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A properly trained parrot is a wonderful pet—and a poorly trained parrot can be a feathered monster. This book gives parrot parents the tools to help ensure that their birds become social, tame, and fun companions.  Advocating only positive, humane methods, the author guides the reader through the basics of training—including terminology and various techniques—and progresses to more advanced tasks, such as trick training, training a flighted parrot, and training a parrot to talk. Using the methods in this book, readers can prevent the development of most problem behaviors before they start and solve those that do. The author addresses many more topics bird parents will find useful, including behavioral enrichment and training a parrot to tolerate—or even participate in—nail trimming, wing clipping, wearing a harness, and riding in a carrier. The Perfectly Trained Parrot is a comprehensive resource for forging a strong and loving bond with a well-behaved parrot.

About the Author:

Rebecca K. O’Connor has trained birds professionally at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Healesville Sanctuary in Australia, and many other facilities. She has been a falconer for more than a decade and has experience working with a wide variety of animals. Rebecca is the author of the best-selling book, A Parrot for Life, a frequent contributor to national parrot magazines, and a popular blogger at her website www.heckledbyparrots.com. She shares her California home with three parrots, a peregrine falcon, and a Brittany.

A comprehensive myth buster on the theories of dominance dog training
and why we shouldn’t blame the wolf ★ A true comparison between wolves
and dogs and the truth about the differences ★ How to have a happy dog ★
How to be a good handler ★ Superb colour photographs ★ Learning to say no
to inappropriate dog training ★ The freedom to let your dog be your faithful
companion ★ Looking at where training methods came from ★ Recognising
pain in your dog ★ Dog training from a fresh, more respectful angle
This book is a critique of traditional dog training and all the myths surrounding it, prompting the reader to look
again at why we do certain things with our dogs. It corrects out-of-date theories on alpha status and
dominance training, which have been so prominent over the years, and allows you to consider dog training
afresh in order to re-evaluate your relationship with your canine companion, ultimately achieving a partnership
based on mutual trust, love and respect.
Toni Shelbourne is a successful Tellington TTouch Companion Animal Practitioner, and has worked
professionally with dogs since 1989. In 2001 her work took her to the UK Wolf Conservation Trust, where she
was introduced to a pack of socialised wolves. She went on to work with the pack for ten years as a Senior
Wolf Handler and Education Officer. Through her time with these animals, Toni developed a unique insight into
their behaviour, leading to her questioning ingrained ideas about alpha theory.
Toni has written for several national dog magazines. This is her first book.
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Victoria Stilwell is one of the world’s most recognized and respected dog trainers. As the host of Animal Planet’s hit television series It’s Me or the Dog (airing in 40 countries with 8 million viewers), she wins over audiences weekly with her Supernanny-like mannerisms and gentle, loving techniques. Now, millions of fans (and their canine friends) will delight in the fact that her guidance can be found in a new book.
In Train Your Dog Positively, Victoria explains how to use force-free, scientifically backed dog training methods to solve common canine behavior problems. For decades, animal training experts have incorrectly assumed that dogs misbehave to achieve dominance. This misconception has led trainers to rely heavily on the use of force in order to control and modify undesirable behavior by frightening or overpowering a dog into submission. But just as time-outs have proven more effective than spanking as a way to help children understand and achieve desired behaviors, so has training dogs with positive reinforcement become a recognized best practice over the once-popular dominance theory approach.
Modern behavioral science now shows that forceful handling practices—such as physical punishment, leash yanking, or making a dog submit by rolling it on its back—are psychologically damaging for the dog and have potentially dangerous consequences for owners. Today’s most effective dog training theories confirm that reinforcing good behavior with rewards (such as praise, food, or toys) while using constructive discipline (like time-outs or vocal sounds) is not only a more successful training tool, but a more humane way of communicating with canine companions. Positive training treats dogs with the same respect that we as humans ask of them, and also correctly identifies the root cause of the misbehavior (studies have shown that aggressive behaviors are often rooted in uncertainty and fear—not a play for dominance). Positive training brings security, security brings confidence, and a confident dog feels no need to exhibit anxiety-based behaviors.
Stilwell provides owners with everything they need to form a positive and rewarding connection with their dog—from understanding the human/canine relationship (the way dogs develop, how they learn, and how best to forge a bond) to numerous behavioral training solutions. With Train Your Dog Positively, owners have more than a handbook that teaches a dog to sit, stay, and come—they have a set of guiding principles that enriches their relationship with their canine companion, building trust and a lasting foundation for a happy, confident, and well-behaved dog.
On-Sale Date: APRIL 2013
Train Your Dog PPoossiittiivveellyy
Understand Your Dog and Solve Common Behavior Problems Including Separation Anxiety, Excessive Barking, Aggression, Housetraining, Leash Pulling, and More!
As seen on Animal Planet’s
It’s Me or the Dog
VICTORIA STILWELL was born and raised in Wimbledon, England, and has become one of the world’s most recognized and respected dog trainers. Best known for her role as the host of Animal Planet’s hit TV series It’s Me or the Dog, she has also served as a judge on CBS’s Greatest American Dog. She is involved with rescue groups around the world; is a regular columnist for The Bark, Dog World, American Dog, and Dogs Today magazines; and her popular Positively Podcast series is heard by listeners worldwide. Named 2009’s Dog Trainer of the Year at the Purina Pro Plan Dog Awards, Victoria is certified by Animal Behavior and Training Associates and is a proud member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. Stilwell lives with her husband, daughter, and chocolate Lab Sadie in Atlanta, Georgia, and is available for interviews. Visit positively.com.
Train Your Dog Positively: Understand Your Dog and Solve Common Behavior Problems Including Separation Anxiety, Excessive Barking, Aggression, Housetraining, Leash Pulling, and More! by Victoria Stilwell
$14.99 paper, 256 pages, 5 ½ " x 8 ¼ "
ISBN: 978-1-60774-414-6
eBook ISBN: 978-1-60774-415-3
TEN SPEED PRESS | Crown Publishing Group www.tenspeed.com

