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Saturday, Nov. 28, the 332nd day of 2015.
There are 33 days left in the year.Jon Patch - Host
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This past week in Talkin Pets Social Media... Here at TPR we knew your social media feed would be slam crammed with Thanksgiving posts so to avoid more clutter we only reposted one post from twitter. So please check out our social media feeds and learn about the Brodie Fund... A great charity set up to help pet owners dealing with pet cancer.And if you havent checked in on us on social media in a while we have tons of great pitctures and videos to amuse and educate you for hours.Plenty more great pet posts coming as we run up to the holiday season and new years.If you are looking for us on social media, you can get links to our facebook & twitter pages right on our website homepage - t-a-l-k-i-n pets.comMake sure you follow and like us on social media... Wishing you and your family the very best...------------------------------ 

Oregon firefighters rescue owl tangled in fishing lineWildlife rehabilitation workers say a great horned owl that was tangled in fishing line is resting after being rescued by Oregon firefighters.A resident in Shady Cove saw the adult male owl flapping its wings erratically while high up a tree last week.Jackson County Fire District No. 4 Captain Rick Mendenhall says the owl was "stuck big time."Firefighters were able to rescue the bird, which had fishing line wrapped tightly around one wing. They removed the line and put the bird on the ground, but it was too tired to fly.So they wrapped the owl in a blanket and took it to rehabilitation center Wildlife Images.Marketing coordinator Devan Ferrell says the owl will be released if and when it regains its wing strength.
 A pair of baby red pandas at the Philadelphia Zoo have been named after two of the city's most famous residents: Betsy and Benjamin.Zoo officials said this week that the monikers, which pay homage to Betsy Ross and Benjamin Franklin, received overwhelming support in a public naming contest.Officials say the cubs' birth on June 26 was important for red panda conservation, since the species is considered vulnerable in the wild. The brother and sister made their public debut Nov. 18.Unlike giant pandas, red pandas are not members of the bear family. They are slightly larger than domestic cats and look similar to raccoons. They are native to Asia.----------------------

Oldest known seabird is back at Midway Atoll near HawaiiFederal wildlife officials say the world's oldest known seabird has returned to Midway Atoll.The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said the Laysan Albatross named Wisdom was spotted at the remote island on Nov. 19.An ornithologist first put an identification band on Wisdom in 1956. She's estimated to be at least 64 years old, but she could be older.Laysan albatrosses typically mate for life, but Wisdom has likely had more than one mate. She has raised as many as 36 chicks.Breeding albatrosses and their mates will often spend about six months rearing and feeding their young. They forage hundreds of miles out at sea for squid or flying fish eggs.Midway Atoll is about 1,200 miles northwest of Honolulu. It's part of the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument.--------------------

Here's a Reason to Get a Puppy: Kids With Pets Have Less AnxietyDogs, which are already shown to reduce rates of allergies and asthma, may provide kids with yet another benefit: reducing anxiety.It's a small study, focusing on 643 kids between 6 and 7 -  But the team at Bassett Medical Center in New York found that just 12 percent of children with pet dogs tested positive for clinical anxiety, compared to 21 percent of children without a dog.It's not an entirely surprising finding. Pet dogs can also benefit adults and federal health officials recommend that adults consider getting a dog. For one thing, they can encourage people to exercise.From a mental health standpoint, children aged 7 to 8 often ranked pets higher than humans as providers of comfort and self-esteem and as confidants.Because dogs follow human communicative cues, they may be particularly effective agents for children's emotional development.Most of the families in the study - 73 percent - had a pet of some kind. 58 percent - had dogs. Families with pets may be more stable and may be more affluent, but the researchers suggest there's more to it than that.A pet dog can stimulate conversation, an ice-breaking effect that can alleviate social anxiety.Other studies have also shown that playing or cuddling with a dog can release the bonding hormone oxytocin, and lower the stress hormone cortisol.The team looked at dogs because there's so much research about them. "It doesn't mean that cats can't do the same thing," they said.

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