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TPR NEWS - July 12, 2014
1979, a Chicago disc jockey held a "disco demolition" between a baseball doubleheader at Comiskey Park. The second game was called off because so much damage had been done to the field. More than 50,000 fans packed the stadium that day. They say this event started the deline of disco.

2007 U.S.A. Lady Bird Johnson Dies 12th July 2007 : Former First Lady, Claudia Alta Taylor Johnson, better known as Lady Bird Johnson passed away at the age of 94 on this day. Best known for her environmentalism, Johnson was also a strong supporter of civil rights and combating poverty.  
Jon Patch - Host
Dr. Vince Centonze DVM - Director of the HCC Vet Tech Program / Co Host
Dr. Lisa Centonze DVM  - Co Host
Zach Budin - Network Producer
Bob Page - Executive Producer
Special Guests:
Zeb Hogan, From Nat Geo Wild's Monster Fish will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 7/12/14 at 5 PM EST to discuss the premiere of his show
Jaqueline Hynes, President of MadraMorMud Canine Treatments will join Jon and Talkin' Pets 7/12/14 at 630 PM EST to discuss and give away MUD
Driver of stalled pickup finds slithering surprise
When a woman's pickup stalled on a street in Santa Fe, New Mexico, local chef Jackson Ault stopped to lend a hand.
Ault and the driver both ended up with a surprise when Ault popped the hood and found a brown and yellow python slithering across the engine block.
A police lieutenant responded to a call for help and retrieved the 20-pound snake.
The python was taken to the Santa Fe Animal Shelter, where spokesman Ben Swan says the reptile has minor injuries but otherwise is in good shape.
Police say the snake likely crawled into the pickup at the motorist's home several blocks from where the vehicle stalled. And Ault says he thinks the truck stalled because the snake dislodged an electrical wire.
Authorities say the owner hasn't turned up yet.

 Federal agents inspecting a couple's belongings at an Arizona entry port on the U.S.-Mexico border found two live parrots hidden inside an Elmo doll.
The Customs and Border Protection says agriculture specialists found the birds on July 1 after cutting open the doll when an X-ray revealed something unusual about the contents.
The seized birds were placed in quarantine and transferred to a Department of Agriculture holding facility, while the couple was fined $300.
The border agency says birds entering the country are regulated because they can carry viral and bacterial diseases.
Pig threatens children walking through Maine woods...
Police in the Maine town of Oakland are looking for a pig that threatened two children walking through the woods.
Capt. Rick Stubbert siad that the children were walking along a trail in the wooded area between the local middle school and the high school when the pig confronted them "screaming at the kids and chasing them."
The children were so frightened they flagged down a police officer. Police did not disclose the children's age.
Officers, including animal control, responded to the scene, and although they found tracks that confirmed the pig was real, they didn't find the animal.
Stubbert says he doesn't know where the pig came from or why it might have been acting aggressively.
Just last week, Rhode Island’s Governor Lincoln Chafee signed a bill into law making it a misdemeanor to leave a dog in a hot car, and already one person has been arrested.
The new law made it legal for emergency services to break in and rescue a black poodle from the 124-degree vehicle.
David Rodriguez of Providence left his dog inside his parked car while he shopped at BJ’s Wholesale Club.  Deputy Police Chief Daniel Parrillo said an effort was made to locate the dog’s owner when he was discovered, but Rodriguez is said to be hard of hearing and could not hear the loudspeaker announcement.
The new law states that it is illegal to leave an animal inside a vehicle “in a manner that places the animal in a life threatening or extreme health threatening situation by exposing it to a prolonged period of extreme heat or cold, without proper ventilation or other protection from such heat or cold.”
A police officer, firefighter, or animal control officer “who has probable cause to believe that this section is being violated” has the authority to enter a vehicle “by any reasonable means necessary under the circumstances” after making a reasonable effort to find the vehicle’s driver.
The poodle was panting heavily and was having trouble breathing, so Parrillo broke into the vehicle and got him out.  He was then taken to the Rhode Island SPCA.  He had been inside the vehicle for over an hour, with the inside temperature soaring to 124 degrees.  On a hot day, 10 minutes inside a hot car can cause heatstroke to set in.
Rodriguez was contacted by police and came into the stations, where he was charged with a misdemeanor.  He was released and has a July 16th court date.  The dog was reported to be doing fine.
Only 14 states specifically prohibit leaving an animal in a parked vehicle.  You should contact local politicians to make this a felony in every state – abuse is abuse.
Most of us have heard about the negative effects of smoking and second-hand smoke. But how do they affect your pets?
Studies done at Tufts University and Colorado State University among others show that second hand smoke is just as dangerous to your pet as it is to you.
The number of pets that die each year from second hand smoke exposure isn't available, but lab tests and office visits have revealed that inhaling smoke causes allergic reactions, inflammation or worse. Pets could also potentially develop lung tumors related to chronic exposure just like with humans.
Pets can also develop heart disease from prolonged exposure to many kinds of smokeables.
Vets say, there are things pet owners can do to keep their pets healthier.
"Smoking elsewhere, where the pet isn't at... like being outside to smoke away from your pets.
Vets say that little sacrifice will make for happier and healthier pets.

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