Melissa Confusing and unpredictable human behavior can cause your dog to act out. Learn how to protect your dog and your liability in today’s world. Imagine your reaction if your child’s friend grabs the remote control of the TV you are watching and changes the channel—and then later, does it again. We instantly recognize this behavior as wrong and correct it. When humans break dog rules and they correct us, we ignore our insubordinate actions and default to “blaming the dog.”Former animal officer Melissa Berryman has witnessed how devastating the effects society’s entrenched beliefs regarding dog behavior and temperament can be—that good behavior can be purchased, that an owner’s handling ability doesn’t matter, that human behavior and the situations in which the dog is placed are insignificant. Berryman shows how analyzing situations and contexts can stop the cycle of preventable incidents. Written with humor and compassion, People Training for Good Dogs offers insight into the impact that human behavior and understanding have on our relationships with dogs. By working with core canine social and behavioral drives, Berryman provides owners with sound techniques that focus on safety and can help protect their liability in today’s world.“This is the new Bible for all dog owners. … It will truly help you have the best relationship with yours and all dogs!” —Katie Riopel, dog trainer and host of Katie K9  Visit www.ptfgd.com to order the book and gt more information

I have been a Rover Reporter and Photographer for The New Barker for the last six years, covering Florida events. I have also covered the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show for as many years, following Florida Dogs and specific handlers with a particular eye on the Junior Handlers.
Owner, Breeder, Handler for over 20 years. I run Celestial Custom Dog Services: In your home dog training, pet sitting, transportation, dogie day care and nutritional advice as well as professional handling for pedigrees for show and confirmation and placement of the right dogs to the right families whether rescue or purchase.

January 25, 2013, LOS ANGELES, CA–Upland City Council and the Fairplex have confirmed they have cancelled elephant rides at the Upland Lemon Festival this year.


Animal Defenders International (ADI) contacted Upland City Council and the Fairplex last year after discovering they had contracted Have Trunk Will Travel (HTWT) to provide elephant rides at the Upland Lemon Festival. ADI, joined by several local animal activists, presented festival organizers ADI’s undercover footage of HTWT owners and trainers “hooking” their elephants with bullhooks, beating and shocking them during routine training sessions.


Several other SoCal municipalities and venues have severed ties with Have Trunk Will Travel amidst protests and public outcry, including the Orange County Fair, Los Angeles County Fair, Santa Ana Zoo, and the cities of Fountain Valley and Sierra Madre.


“ADI applauds Upland City Council and The Fairplex for ending the elephant rides at the Upland Lemon Festival, joining the worldwide trend of progressive fairs, cities and nations which have decided to shun entertainment that involves animal cruelty,” said Jan Creamer, ADI’s president. “Trainers use brutal methods, bullhooks and electric shocking devices, to control these elephants for rides, and this decision will go far to set a positive example to other events across the country which we hope will soon follow their lead. ADI will be actively encouraging festival organizers to make this a permanent policy so we never see elephants at the Upland Lemon Festival again.”


