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Oct. 22, the 295th day of 2011.
There are 70 days left in the year.


Today In Histroy:

1797, French balloonist Andre-Jacques Garnerin (gahr-nayr-AN') made the first parachute descent, landing safely from a height of about 3,000 feet over Paris.

1934, bank robber Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd was shot to death by federal agents at a farm in East Liverpool, Ohio.

1960, Boxer Cassius Clay, Later to be known as Muhhammed Ali wins his first professional fight.

Celeb B-Days:

Actor Christopher "Doc Brown from Back to the Future" Lloyd is 73

Actress Annette Funicello is 69.

Jeff Goldblum Actor (Jurassic Park, The Fly, The Big Chill, Indpendence Day) is 59.

Ichiro Suzuki, Seattle Mariners baseball star is 38.


Jon Patch - Host

Katy Meyer DVM - Co Host

Amanda Page - Producer / Reporter

Bob Page - Executive Producer

Special Guest Hour 1:  Actress, Activist, Founder of Shambala ( and long time friend of Talkin’ Pets:  Tippi Hedren

Segment Guest Hour 2:  Kristen Smith – Planet Dog’s Brand Ambassador – Orbee –tuff Bone (give-aways) – Planet Dog’s Non-Profit Awards Grants to 10 Canine Service Organizations.


Wisconsin Firefighters Reportedly Use Mouth-to-Nose Respiration to Save Family's Dog...
A Wisconsin family's dog was rescued this week by firefighters who used artificial respiration to save the yellow Labrador after it had become trapped during a house fire.

Firefighters responding to a fire on the second floor of a home in Wausau and found the dog -- 7-year-old Coda -- sitting in a rocking chair, likely in shock.

The dog was then carried outside, where firefighters performed mouth-to-nose artificial respiration and placed an oxygen mask typically intended for humans over the dog's nose.

Firefighters Jamie Giese and Jared Thompson said they both had no normal training in animal rescue.

Thompson, said he remembered a few tips from the former television show "Rescue 911."

The dog was taken to a nearby animal hospital, where it spent the night to recuperate.

Dwight Borchardt, 17, who returned home from walking the family's other dog -- Cooper -- to find smoke throughout the second story, was not injured in the blaze. The family's two cats -- Lavender and Mocha -- were also unharmed.

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The new trend in cat names: naming them after food... Saffron, Sushi and Pringle are now among the most common cat names, as owners ditch traditional monikers in favor of food references...

A survey by the Cats Protection charity discovered that cat owners often think of their own food tastes and are fond of naming their pets after snacks.

Instead of Tiddles and Thomas, names like Pringle, Saffron, Sushi and Jellybean are increasingly popular, says the charity which questioned more than 1,000 people aged between five and 70.

The charity launched the survey hoping people would come up with names for the stray and abandoned cats that come into its care.

The online poll found the public has a taste for other food-related names for their cats with suggestions including Cabbage and Captain Haddock.

But also in a sign of the times, many people said they would name their pets after Harry Potter characters.

Cat has close encounter with mountain lion, wait till you see this scary picture!!

Zeus, an 11-year-old Maine coon cat, had a curious encounter with a young mountain lion in Boulder Co.

The cats checked each other out � from opposite sides of a sliding glass door.

Gail Loveman, Zeus' owner, said she was busy in the office of her home when she heard a noise and turned to see a young mountain lion on the porch.

That's when Zeus entered the room and got into a stare down with the mountain lion. Another house cat, Bacchus, a litter mate of Zeus, peeked in but decided he was better off staying in the hallway out of sight.

Loveman, a volunteer firefighter with the Boulder Mountain Fire Protection District, grabbed a camera and started taking photographs. The interaction between the cats went on for about 5 minutes.

Zeus typically stands tall, hisses and acts fairly aggressive when he sees other animals - mostly squirrels, other house cats or even dogs - through the glass door. But Zeus remained calm as he appraised the big cat.

"I think he thought 'Hmmm! This is different,' " Loveman said.

When the lion left the porch, Loveman went to an upstairs balcony and spotted a second lion, which Loveman thought was likely the mother of the first lion.

She watched and took photos as the cats wandered off, jumped a fence and disappeared.

The Colorado Division of Wildlife describes the foothills of Boulder County as prime mountain lion habitat.
Still, human encounters with the secretive big cats are rare.

Residents in lion country should take precautions to avoid potentially dangerous encounters, Churchill said, especially pet owners, and families with children. Lions hunt prey to survive and should not be encouraged to visit.

We have this story posted to our facebook fan page wall, there are some amazing and dramatic pictures in the post... to check it out head over to and click the facebook icon on the top of the page.


This kitty clearly has used a few of its nine lives...

Andrea, a black cat with white paws, survived two attempts to gas her and being placed in a plastic bag in a cooler before West Valley City animal shelter workers realized she was still alive and took pity.

Andrea had been taken to a Salt Lake City Utah Animal Shelter by officers because she was a stray, though she is affectionate toward people and house trained and obviously had been someone's pet. She was kept 30 days but then put on the death list when no one had adopted her and the shelter did not have room to continue boarding the cat.

Andrea was placed in the shelter's carbon monoxide gas chamber to be euthanized, but she showed signs of life when she was taken out. Workers then placed her back in for a second time. After the second time she was checked again for vital signs and none were found so the kitty was placed in a plastic bag and put in a cooler.

After finding her alive in the bag, the workers agreed that they should not try to kill the cat again.

A shelter worker said that she was now keeping the cat at her home and that the group is looking for someone they know to adopt Andrea permanently.

This is just one sad cats story with a happy ending... About 30,000 animals were euthanized in just Utah in 2010.

Talkin Pets urges everyone to adopt animals from shelters, so fewer are killed, and to spay and neuter those they do own.


Dog rescued after being deliberately buried alive under school field
TERRIFIED and gasping for air, a dog is rescued after being deliberately buried alive under a school field.

The stray was close to death when it was pulled from the bottom of a 5ft deep pit.

An animal clinic was tipped off about the attempt to kill the crossbreed and vets raced to the rescue in Khayelitsha township, Cape Town, South Africa.
Staff have named the dog Warrior and said the burial was �horrific�. Two caretakers at the school have been arrested.

We have this story posted to our facebook fan page wall, there are some amazing and dramatic pictures in the post... to check it out head over to and click the facebook icon on the top of the page.


Case Dismissed Against Metro Man Who Trapped Wild Cats...

A judge has dismissed the case against a North St. Paul Mn. man cited for trapping wild cats, taking them to be spayed or neutered, and releasing them.

Back in July Doug Edge had been cited by animal control officers for failing to get a cat license and letting "domestic" animals roam loose. Edge said he was just attempting to slow the spread of feral cats in his neighborhood, and vowed to fight the citation, which was punishable by a fine and up to 90 days in jail.

Police said Edge should have let the department know about the problem, raising a concern that Edge could trap someone else's cat.

Late this week A District Court Judge granted a motion by Edge's attorney to dismiss the case, saying Edge's actions didn't constitute the "harboring" of cats because he'd only kept them for a limited period of time.

However the judge said her decision does not prohibit the city from proceeding under its nuisance laws. She said Edge's "good faith efforts" have resulted in increased cats in the area and prompted complaints from neighbors.

Edge said he would like to work with the city in controlling the wild cats.


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