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The Best Cities for Pets

As of 2020, 68 million people are living with pets. With more pet ownership happening across the country, finding the best cities for pets could help you live more comfortably. The best cities for pets provide pet-friendly apartments, as well as plenty of amenities, such as off-leash parks, hiking spots, veterinary hospitals, and doggie daycares.

Rent.com searched for the best cities for pets analyzing the percentage of apartments in their database that were pet-friendly and allowed dogs or cats. They also looked at the average cost of veterinarian services in large metro areas with populations above 100,000 and the number of pet-related businesses and parks per capita.

Here is their ranking of the best cities for pets in the U.S.:

10. Davie, FL

9. Vacaville, CA

8. Naperville, IL

7. Arvada, CO

6. Scottsdale, AZ

5. Tyler, TX

4. Boulder, CO

3. Ann Arbor, MI

2. Charleston, SC

1. Greeley, CO

Here's what you need to know to find the best find a pet-friendly apartment for your needs.

Search for pet-friendly amenities

Newer apartment buildings come with all sorts of amenities, beyond a pool and fitness center. Pet-friendly apartments will have on-site dog parks, washing stations and even pet daycare.

Get renters insurance

You may have heard why it's important to get renters insurance. Consider buying it for the year if you're ready to move to a new apartment with your pet. It could show your new landlord that you're responsible and are covered in case your pet causes any damage to the unit.

Get a recommendation

Ask your former landlord to write a letter of recommendation, highlighting your dog's behavior and the condition of your previous apartment. You may want to include other types of documentation such as obedience school documents, pet sitters who took care of your dog and/or a former neighbor.

Pay a pet deposit

This topic will inevitably come up in your apartment search. Most apartment buildings will require a pet deposit, which is generally a few hundred dollars.

Take photos of your apartment before you move in

Be sure to take photos of your apartment before you move in. This could serve to prove that your pet didn't ruin the unit but can also be shown to future landlords to state your case that your dog is well behaved and get your security deposit back.