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Saturday, March 5, the 65th day of 2016.
There are 301 days left in the year.CREW
Jon Patch - Host
Dr. Katy Myer - DVM/Cohost
Daisey Charlotte - Producer
Ben -Network Producer
Bob Page - Executive Producer

Special guests: Ann Devito author of "Dog Love" will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 3/5/16 at 5PM EST to discuss and give away her book 

Jacquii LLC founder and creator of Woofmints will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 3/5/16 at 635 PM EST to discuss and give away her products



Dog With Braces Smiles Way Into Heart of Social Media and more... A picture of a dog wearing braces has gone supernova across social media, capturing hearts across the world."The attention which has come with our post about Wesley has been disarming and unexpected," Harborfront Hospital for Animals wrote, referring to the picture it posted to Facebook last Friday. "It began because we wanted to post about National Pet Dental Health month. We would not have chosen it, but we are grateful that now certainly more people know about the importance of dental care for our beloved ones," the hospital explained.Wesley, a six-month-old golden retriever residing in Michigan, was having trouble eating because his teeth were growing in misaligned. Thanks to Dr. James Moore of the Harborfront Hospital for Animals, Wesley will soon be aligned, and ready to chow down on just about anything. "Orthodontia in pets is normally not for aesthetic purposes, but because of health concerns. This is Wesley and he needed tooth alignment because he could not close his mouth completely, otherwise."Also make sure you check out our social feeds on facebook, twitter and instagram for more great content all week long... most recently you check out our movie review post where Jon reviews 3 new movies this week... London Has Fallen, Zootopia and Remember. Also Talkin Pets Radio will be attending Global Pet Expo - a huge convention where we will find and report all the latest and greatest pet products for your pets... To connect with us just search for Talkin Pets Radio on facebook, twitter & instagram... you can also find links to all of them on  

Bird poop apparently caused NY nuclear reactor outageBird poop was the likely cause of a December shutdown at a nuclear power plant outside New York City, according to the operator.An Indian Point reactor safely shut down for three days starting Dec. 14 following an electrical disturbance on outdoor high voltage transmission lines.  In a report to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission last month, the New Orleans-based company said the automatic reactor shutdown was apparently from bird excrement that caused an electric arc between wires on a feeder line at a transmission tower.Plant managers told the NRC they were revising preventive maintenance for additional inspection and cleaning and installing bird guards on transmission towers.Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman Eliot Brenner said it's not uncommon for wildlife to trigger electrical outages on transmission lines regardless of the generation source of the electricity. "Squirrels are the biggest offenders," he said.--------

Alligator Found Swimming Laps In Florida Family's Pool...A 300-pound alligator made quite the splash this week in a central Florida family's swimming pool.The 9-foot beast broke through patio screen netting to take a dip at the Lakeland Florida home. But it's impromptu bath came to a sudden end when homeowner Craig Lear let his family's three cats out onto the patio and saw bubbles in the water.At first, he thought a golf ball from the neighboring course had fallen in. Then he spotted the menacing-looking reptile.Lear and his wife Laura, who was looking after their 6-month-old son, called the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Alligator trapper Scot Barbon arrived and spent an hour trying to bring the animal under control."He used a lasso effect, wrapped him up and it was pretty scary. At one point, waves were rocking in the pool from the gator thrashing around but then the trapper tired him out and hauled him out the door."Barbon said the creature was later euthanized and processed for its meat and hide.  --------------

Music for your kitties ears...Longtime National Symphony cellist David Teie announced that his crowdfunding project was hugely successful, freeing him to produce an album of music meaningful to cats. Cats, relax in response to the earliest sound of their mother's purring, which Teie clocked at 23 harp notes a second. Teie's work, includes examining waveforms of real-time purrs and creating an organ sound to mimic the opening and closing of a cat's vocal chords. His KickStarter pitch raised so much money that he might also try creating music for bored zoo elephants or stressed-out whales. So far in tests, cats responded well to Teie's music....

Brewers announce that Hank the Dog is alive and well...Fear not, baseball fans. There is only one Hank the Dog.The Milwaukee Brewers held a press conference this week to dispel rumors that Hank had been replaced by an imposter. The Brewers cited a notarized letter from a veterinarian to confirm Hank is indeed the real Hank. As is the case with most riveting controversies, Hank's identity was confirmed thanks to technology. His microchip was scanned and matched the same one that was inserted two years ago.If you're not familiar with the backstory, it goes like this. Hank, then a stray pup, wandered into the Brewers' spring training facility. He was taken in by the team and adopted by a Brewers executive back in Milwaukee. He was given a good life and even won Dog of the Year at the World Dog Awards last year. Wild conspiracy theories claimed Hank was deceased and replaced. Fortunately for all parties involved, that's not the case, as proved by Friday's press conference. Hank the Dog rolls on as a feel-good story that fans have fallen in love with.----------------------

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