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Talkin' Pets News

October 14, 2017

Host - Jon Patch

Co-Host - Maria Ryan

Producer - Lexi Lapp

Network Producer - Quin McCarthy

Executive Producer - Bob Page

Special Guests - Gregory Berns, author of What It's Like to be a Dog will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 10/14/17 at 5pm EST to discuss and give away his new book

John Cavanagh, Executive Producer of Baboon King and Lions Unleashed on the Smithsonian Channel will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 10/14/17 at 635pm EST to discuss Wild Wednesdays

TrustedHousesitters’ Chief Marketing Officer, Jess Stephens will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 10/14/17 at 721pm EST to discuss the most tlaked about pets in social media



Why did the chicken cross the road? For donuts!For several weeks now, a chicken in Shediac, New Brunswick Canada has been crossing the road, clearing the parking lot of delicious crumbs and then crossing again and returning home.The chicken’s home is across the street from the Tim Hortons Coffee Shop where she is a family pet. The chicken just might have an addiction.... Sometimes, the chicken needs help crossing the road, other times, cars stop for it, and it walks itself, taking up to 10 minutes for each crossing.  Tim Hortons regulars have noticed its presence. “I was in here, having a coffee, bunch of guys … and seen a chicken!” said Donald Bourgoin, a regular customer.“It’s a nice plump brown chicken,” said Larry Blanchard, who comes three times a day to this Tim Hortons.“And it clucks, and it screeches and it pecks.”What is the chicken after? "He wants a coffee. A double-double!” Marcelle Leger, a worker at the Tim Horton’s said laughing.If the chicken is addicted, she had better get help soon. The street is described as quite busy and, inevitably, it’ll be a speeding car that helps her get to the other side. And there are no Tim Hortons parking lots after death. At least, not in chicken heaven. -------------------------

Great Gords... HEAVIEST IS BEST: PUMPKIN SETS RECORD AT CALIFORNIA CONTEST...The winner of the 44th World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off had the heaviest pumpkin recorded in the history of the San Francisco Bay Area competition.A forklift hoisted the giant pumpkin onto a scale and a crowd watched as it was weighed in downtown Half Moon Bay, south of San Francisco. It registered 2,363 pounds to make it the seventh win for grower Joel Holland.The giant pumpkin earned the Sumner, Washington, man prize money of $7 per pound.Cindy Tobeck won the competition last year with a pumpkin weighing 1,910 pounds. Tobeck rode on top of her entry this year as it was brought to the scale, but its 2,002 pounds fell short of Holland’s entry.-----------------------------

DOG DAYS? IN ITALY, COUNT THEM LIKE FAMILY SICK DAYS An Italian librarian who says her English setter is her family has won the right from her employer to use family sick leave to care for her ailing pet instead of having to use vacation days.Italian animal advocacy group LAV says it helped persuade public La Sapienza University to let her use two days’ family sick leave to care for 12-year-old Cucciola. LAV president Gianluca Felicetti says in a statement anyone who obtains a veterinarian’s certificate should enjoy the same benefit, citing Cucciola’s case as precedent.The woman said Cucciola is recovering well from surgery for a breast tumor and a larynx problem. The woman, who is single and has no family help for Cucciola, declined to be identified. She adopted Cucciola, found abandoned in a Rome park.---------------------------

TURTLE THAT SWALLOWED FISHING LINE RELEASED IN OCEANA sea turtle that swallowed more than 4 feet (1 meter) of fishing line has been released in the Atlantic Ocean off South Carolina’s coast after undergoing surgery.The South Carolina Aquarium said in a news release that Peach was returned to the ocean at Folly Beach after recovering from the surgery to remove the fishing line.Peach is a 55-pound female Kemp’s ridley turtle and had the surgery after being found last summer in Charleston Harbor.The Department of Natural Resources found Peach with fishing line around her head, neck and left front flipper, in addition to running down her mouth into her intestines.She’s been tagged with a satellite transmitter that will allow scientists to study how Kemp’s ridley turtles move during the winter months.

RUSSIA’S DOG-LOVING LEADER GETS ANOTHER PUPPY AS GIFT Another summit, another dog. Russian President Vladimir Putin added a puppy to the litter of canine companions he’s received as gifts. This one is a Central Asian Shepherd bestowed by the president of the ex-Soviet nation of Turkmenistan.Turkmenistan President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov presented Putin with the puppy as a birthday gift. Putin, an avid dog lover, turned 65 over the weekend. Russian President Vladimir Putin, received a puppy presented by Turkmenistan’s President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov during their meeting in the Bocharov Ruchei residence in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Russia, Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017. The presidents met at the sidelines of a summit of leaders of ex-Soviet nations in Sochi.  Putin cuddled Verny, which is Russian for “loyal,” and kissed the pup on the head during a meeting in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi.  Putin previously received a Bulgarian shepherd named Buffy from Bulgaria’s premier in 2010 and an Akita named Yume from a Japanese official in 2012.Konnie, a black Labrador of Putin’s who was famous for terrifying German Chancellor Angela Merkel, died a few years ago. Putin received Konnie as a gift from a Russian official in 1999. The Russian leader also has been given horses and even a tiger.

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