possessed your pet dog or cat's body, spreading disease and hardship to your friends and family? If so, then New York artist Olga Horvat has the solution for you.
After a tumultuous year of bad luck that she attributes to the demonic possession of her poodle Princess, Horvat is now selling "energy shield" pendants designed to protect pet owners and their pets from "harmful thoughts and emotions" and "malevolent spirits."

Each pendant sells for just under $200 bucks.

Horvat said that over the four months she owned Princess - between May and September 2006 - she and her family suffered a series of injuries and misfortunes.

Her afflictions included a bedbug infestation that cost over $7,000 in extermination fees to clean, her husband getting involved in a serious car accident and developing the rare disease Churg-Strauss Syndrome, and Princess's own broken leg that did not respond well to treatment.

Princess died in September 2006 when, "she mysteriously fell down some stairs while she was staying with someone else."

Horvat tells the story of her poodle's possession in her book Paranormal Pooch, described on its online store page as "an eye-opening story about one family's four-month sojourn into the dark and unknown side of the canine world."


Ellen DeGeneres is going to launch a brand of vegan pet food. TOFU for dogs? It sounds a bit ruff to us.

However, soon we'll be able to throw our beloved canine friends a tofu bone, thanks to talkshow star and comedian Ellen DeGeneres' plan to create a range of vegan pet food.

DeGeneres co-owns petfood brand, Halo, Purely for Pets, and will launch a vegan line to coincide with the opening of her latest venture, a vegan restaurant in Los Angeles.

Ellen is also developing a line of vegan pet foods after discovering a void in the market for people looking to feed their dogs and cats vegan vittles.

DeGeneres and her wife, Australian actress Portia de Rossi, are both vegans.

They do not eat animal products, including eggs, milk and butter.


The Holidays bring excitement, parties, meals and decorations all of which can be a hazard to your pet. No need to cancel the festivities, just be prepared so that you and your best friend have a safe and merry Christmas! Here's a top 5 list to of things to remember to make sure your holiday is safe for your pets...

1. Keep all holiday food on high ground out of your pet's reach. Just like how people pack on the pounds during the holidays because of irresistible food, dogs want to eat too. Remember, chocolate, alcohol and other feeds can be toxic to your pet.

2. Secure and/or hide all lighting and other electric cords.Whether its the desire to see what the cord tastes like and having a shocking experience or the rough play running around the house and tripping making the tree fall down, cords can get in the way and wreak havoc if not properly secure. Make sure they are tucked up against the wall securely so they won't be played with. If needed, spray down with Bitter Apple or another taste aversion spray.

3. Carefully choose holiday plants and where you put them. Many of them are dangerous to your pets. Mistletoe, holly, lilies and poinsettias call all be poisonous and affect them in different ways. Make sure they are out of reach as to not be eaten and secure so they won't be tipped over.

4. Keep their safe spot safe. Many dogs have a safe spot. Whether it be in their crate in a certain spot or their bed in the living room, don't make their safe spot the new place for the tree or other holiday items. Pets thrive on routine, let them know that even with all the fun, this is still their home too and they have a safe spot.

5. Ensure ID tags are on and readable.With people coming and going during all the parties your dog or other pets may get out. Make sure they get home safe with proper ID tags, microchips if you can.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas from our family at Talkin Pets Radio to yours.



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