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Talkin' Pets News


Host - Jon Patch

Co-Host - Jeremy Miller

Producer - Amanda Page

Network Producer - Quin McCarthy

Executive Producer - Bob Page

Special Guests - Edward Meyer from Ripley's Believe It or Not will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 11/12/16 at 5pm EST to discuss and give away their new book "Unlock the Weird"

Founder of Down Dog Snacks Jessie Walker will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 11/12/2016 at 630pm EST to discuss and give away her dog snacks


Who Will Spend More On Their Pets This Holiday Season???Every pet owner knows – your pet deserves the best, and they’re no doubt beloved members of the family. So when it comes to the holidays, millions of pet “parents” around the country have their furry companions on their holiday shopping list.
With the evolution of the modern family, pets hold equal weight in the household, and as more millennials wait to get married and have children, many are becoming pet parents and looking after their pets like their children. Pet owners now make up almost half of all households nationwide , giving a huge boost to the pet industry, and according to the American Pet Product Association, the pet business is projected to reach nearly $63 billion in 2016, up 25% from 2010.So, what does holiday shopping look like for pet parents this year? Consumers will spend an average of $62 this year on their pets. The most generous pet lovers go to millennials, who will outspend everyone else at $81 each , followed closely by Gen X at $79, families with children at $71 and singles at $70.  It’s not just pet retailers that are benefiting from this boom – department stores, beauty stores, restaurants and tech start-ups are all getting in on the pet business, creating tons of new gifts and experiences pet parents can gift for their four-legged friends this year.----------------------------------

Dogs Lead the Pack When it Comes to GiftsDogs specifically are becoming more and more part of the luxury retail experience, with many department stores welcoming dogs, both big and small, into their stores. They’re offering everything from artisanal treats to doggy manicures and massages, so pet parents can pamper their pet as they shop. Many are also tailoring their experiences for pets, through options like personal shopping services, while restaurants are serving up meals and treats for dogs on their menu. And with the growing premium pet food market, investments are being poured into pet start-ups, such as those that deliver quality pet food to consumers’ doorsteps.Gifts for pets this holiday shopping season will go beyond just your average sweater or engraved collar, and anything consumers may get for themselves, their friends or children, they’ll be able to get for their pets. The pet business is one to keep a close watch on as consumers continue to open their wallets for their animal companions.------------------------------------

Dog Makes Miracle Recovery After 27 Days Stuck in WellAfter 27 days starving and injured at the bottom of a well and another three weeks in the hospital, a 7-year-old Labrador retriever finally went home. When Bruno disappeared, his owners, John and Cindy Billesberger, searched their little corner of Canada for weeks. On Oct. 14, the Billesbergers' two other dogs refused to move away from an old well hiding in some grass during a walk. Teen feet below, Bruno was sitting in the mud. "He was pretty rough looking," John said. Bruno was dehydrated and had lost nearly half his body weightand he had severely injured his paws trying to escape.“You’ve got such a feeling of helplessness when you pull an animal out like that, and they’re suffering, and there’s nothing you can do," Cindy says. Over the coming weeks, vets nursed Bruno back to health, monitoring him 24 hours a day. He almost didn't make it. “I don’t think many dogs would have survived this,” Dr. Alison Khoo says. “To continue to see him improve has been so rewarding.” Bruno's recovery will become a case file to help vets save other dogs in the future. Bruno, who still has a cast on one paw, went home this week and will continue to require a special diet and physical therapy. But that's not dampening his family's enthusiasm one bit. They cant wait for him to be 100% - knowing how happy they will all be together again!!

911 for pets available in Northeast OhioSpurred by the sudden emergency that left her Yorkie named Bruiser battling for his life, Yalanda Medina has started a pet EMS service.Medina says Squad FiftyOne is the only 911 pet service in Ohio.The 6-month-old company specializes in emergency transport, providing around-the-clock emergency triage and transport to the nearest emergency veterinary hospital.Yalanda, a micro-economist by training, decided to begin the company when she realized their was a void for people who might be in situations like hers. "People have emergencies with their dogs or cats all the time, why is it there's no one who can help,” Yalanda said.Canine Professional Services trained the staff in emergency pet services.Medina hired vet techs who are licensed and certified by the state. The techs have to go through certification for first aid and CPR. Medina herself is trained in both.Currently, three mobile units reside with on-call personnel. When an emergency happens and Medina gets a call, she deploys to the scene with a tech in-tow.The two are able to administer first aid and emergency triage for trauma.While the majority of Medina’s cases are scheduled transport, she says her company has been able to save some animals in true crisis situations.The majority of furry patients are dogs and cats, however other household pets are eligible for transport. Based on the east-side of Cleveland, both scheduled transport and emergency services are billed at a flat fee ranging from about $25 to $165.  ---------------------

Service dog changes life of veteran with PTSD
A Minnesota army veteran and father-of-five who suffered silently from the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has a life line in his service dog, Jed.Carl Ringberg returned from a tour in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2013. In his transition to civilian life, he began suffering “anger issues, emotional numbness, flashbacks, nightmares”.
More on this...Initially, the Burnsville man tried medications to relieve his symptoms, but nothing worked so he decided to look for another tool to treat his PTSD. After researching service dog programs, he found Helping Paws and his golden retriever, Jed. Six-year-old Jed was having trouble being placed for separation anxiety issues, which made the bond between the pair even more meaningful.Jed wasn’t going to get placed with Helping Paws so when he found him it was kind of a perfect fit because he needed that constant attention, that constant touch and so did the dog.Ringberg joined the Helping Paws board to help others with PTSD connect with the organization.“To the veterans out there, there’s help out there, get the help you deserve,” he said.---------------------------

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