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Talkin' Pets News

June 4, 2022

Host - Jon Patch

Co-Host - Jasmine the Dog Trainer - Tampa Bay, FL

Producer - Philip Staub

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Multiple people are in police custody, including a New Canaan officer, accused of abusing and killing at least 10 dogs at a training facility in Naugatuck, Connecticut.

Naugatuck police began investigating Black Rock Canines after learning that the Connecticut Department of Agriculture, the Stratford Police Department and the Connecticut State Police were investigating owner David Rivera Jr., an officer with the New Canaan Police Department, WTNH reported.

Naugatuck police have determined that at least 10 dogs were shot and killed by employees and buried on the property by Rivera and operators of the business, the TV station reported.

Rivera was arrested after explosives were found at his Stratford home, WVIT reported.

According to the TV station, Black Rock Canines is a training facility for potential military and police canines as well as for privately owned dogs whose owners seek such training.

State police confirmed to WVIT that they have found the remains of four dogs on the property to date.

Meanwhile, New Canaan police told the TV station that Rivera has been placed on leave and is currently prohibited from serving as an active-duty officer, while both investigations are concluded.

Among those arrested is Black Rock Canines General Manager Daniel Luna, accused of abusing numerous puppies and dogs, shooting those deemed “no longer viable” for the business and leaving puppies exposed to harsh weather conditions, WTNH reported.

Rivera has been charged with conspiracy to commit cruelty to animals, reckless endangerment in the first degree, and conspiracy to commit euthanization of a canine, while Luna was charged with cruelty to animals, conspiracy to commit cruelty to animals, first-degree reckless endangerment, unlawful euthanization of a canine, conspiracy to commit euthanization of a canine and identity theft, court records confirmed.

The 31 remaining dogs found at Black Rock Canines were seized by Naugatuck police and placed in shelters, WTNH reported.


Payton Gendron, the 18-year-old man accused of killing 10 people at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, documented his own vicious killing of a cat. In an online journal, Gendron provided grisly details about the manner in which he killed the cat, who he claimed had attacked his own family cat, Paige.

As reported by the New York Post, Gendron’s journal stated :

“I quickly enter and the gray cat was attacking her. I then spent the next hour and a half chasing the cat around the garage and stabbing it with my knife (the camo one).”

He went on to explain exactly how many times he stabbed the cat’s neck until the head came off, and he posted grim photos of the mutilated cat, and his own face covered in the cat’s blood. He proceeded to explain that he felt nothing after killing the cat, stating “I thought I would be in pain but I literally just feel blank.”

Gendron is accused of committing a hate crime at the Buffalo supermarket – live streaming the violent massacre on Twitch. The teen’s prior act of animal cruelty perfectly highlights the documented link between animal abuse and human violence; one of the many reasons that pushes for substantial punishment for animal abusers.


India has contributed little to climate change: Home to 18 percent of the world’s population, it has emitted just 3 percent of planet-warming greenhouse gases.

But India is suffering from climate change. It is happening right now: Over the past three months, a heat wave has devastated North India and neighboring Pakistan. Temperatures surpassed 110 degrees Fahrenheit. It is so hot that overheated birds fell out of the sky in Gurgaon, India, and a historic bridge in northern Pakistan collapsed after melting snow and ice at a glacial lake released a torrent of water.

Scientists say global warming almost certainly played a role in the heat wave. And rising temperatures stand to make unusually hotter weather more common not just in India and Pakistan but around the world, including in the U.S.

The rush for clean energy technologies, like solar and wind power, is an effort to break that tension — to give countries a way to industrialize without the planet-warming pollution. With climate disasters already hitting much of the world, that effort is in a race against time to prevent more crises like India’s.


The Milwaukee County Zoo announced the birth of a reticulated giraffe, born Friday, May 27.

According to a news release, the female calf was born in the early evening hours to mom, Marlee, and dad, Bahatika. This is Marlee’s third calf; her most recent calf, Maya, born in 2018, is part of MCZ’s current herd.

On May 28, Zoo veterinarians and animal care staff completed the calf’s first exam, and recorded a weight of about 164 pounds, and a height of approximately 6-feet tall. Even though zookeepers haven’t seen the calf nursing during the day, she is “spunky and strong,” so staff know that she’s eating fine.

Marlee is 10 years old and arrived at MCZ in 2013 from Zoo Miami. Bahatika is 17 years old and arrived at MCZ in 2006 from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado.

Because giraffe don’t like loud noises, Zoo Pride volunteers will help with noise control, so the calf can become more acclimated to her surroundings and comfortable with animal care staff. As the calf becomes more comfortable with visitors, building hours will be extended.


Was it an alligator or is this just a large fish tale?

A fisherman in Marshall County, Kentucky, reportedly saw an alligator in a pond in Mike Miller Park, and park officials are investigating. 

