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TPR News
April 16, 2016
Jon Patch - Host
Jillyn Sidlo - Co-Host
Bob Page - Executive Producer
Lexi Lapp - Producer
Ben - Network Producer
Special Guests:
Nat Geo Wild - Laura Dash of Second Chance Chihuahuas will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 4/16/16 at 5pm EST to discuss the premiere of her new TV program
Jim Toolan, Partner of Benebone will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 4/16/16 at 630 pm EST to discuss their company and in a contest give away 2 benebone box of bones to 2 lucky shelters - read below and enter contest for your favorite shelter

Social media update...We would like to tell you about a new app: Heilo (pronounced Hello)... This is a new social media platform. But unlike all the others it relies on the spoken work... audio posts... You can download the brand new app at or see our post about it on our facebook page... So far we have posted two Talkin Pets Minutes loaded with great pet tips and information... and also the audio from the classic "Fish Porn Rewind" from a show many years ago... it is so funny... Make sure you check out Heilo and look for Talkin Pets Radio.We also from time to time have a post that is not pet related... but if you head over to our facebook page you will see a couple of grandmas doing the Nay Ney dance... and it is priceless... you just know they are pet lovers... and boy do they have the stanky leg down... hahaAnd dont forget to follow all of our social media channels... new content all week long... search for  TalkinPetsRadio or head over to our website - you can find all of the social media links on top of the home page.
Rock ramps at North Texas park help turtles exit the waterSome turtles having a tough time crawling out of an updated North Texas pond can now use special exit ramps.The small lake at Boys Ranch Park in Bedford was lined with concrete and has steeper embankments. The reptiles were having a tough time getting in and out of the water.City workers have installed three exit ramps made of rocks to make navigation easier for the turtles and other animals, including ducks.City spokeswoman Natalie Foster says the plan originally called for one ramp for turtles, then workers realized that wasn't enough.The small turtle ramps measure about 5 feet long and 2 feet wide.--------------------------

Mountain lion dashes from Los Angeles school to backyardStudents and teachers at a Los Angeles high school missed their lunch break Friday after a mountain lion strolled onto campus and tried to join them.The big cat was spotted walking across the quad at John F. Kennedy High School shortly after noon. Instead of sitting down to eat, students and teachers quickly secured themselves in classrooms and called authorities.Police sealed off the area until a game warden could arrive and knock the animal out with a couple of tranquilizer darts.When officers arrived, the mountain lion bolted into a nearby backyard but quickly grew sleepy and confused after the darts hit."He's on his way back to the Santa Susana Mountains, in what we call suitable habitat," Hughan said, adding that the animal appeared to be healthy and about 2 or 3 years old.The department later posted a video on Twitter of the "groggy" big cat returning to the wilderness.Kennedy High School is in the city's Granada Hills section, on the edge of mountain lion country. Still, it had to journey a couple of miles through a large residential neighborhood, across a golf course and around a freeway to get there.Mountain lions wander into cities somewhere in California every few weeks, he added, but this one got more attention than usual when it caused a school lockdown.----------

People do the fetching for dogs at a new limousine company in Washington, D.C.  And, no, it’s not called Z00ber.Paul Ozner and his partners, picking up on the craze for ride-hailing services, have created Rapid Paws as an on-demand limousine service for animals.Long-distance transport services for pets have been around for a while, but Rapid Paws envisions itself as a kind of on-demand Uber that will give cats and dogs a short ride on relatively little notice. By downloading a smartphone app or going on its Web site, customers can schedule a door-to-door pickup and local delivery of your pet within a two-hour window. There’s even an onboard camera in the company’s vans so that a pet owner can keep an eye on Spot or Fifi’s trip.The business, which launched this month, operates two vans that can each carry up to four large animals at a time. The service is certified to handle secure cargo, so it can drop off and pick up pets at the airport, and it’s teamed up with a real-estate company to do relocations. Most of the trips so far, however, have involved picking up pets at their owners’ homes and delivering them to the veterinarian or the groomer.  Still, even in the era of luxury pet hotels and doggie gyms, the idea of a limo service for pets seems over the top. Only time will tell if the new limo service for pets will be a success. --------------------

Gym allows people, pets to work out together...
A pair of entrepreneurs in Kentucky recently came up with a novel idea to help pets and their owners get fit at the same time.Their idea is Lost Pounds Fitness and Pet Center, opened this month, for both people and animals.Norma Cooper co-founded the center with Toshie Murrell. They started as a non-profit rescue shelter, but got concerned over pet obesity.Researchers estimate more than half of dogs and cats are obese.Though they have pet daycare and foster pets, they're focus is on fitness. The center's owners reportedly want to add classes for both obedience and exercise.

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