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Jon Patch - Host
Linda Register DVM - COHOST
Lexi Lapp - Producer
Ben Boquist -Network Producer
Bob Page - Exec. Producer
Special Guests -
Julie Barton author of "Dog Medicine" will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 7/09/16 at 5pm EST to discuss and give away her new book
Linda Kramer, CEO of Daybreak/Lindy & Company will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 7/9/16 at 630pm EST to discuss her nonprofit dog treat bakery, give away dog treats and discuss Daybreak the non-for-profit that helps homeless teens.

This week in social media with Talkin Pets Radio... Have you ever wanted to go on an african safari??? we posted video of a group of people on safari watching a cheeta from the safety of their rover when the big cat does the incredible and decides to jump up and join them... and then hang out for several breathtaking minutes... this is a must watch video and you can see it on our facebook page.And for the light hearted side this week we re-posted the silliest of posts... and while we dont reccommend doing this... it is super funny... a man decided to visit the zoo... he brought with him a bunch of signs of animal facts and posted them by the exhibits... lets just say these facts are super silly and over the top... Also Jon posted links to his movie reviews... so you have the inside tip on what to see and what not to see... Have a great week, make sure you follow and like us on all social media channels... keyword TalkinPetsRadio. ----------------------

We kid you not: New homes found for 4 dozen needy goatsIt didn't take much goading to find new homes for more than four dozen needy goats.An animal rescue farm in Massachusetts says all 46 goats it acquired in mid-May from an owner overwhelmed by his rapidly growing herd have been adopted.The MSPCA-Nevins Farm said that an additional five kids born since May also have been claimed. Most of the goats - an assortment of alpine, pygmy and angora mixes - are already in their new homes.Farm barn manager Gia Barss says the goats recovered from the parasitic infections and other ailments they had when their former owner voluntarily turned them over.The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals had called on people to step forward and give the animals new homes.--------------------------

Play ball!... errrr Play Fur Ball!!!!! Team invites fans to bring cats to the gameA minor league baseball team in New Jersey affiliated with the Philadelphia Phillies is so confident that furballs and fly balls go together that they are inviting fans to bring their cats to this weekend's game.Saturday is CATurday when the BlueClaws play the West Virginia Power in Lakewood.The players will wear special jerseys that feature dozens of orange, black and gray cat faces. The jerseys will be auctioned for the team's charity, which supports over 35 local nonprofit organizations, group sales director Kevin Fenstermacher said.This isn't the first animal-themed game for the BlueClaws, whose logo is typically a blue crab.Media relations director Greg Giombarrese said their "Bark in the Park" event for dogs was successful, so they wanted to give cats some love, too.Fans can bring their cats, which are admitted with a $2 Paw Pass. But to prevent any catastrophes, fans must sign a waiver, and the felines must be in carriers or on leashes. The fans should also consider whether their pets can stand the noise and the crowd.An animal rescue group will be on hand to accept donations and to offer cats and kittens for adoption.Fans can have their cats displayed on the ballpark's giant video screen, and the BlueClaws will feature special songs such as "Take MEOW Out to the Ballgame." But some traditional baseball fans might not like singing, "Buy me some cat nip and Cracker Jack."---------------------------

'Watch your step': Beachgoers warned of scary-looking fishA surfing group is warning beachgoers to watch their step after a scary-looking fish was found lurking in the Virginia Beach sand.The East Coast Surfing Championships wrote on their Facebook page that one of the company's friends came across a northern stargazer fish while walking. The strange-looking fish has a speckled, flattened body and a large head.Although the Chesapeake Bay Program's website says that stargazers tend to live at the bottom of deep, open waters, this particular one was found near the shore.The program says stargazers bury in the sand with their eyes and mouth sticking out in order to ambush prey.Surfing officials say that while northern stargazers don't pose any real threat to humans, their electric spines make them a serious predator.---------------------

Feral cat forms friendship with aging bear at California zooA feral cat nicknamed "Little Bear" has forged an unlikely friendship with an aging bear at a California zoo.The black cat with a clipped ear is rarely far from 18-year-old Sequoia, one of Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary's largest black bears. Zookeepers said that Little Bear joins the lumbering Sequoia as he lounges in the shade or wanders through his enclosure. They've even shared meals.If the bear is sleeping in the grass, then Little Bear is invariably a few feet away.Little Bear is part of a colony of feral cats living at the zoo. Lead senior zookeeper Jill Faust says she suspects the cat feels comfortable around Sequoia because the bear's arthritis has slowed him down.--------------------

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