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Talkin' Pets News

June 10, 2017

Host - Jon Patch

Co-Host - Dr. Linda Register

Producer - Zach Budin

Network Producer - Quin McCarthy

Executive Producer - Bob Page

Special Guest - Hour 1 Dr. Jeffrey Werber - Pet Appreciation Week


Family held prisoner by bobcat inside their housePolice in New Jersey say a mother locked herself and her two young children in their bathroom after a bobcat got into their house, prompting a police response.The Morris County family called police to report that a bobcat had somehow gotten inside.Officers opened all of the doors and windows in the house to coax the bobcat into leaving.Washington Township police Sgt. Robert Oranchak says the bobcat left after about an hour. He says it didn't appear to be sick or rabid.The animal did not make any contact with the family or the officers.-------------------------------

Two chimpanzees that were caged at a trailer lot and at a primate sanctuary don't have the legal rights of people in New York, an appeals court said....Nonhuman Rights Project attorney Steven Wise had argued to the appeals court in March that adult male chimps Tommy and Kiko should be granted a writ of habeas corpus, which for people relates to whether someone is being unlawfully detained or imprisoned and should be taken to see a judge.Wise argued that the chimps, which were caged in a trailer lot in Gloversville, outside Albany, and at a primate sanctuary in Niagara Falls, should be moved to a large outdoor sanctuary in Florida.Chimpanzees, which can walk upright and use sticks and stones as tools to help gather food, are considered to be the closest living relatives of humans. Some have been taught to speak simple human sign language.But the state Supreme Court's appellate division, in a ruling that affirmed a lower court's decision, said there was no legal precedent for chimpanzees being considered people and their cognitive capabilities didn't mean they could be held legally accountable for their actions.The court also said that even if chimps were able to get writs of habeas corpus the writs wouldn't be applicable with these animals "since petitioner does not challenge the legality of the chimpanzees' detention, but merely seeks their transfer to a different facility."The ruling said that while Wise's "avowed mission is certainly laudable," determining the legal rights of animals was better suited to legislators.The animal advocacy group said it would take its case to the state's highest court, the Court of Appeals.----------------------------

Tom Hardy may have a reputation for true grit in Hollywood, but when it comes to his love of dogs, the Brit is a total softie...Hardy's love of animals is evident in his latest letter on Tumblr, written in memoriam of his 6-year-old rescue pup, Woodstock, who died two days prior from an aggressive form of polymyositis, an inflammatory muscle disease."I don’t normally speak out about family and friends but this is an unusual circumstance," wrote the actor, who stars in Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk, out July 21. "He was far too young to leave us and we at home are devastated by his loss."Hardy recalled how he came to adopt Woodstock (nicknamed "Woody") in Atlanta while shooting his 2012 drama Lawless. "He was a stray," writes Hardy, who first spotted the 11-week-old pup running towards a Georgia turnpike. In the pitch black night, the dog ran away from the actor, who had stopped his car."I panicked a little because I couldn’t help it had no name to shout and now it was close to the freeway," writes Hardy. "I put my fingers to my mouth and I whistled. Loud as I could. The whistle pierced the black. And It stopped the dog dead in its tracks. Then it turned and set eyes on me in one swift movement the ears about faced and the dog decided to run straight at me in the darkness all flashes of teeth and snarling."But instead of biting the movie star, the dog allowed himself to be picked up, and quickly fell asleep on Hardy's lap in the car.  "He wore a red bandanna that night and from then on and drank religiously from the toilet throughout the night despite having a few bowls of water in the apartment ... he was every inch a survivor," says the star, who included a 9-minute tribute video in the post.Hardy added that the dog loved his wife, Charlotte Riley, "like his Mum. And when she was pregnant he (guarded) her fiercely." Woody would continue to accompany Hardy on film sets, to premieres and was even named the No. 73 most influential animal in Time magazine. Wrote the actor. "He beat JAWS."Hardy signed off calling the pup his best friend. "To me and to a family who loved him beyond words and whom he loved without doubt more than I have ever known. Woody was the bestest of journey companions we ever could dream of having. Our souls intertwined forever." --------------------------------

How To Prevent The Spread Of Dog Flu...With summer travel on many pet owners’ minds, vets are asking owners to take precautions and make sure their pets are vaccinated against the dog flu.The canine flu presents itself like kennel cough, making it difficult to identify and it spreads easily.It’s usually transmitted dog to dog but it can also linger on clothing from animals that have been handled so the human that has handled that dog, their clothing could stay infected for 24 hours.Vaccination is key to protect your dog. The shots target both the H3N2 strain and the H3N8 strain that have been infecting dogs across the country. The vaccinations are only effective if they are followed up by a booster shot.Researchers analyzing the dog flu said the strains have the potential to infect other animals as well.If you’re going on vacation, take precautions now to keep your dog and other pets healthy. Plan ahead. If you know that you’re planning to board your dog in the coming months, it would be best to start now do the vaccine, get your booster in two to three weeks, and then hopefully your dog will be protected when it goes to the kennel.This comes as Florida health officials confirmed a dozen cases of H3N2 canine influenza in Florida, saying it spread among animals at two dog shows.----------------------

Senior citizens who live with dogs appear to meet internationally recognized exercise goals just by walking them, a new study suggests....Researchers matched 43 older adults with dogs to another 43 without dogs and measured their time spent walking. Compared to those without canine companions, dog owners walked on average 23 minutes more a day - enough to meet U.S. and international exercise recommendations for substantial health benefits, the research found.Participants in the study were 65 to 81 years old, lived independently in one of three counties in England and wore monitors that measured their movements for three one-week periods over the course of a year. The time periods were designed to capture participants’ steps in different seasons and under varied weather conditions.Dog owners and participants who did not own dogs were matched by gender, height, weight, health conditions and walking abilities. All were white British, and nearly two-thirds were women. The average participant was at least slightly overweight. The average dog in the study was nearly eight years old.Dog owners walked on average 21 minutes more than those without dogs at an at-least moderate pace, the study found.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that adults do a minimum of 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity a week.

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