To watch ADI’s undercover footage of Have Trunk Will Travel, visit http://www.ad-international.org/animals_in_entertainment/go.php?id=2852&ssi=11.




Animal Defenders International


ADI is leading the campaign to end the suffering of animals in entertainment and currently has major campaigns running in Europe, South America and the USA.  ADI’s shocking exposure of the training of elephants for the movies ‘Water for Elephants’ and ‘Zookeeper’ showed animals electric shocked and beaten with bullhooks. See: http://www.ad-international.org/animals_in_entertainment/go.php?id=2119&ssi=7


ADI recently rescued and relocated a record breaking 29 circus lions from Bolivia to sanctuaries in the U.S. See http://www.ad-international.org/animal_rescues/go.php?id=2025&ssi=24


With offices in Los Angeles, London and Bogota, ADI campaigns across the globe on animals in entertainment, providing technical advice to governments, securing progressive animal protection legislation, drafting regulations and rescuing animals in distress. ADI has a worldwide reputation for providing video and photographic evidence exposing behind-the-scenes suffering in the industry and supporting this evidence with scientific research on captive wildlife and transport. ADI rescues animals all over the world and educates the public on animals and environmental issues.



ADI’s Mission

To educate, create awareness, and promote the interest of humanity in the cause of justice, and the suppression of all forms of cruelty to animals wherever possible to alleviate suffering, and to conserve and protect animals and the environment.


www.ad-international.org | www.navs.org.uk | www.ldf.org.uk

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Monster Walker makes dog walking safer, more enjoyable Innovative new leash for dogs that pull
Tampa, Florida (July 20, 2012) Paws Aboard announces the launch of their innovative new dog leash named Monster Walker -- designed to give dog owners more control over dogs that pull. The leash is perfect for energetic pets and is constructed with a no-choke design. Paws Aboard has found a way to make the walk more enjoyable. The new Monster Walker gives control back to the owner by gently squeezing the belly, not choking the neck when the dog starts to pull. With an easy set-up and convenient leash length, Monster Walker makes walking your best friend fun again!
Here’s what we’re barking about:
• Monster Walker’s humane design puts safe pressure on the dog’s belly when they begin to pull, instead of choking at the neck making it difficult to breathe.
• Quick and easy set-up using the pet’s existing collar.
• Monster Walker’s leash length allows enough freedom for the dog to enjoy walking, but provides constant control for the owner.
According to Paws Aboard founder and CEO Amber McCrocklin, “If anyone has ever been ‘taken for a walk’ by their dog, they know how stressful and discouraging a simple walk can be. It decreases walking time and in turn makes the pet exercise less. That’s why I created Monster Walker; to give control back to the dog owner and make the walk more enjoyable. Now, dog owners using Monster Walker won’t have to feel like they are choking their pet, but instead can gain control back and learn to love the walk again.”
Monster Walker is thoughtfully designed and durably constructed with appropriate leash clip and metal D-ring, and a handle with 2-4 foot cord. Monster Walker offers two sizes: Mini (less than 20 lbs) and Large (over 20 lbs) and comes in three designer colors. A breed apart from other pull-preventing leashes, Monster Walker does just as its name implies – it controls the monster in your dog! Monster Walker retails for $24.99.
For more information about Monster Walker, to request a product sample or to interview Monster Walker inventor Amber McCrocklin, contact Sarah Richey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 813-885-2300.
About Paws Aboard: Headquartered in Tampa FL, Paws Aboard LLC has quickly grown into a major player in the Pet Supplies Industry serving both domestic and international markets with innovative and functional products. Paws Aboard’s mission is to deliver excellent quality products focusing on the active lifestyle of pet owners; on land, in the water, or while traveling away from home. Our products are inspired by our own dogs and though the office tends to resemble a doggy daycare at times, it gives us a great opportunity to continuously test, tweak and come up with innovative products. www.pawsaboard.com; www.monsterwalker.com; YouTube Product Video

So, just who IS Arden Moore? Well, let’s go back to my childhood. I grew up in a Brady Bunch-like family in a town called Crown Point, located in Northwest Indiana. Until winning a couple high school state titles in girls’ basketball in the 1980s, this sleepy Hoosier town had earned notoriety as the place where bank robber John Dillinger escaped from the county jail in the 1930s by fooling the local sheriff with a “gun” carved from a bar of soap and blackened with shoe polish. I was fortunate to grow up on the outskirts of town with a backyard that rolled into the shoreline of a fresh water lake. Summers found me training my cat, Corky, to swim and learning how to turn double plays on the softball diamond. Winters were spent building snow-fortified forts and going full throttle on the family snow mobile across the frozen lake surface.

