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Talkin' Pets News

March 4, 2017

Host - Jon Patch

Co-Host - Dr. Anne Lampru

Producer - Lexi Lapp

Network Producer - Quin NcCarthy

Executive Producer - Bob Page

Special Guest - Stacie Grisson, Editor-in-Chief at BarkPost, will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 3/4/17 at 5pm EST to dicuss and give away their new book "Dogs and Their People"


Fact Check Update on the story that went viral about rat-meat chicken wings and the FDA...U.S. officials didn't seize thousands of pounds of imported rat meat prior to the Super Bowl and they never issued a warning saying restaurants and food stores could be selling it as chicken wings, despite reports shared widely on multiple websites.The stories posted last month claim federal customs officials at the Port of San Francisco seized several thousands of pounds of rat meat imported from China. They also mention an FDA warning that some 300,000 pounds of rat meat could still be in circulation as Super Bowl parties approached.FDA spokesman Peter Cassell said that the agency "is not aware of the seizure of rat meat referenced" and the FDA never issued such a warning. The stories quote two agency officials, but the FDA has no record of any current or past employees with those names, Cassell said.The account appears to have originated on World News Daily Report, a website that creates fictional news. Versions of the account were shared on other sites all over the internet.

Fowl play: wild turkeys caught on video circling dead cat...A bizarre scene of a group of wild turkeys walking in a circle around a dead cat was caught on video by a Massachusetts man who perhaps best described it: an attempt to give the feline its 10th life.Jonathan Davis came across the fowl play in a Boston suburb. He posted a video on Twitter that he says was viewed a half million times by the late afternoon.The recording shows what appears to be 17 turkeys circling the cat.Dave Scarpitti is a wildlife biologist at the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. He suspects the turkeys were sizing up the threat of the cat and had no intention to make a meal out of it. He says turkeys prefer bird seed and vegetation.-----------------------------

Eek! Mouse delays London-to-San Francisco flight for 4 hours... How he squeaked through security is anyone's guess...A little mouse made for a big delay on a British Airways flight from London to San Francisco.The passengers were buckled up and ready to go when the crew told them that a mouse-spotting meant they couldn't take off.The crew joked that the mouse couldn't enter US airspace without a passport, and told everyone they needed a whole new plane. That meant a four-hour delay.Despite the delay most passengers were happy to be on a mouse-free aircraft, especially since they would be eating on the flight.British Airways apologized and said they were satisfied that only two-legged passengers were on the flight once it took off.

People abusing own pets to score drugs....Another twist to the opioid epidemic. Veterinarians say some addicts are abusing pets to score drugs. People across the country are purposely hurting their pets, so veterinarians prescribe pain pills, which their owners take.Tramadol is often abused in this fashion, which gives an opioid like effect.In Kentucky, a dog had to get stitches after police say his owner cut him open so she would be prescribed the pain killer. It’s stories like that, that keep doctors vigilant.Addicts going to the extreme to get their fix.This type of abuse needs lawmakers’ attention, to ensure animals end up in a happy home. Now because of this issue, some veterinarians have stopped prescribing Tramadol altogether, in hopes of preventing an addict abusing their animal.---------------------------

Bill would make welfare of pets a factor in divorce cases...A Rhode Island lawmaker has introduced a bill that would require judges to take the best interests of domestic pets into account when deciding who gets custody in a divorce.Rep. Charlene Lima said that pets are a big part of people's families, and a judge should make the best decision for the welfare of the animal.Pets are considered property under the current Rhode Island divorce law.Alaska became the first state this year to add a law considering the interest of pets in divorces.Lima sponsored a bill that was passed last year allowing Rhode Island restaurants with outdoor dining areas to accommodate patrons and their dogs.-------------------------

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