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Jon Patch - Host
Jarrod Lazarus DVM - Co Host
Georgia - Reporter
Zach Budin - Producer
Ben Boquist - Network Producer
Bob Page - Executive Producer
Special Guests - Caitlin O'Connell from Nat Geo Wild's "Mind of a Giant" will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 6/11/16 at 5pm EST to discuss the premiere of her show on June 19 at 9/8 CST
Animal Planet debuts "The Vet Life" and Aubrey J. Ross II, DVM will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 6/11/16 at 530pm EST to discuss the new television show
Dave Merrick President of Neutricks will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 6/11/16 at 620pm EST to discuss and give away Neutricks for dogs and cats

--------------------This weeks Talkin Pets Radio social media update... So what did you miss??? Last week during the show we posted some great behind the scenes pictures with Jon, Jillyn, producer Daisey and mascot Winter the kitty... Winter kinda steals the show!!!
We posted surveillance video of a young boy who was caught on camera regularly sneaking into his neighbor’s garage…but what was he stealing? A hug from a very lovable dog! This is a must see, feel good video.
There is adorable video of a dog goofing off blowing bubbles in his water bowl, and video proof that running a 5K in Alaska can be a bear…
Plus awesome video from Jon as he attended a Cindy Lauper concert here in Florida.
Also links to Jons movie reviews were posted... Jon reviewed Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, Me Before You, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, The Lobster, Now You See Me 2 and The Conjuring 2 and our producer Lexi reviewed Warcraft.
Check out what we post from today’s show as well…Please make sure you follow, friend and like us on all of our social media channels... twitter, facebook, instagram and helio... search for TalkinPetsRadio and you can also find links to all to these social media outlets on our webpage...

--------------------Village hosts festival to celebrate the nuisance blackflies...A Vermont village is hosting a festival to celebrate a nuisance of spring in New England: the blackfly.The 13th annual Adamant Blackfly Festival includes a fashion show, a blackfly poetry slam and a blackfly pie contest in which entries are judged on their taste and blackfly homage. Blackflies aren't actually an ingredient in the pies, though. Some cooks try to make designs that resemble blackflies. Festival organizers say about 40 species of blackfly exist in Vermont, with only four or five that bite humans. In late April or May, they emerge from streams in droves in search of blood.In other parts of the world, they spread diseases like river blindness but not in New England.The festival schedule also includes live music, an auction and the annual Blackfly Parade, with a marching band, tractors and floats. Somebody might even bring their goats this year....

-----------------------------Moose running loose at Utah Capitol...A moose that darted across the lawn of Utah's State Capitol and evaded wildlife officers for hours will be relocated to a canyon about 60 miles south of Salt Lake City.Mike Roach with Utah's Division of Wildlife Resources said the young female moose emerged from a canyon and ended up in a city park north of downtown Salt Lake City.The animal was spooked by passers-by and climbed a nearby hill to the grounds of the Capitol. She ran across lawns before dipping down into the park, returning again to the statehouse and running down nearby roads to escape officers.Officers tranquilized the roughly 700-pound animal and joggers and bystanders helped carry it on a tarp to a waiting trailer

.------------------------------Pike Place fish-throwers toss salmon to zoo bears...Fishmongers from Seattle's iconic Pike Place Market tossed salmon to grizzly bears at the Woodland Park Zoo to help raise awareness about the animals.The famous fish-throwers were on hand Thursday to feed the bears and promote the zoo's upcoming Bear Affair conservation day Saturday and Washington state's Bear Awareness Week, June 4-12.Grizzly bears have been listed as a threatened species since 1975, although they were briefly delisted in 2007 before a lawsuit reinstated the protections.

---------------------The triple digits are officially here in many parts of the country and no one feels that quite as quickly as our four-legged friends.... It only takes minutes for a dog's core body temperature to increase, so what should owners know what to look for and how can it help our pets beat the heat?Here are some tips on what owners should look for.Some symptoms you should be aware of for heatstroke in your pet include excessive panting, anxiety, gums can turn bright red or even purple. As things advance you can see a pet having trouble walking and collapse. The key message is if you have puppies, older pets, or ones with a chronic disease they're going to be more at risk for not tolerating those higher temperatures.We also wouldn't recommend any exercise in the heat of the day. So what do you do for a dog that is showing signs of heat stroke?? Call your veterinarian first.You also want to bring them indoors and out of the sun. If you can't bring them indoors then bring them into the shade. Then we want to start cooling efforts but do it gradually. We don't want to put ice packs all over them we want to cool with either wet towels or cool water and apply that to the belly. Time is of the essence.Stay cool this summer...

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