By my first year in high school, I quickly learned that my future would not be in the world of music. After all, there is not a big demand for people who play the glockenspiel, so I cajoled the editor of the local weekly newspaper into hiring me to be a sports writer. I discovered I liked putting nouns and verbs together far more than trying to strike the right note on a too-heavy metal instrument with a mallet. As a corn-fed Hoosier, I valued my Midwest roots, but knew I needed to experience other places. My insatiable curiosity led me to spending the next 20 years chasing stories as a reporter and editor for daily newspapers in Indiana and Florida. From there, I entered the publishing world at the family-owned Rodale Press located in another sleepy town — this one called Emmaus, Pennsylvania. At Rodale, my “day job” was health writer for the book division, but I moonlighted as a writer for their new magazine called Pets: Part of the Family. There, I realized that I could tap my love of writing and interviewing to help people become healthier and to tout the power of pets. Pets and people — that’s what I am all about. In fact, I can’t remember a time when there wasn’t at least one tail-wagger in my life. Today, I happily share my home in Oceanside, California with two dogs, two cats, and an often-used vacuum cleaner. Never did I imagine growing up as a glockenspiel-playing teen-ager in Crown Point would I some day see my name on dozens of books and hundreds of magazine articles. I feel fortunate to have hit the right note — finally!

“Stand up straight, dear.” “Don’t mumble.” “No one finds that frown attractive.” “Be a lady and stick to your principles.”

My mother’s words still ring in my ears. Through my childhood, teens, and college years, her advice and her role model of grace, kindness, and quiet strength were instrumental in preparing me for an effective and successful life.   I had no idea, however, that her advice was also preparing me to be a dog trainer!

The animals on our farm were also my teachers.  In their own way, they taught me the true nature of power and influence.  The Queen of the Herd, the Lead Horse, and the Top Dog all got there without serious fighting or confrontation.  Instead they used body language, boundaries, focus, and quiet determination to achieve and hold their positions of power.  Had my mother been talking to them, too?

When I started my dog training business over twenty years ago, I did house calls. It was usually women who sought out my help because they were being overwhelmed by the family dog.  They were either mad and yelling, or being overly permissive and smothering which made them ineffectual and the dogs ran their lives.  Because these were house calls, I also got to observe their kids. Invariably, the women that could not control their dogs, could not control their kids.

Something started to click in my brain.  The very skills these women needed to control their dogs were the SAME ones they needed to control their kids… and probably other parts of their lives as well.

  • Don’t yell; stay calm
  • Set the boundaries and then enforce them
  • Be a leader, not a friend, a follower or a doormat
  • Power is achieved through control, not confrontation  (fights and confrontation in the animal world are the exception, not the rule)
  • Leadership is about being effective, not being loud (the dog doing the barking and the woman doing the yelling are not powerful or effective; the leaders are the quiet ones that simply get the job done)
  • If you don’t set your boundaries, no one respects you – not your peers, or your dog.

Because the vast majority of the dog-owning families leave dog responsibilities to us women, literally thousands of you have come to me over the years – feeling powerless, frustrated and defeated.  You assume that dog training requires either masculine strength and bravado (which you do not possess) or endless cookies and treats (which you are reluctant to use or have not solved your issues).  You are desperate for help.

I am passionate about helping women and saving dogs. If you have a dog that seems beyond control, don’t give up!  Read this book.  Your dog is not impossible; he’s just confused because you are not communicating in his language.  He ignores your frustration and yelling because he sees it as weakness, not strength.  Learn the secrets of calm, effective power and leadership in this book and you will be amazed at the turnaround in your dog.  Try it on your kids, your husbands and your co-workers while you’re at it!   What makes LIPSTICK AND THE LEASH special is that it points out the profound parallels between canine behavior and that of human beings.  We are all connected! The nature of power, how it is achieved quietly, and how clever leadership uses that power to influence (not force) the behavior of others is the real message of LIPSTICK AND THE LEASH. Dog training becomes a metaphor for life!

By focusing on a woman’s special challenges in dog training, and revealing her hidden strengths, LIPSTICK AND THE LEASH can help you discover your Inner Leader, train a dog that will make you and your family proud and, ultimately, give you a road map for getting more of what you want in life.


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