The Marshall County Parks Department posted about the incident on its Facebook page, but neither the staff of the park, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife or the Sherriff's Department have been able to confirm the gator's presence. 

"We spent a couple of hours out there but were not able to see anything," said Britney Hargrove, the county parks department's director. Nonetheless, she said that "after talking to the person who saw it, he was a very credible source, and he says that he got a very good look at it."

American alligators are typically found in the Southeast, particularly Florida, and range as far north as North Carolina and as far west as eastern Texas. They are rare in Kentucky. In 2018 a family came upon a 3-foot dwarf caiman while walking their dog in Lexington. And in 2020 a dead 3-foot gator was reportedly found near Kentucky Dam. Both were thought to be released pets.

In Kentucky, it is illegal to import or possess alligators and caimans, which are considered dangerous wildlife.

Hargrove said the man who reported the Marshall County alligator sighting estimated that it was approximately 4 feet. She said officials initially thought that the man spotted a big fish, but then he described what he saw. 

"Our initial thought is, if this is in fact an alligator, it may have been a situation where someone had it as a pet, and it got bigger than they thought and then they decided to release it," Hargrove said. "That is our most logical conclusion of how it could have gotten there."

The parks department will monitor the pond, but advised people to be careful when going to the park.


NASA is staying tuned for a huge space rock that‘s three times the size of a blue whale and it’s about to skim past Earth.

Asteroid 2021 GT2 is passing close enough to make it on NASA‘s Earth Close Approaches tables,The Sun reports.

The space agency estimates that the asteroid is between 36 and 82 metres wide.

In comparison, the average blue whale is around 21 metres long.

An asteroid of this size would cause some serious damage if it hit Earth.

Although NASA flagged the space rock as a close approach, Asteroid 2021 GT2 is set to pass the Earth at a safe 3.5 million km threshold.

If an asteroid comes within 7.4 million km of Earth and is over a certain size, it’s considered “potentially hazardous” by cautious space agencies.

Asteroid 2021 GT2 fits this NASA guideline.

The huge asteroid is expected to fly past on June 6.

The closest approach is expected at around 5:35am BST or 12:35 ET.

The asteroid is expected to have another close approach in 2034. It will pass within 14 million km which is significantly farther away than next week‘s orbit.

Scientists want to prepare if an asteroid suddenly changes its trajectory, Live Science reported.

NASA Is in the midst of testing whether or not a large asteroid could be knocked off course by crashing a rocket into it.

The space agency recently launched an asteroid-deflecting spacecraft in November of last year.

This spacecraft will hit the 161-metre-wide Dimorphos asteroid at some point in 2022.

NASA will not destroy the asteroid, but they want to see if the space rock’s orbit will change slightly.


An animal rescue director in South Carolina has been arrested in one of the worst cases of animal cruelty the sheriff in Richland County said he's seen.

On May 22, deputies were called to a home on Dibble Lane in Columbia after receiving a call stating there was a “smell of death” coming from the home, Sheriff Leon Lott said.

Once they arrived, deputies said they confirmed the smell and entered the home.

Deputies said they found 30 decomposing animals — 28 dogs and two cats — confined in cages and crates.

The animals had been deceased for a significant amount of time and, based on the circumstances, appeared to have died from starvation and dehydration, deputies said.

Deputies said the animals were lying in their own waste and it is believed they died in the cages and had not been moved prior to being discovered.

“It’s appalling and it’s heartbreaking,” Lott said. “This is someone who was entrusted by the community to care for these animals and find them homes. She betrayed that trust and she betrayed the trust of these innocent animals who relied on her.”

The homeowner, Caroline Dawn Pennington, was arrested Friday after turning herself in, Lott said.

He said Pennington is a well-known figure in the animal rescue community.

At the time of the incident, she was employed by the Kershaw County Humane Society in addition to operating Growl.

Growl is a registered nonprofit organization. Investigators ask anyone who has made documented donations to Growl in the last 12 months to contact Richland County Sheriff's Department.

Richland County Animal Control worked with the sheriff's department to remove the animals from the home.


Male wolf spiders (Schizocosa stridulans) that improvise intricate dance moves are big winners in the mating game, wooing females with showstopping tap routines. Now, new research finds that the more complex the dance, the more likely the spiders are to find love. 

The study researchers found that improvised steps benefited the spiders, which live in humid, mostly forested areas worldwide. The ability to bust a complicated move wasn't associated with size or strength in males, but it may hint to females that the male possesses a certain athleticism and grace.

"Females aren't necessarily looking for the biggest male or the loudest male or the strongest male," study co-author Eileen Hebets, a biologist at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln (UNL), said in a statement. "But maybe they're looking for a male that is really athletic and can coordinate all of these different signals into one display."


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