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Talkin' Pets

Jon Patch - Host

Lisa and Vince Centonze DVM - Co-Host's

Lexi Lapp - Producer

Ben Boquist - Network Producer

Bob Page - Executive Producer

Special Guests:

Author of Are We Smart Enough To Know How Smart Animals Are, Frans De Waal, will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 5/7/16 at 5pm EST to discuss and give away his book

Dan Jaffee, President and CEO of Oil-Dri, the makers of Cat’s Pride will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 5/7/16 at 630 PM EST to discuss and give away his new fresh and light cat litter

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all our listening Mom's



Talkin Pets Social Media Update....This past week we posted some great stuff to our social media channels like the amazing video of the pup born without two front legs is thriving and very much loved. And an adorable video fo baby donkeys... plus we keep you updated on all the guests we will be having onthe live radio show.  And finally we would like to remind you about a new app: Heilo (pronounced Hello)... This is a new social media platform. But unlike all the others it relies on the spoken work... audio posts... We will be posting one minute pet tips and other great stuff on Heilo... you can download the brand new app at or see our post about it on our facebook page...Remember to follow all of our social media channels... new content all week long... search for the TalkinPetsRadio or head over to our website - all of the social media links are on top of the home page.-----------------------

These beasts are beauties: India holds bovine beauty pageantHundreds of cows and bulls walked the ramp in a north Indian town this week in a bovine beauty pageant aimed at promoting domestic cattle breeds and raising awareness about animal health.As farmers led their animals, the panel of experts judged the beasts for their size and overall looks, the length of their horns and, for the cows, their milk-yielding capacities.The judges selected 18 winners in various categories, choosing the healthiest and best-looking cows and bulls from more than 630 animals in the contest, held in the farming town of Rohtak in Haryana state.On the ramp, the bovines displayed their individuality. Some sashayed with casual grace, while others dug in their heels and had to be pulled and prodded by their owners to walk for the judges.The winners, representing three different breeds, carried home prizes and a winner's sash.Farmers from all 21 districts of Haryana participated in the cattle show and pageant, the official said.In recent years, India has emerged as one of the world's largest producers of milk, although yields from Indian cows are low compared to those in Europe or America. The government is trying to improve milk yields of domestic cows by offering better veterinary support and counseling to cattle farmers.

It was a deer caught in the ... light globe.Authorities say a police officer has come to the aid of a wild deer whose head was stuck inside a light globe in a wooded area of suburban New York.The state Department of Environmental Conservation says one of its officers spotted the deer in the woods 45 miles east of New York City. Environmental conservation officials believe the deer had been lying there for days.Officer Jeff Hull approached the deer and tried to remove the globe. But it slipped out of his hands and the deer ran off.Hull approached a second time and tossed his coat over the light globe. As the deer pulled back, the globe came free. And the deer ran off...--------------------

Man who threw alligator now throwing self on mercy of court...24-year-old Joshua James agreed in court to plead guilty to unspecified misdemeanor charges on May 31 and let Judge Barry Cohen decide his sentence.James was arrested in February on charges that he threw the 3 1/2-foot gator into a Wendy's last October. He was charged with several felonies, including assault with a deadly weapon.James said that he is sorry for throwing the alligator and said it was stupid stunt. He had found the gator by the side of the road.No one was hurt by the gator, which was captured and returned to the wild.

Spanish town entertained by escaped hippopotamus...Officials say a hippopotamus that escaped from a visiting circus caused some traffic chaos and not a little diversion when he strolled easily along a street in the southwestern town of Palos de la Frontera.A town spokesman said the animal escaped while being transferred from one pen to another, and then wandered out onto a town road.Videos posted on Twitter show the hippopotamus in the middle of the street, blocking traffic as people tried to attract its attention.The spokesman said that town residents enjoyed the incident as they saw the animal posed no danger.He said the incident lasted some 15 minutes before circus workers coaxed it back to a pen.The official spoke on condition of anonymity in keeping with town hall regulations.

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