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The Monkeypox Virus affects not only our friends and families but also our beloved fur babies. As new cases of pets, specifically dogs, contracting the virus increase daily, it is essential to monitor your pet's health to keep you and your loved ones safe from the virus. 

The Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently established that as officials are "still learning" about the disease and finding out which animals are vulnerable to getting infected with Monkeypox, they have somewhat concluded and assumed any mammal could be infected with the Monkeypox virus

Dr. Louis DelGiudice, the National Emergency Specialty Director at AmeriVet Veterinary Partners, shared, "There is a higher risk of an infected individual spreading it to their pet than a pet spreading it to a human. We cannot say there is no risk of animal to human transmission, but we do not know exactly what that risk is," he says, "If your pet becomes infected with Monkeypox, the likely source is close contact to a human in the household. So, if you are ill with Monkeypox, it is best to try to reduce interaction with your pet for the next 21 days until you are fully recovered. Cleaning of your bedding and theirs, as well as sanitizing food dishes and toys is recommended."