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The Team at The Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation would love to wish our Founder and President, Linda Blair, a very happy, wonderful birthday! Linda's lifelong commitment to animal advocacy and friendship, dating back to her early childhood, has been an inspiring journey. She chose a path to give a voice to the voiceless, support those facing challenges, and ensure every creature experiences love, full bellies, and full hearts. Over the last 17 years, Linda has been the heartbeat of the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation, marching forward with a vision for a better tomorrow for our companion animals.


Currently, California is in a crisis state, with record numbers of animals being abandoned and turned into overcrowded shelters. Linda, receiving triple the daily pleas for help, tirelessly works to provide assistance, fueled by a promise she made to these animals- a promise she will never break. Despite the challenges and the stress visible in Linda's eyes, she fights through it, continuing her dedicated work in rescuing animals.


This year, we're embarking on an extraordinary mission to make Linda's 65th birthday extra special with a crucial fundraiser. Our goal is to raise $10,000 and we need your help to turn this vision into reality! Linda's journey hasn't been easy, but her unwavering commitment to creating a brighter tomorrow for our companion animals has remained steadfast.


Linda's birthday wish remains unchanged- to continue doing the work she loves most. You can play a vital role in this mission by volunteering, adopting, donating, spreading awareness among your friends and family, and actively participating in your community's efforts to end pet homelessness.


Let's come together to make Linda's birthday wish come true and create a lasting impact on the lives of countless animals in crisis. Your support is the key to unlocking a better future for them. Join us on this incredible journey.



Together we CAN make a difference!


We wish Linda a very happy, wonderful birthday!


The Dedicated LBWF Team


We Love You Linda!

Fifty years ago, in a world that was vastly different from the one we know today, a movie emerged that would leave an everlasting imprint on the hearts of millions. It was "The Exorcist," a film that not only challenged the norms of its time but also altered the course of one remarkable woman's life-Linda Blair.


As we celebrate Linda's 65th birthday and the 50th anniversary of "The Exorcist," we invite you to join us in honoring a woman whose journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.


Flashback 50 years, and picture a young Linda, whose dream was to heal and care for animals as a veterinarian. Little did she know, her path was about to take an unexpected turn, guided by the mesmerizing tale of a theological thriller.


The world was captivated by Linda's performance, but many failed to understand the journey that awaited her beyond the silver screen.


Behind the scenes, Linda's true passion for animals yearned to shine. Despite the controversies and misunderstandings surrounding her and "The Exorcist," she transformed her celebrity into a force for good. She was still determined to help animals. She worked with a variety of organizations from animal welfare to environmental preservation and in 2003, she founded the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation- a haven for the voiceless and a testament to Linda's unwavering commitment to making the world a better place.


The 50th anniversary of "The Exorcist is not just a milestone; it's a story of resilience, transformation, and the birth of a legacy.


Linda has dedicated her life not only to captivating audiences but also to making a profound difference in the lives of both people and animals. As we mark her 65th birthday and the 50th anniversary of "The Exorcist," we ask for your support in honoring a woman whose journey is a testament to compassion and selflessness.


Your contribution is an opportunity to be part of the heartwarming story that Linda continues to write- one of resilience, transformation, and unwavering commitment to creating positive change. Every donation, no matter the amount, contributes to the greater narrative of saving lives and giving hope to the voiceless. It's a story of compassion, of a woman who turned a movie milestone into a lifelong mission.


Together, let's make Linda's 65th birthday truly special by writing the next chapter of Linda Blair's legacy —a story where every donation is a plot twist, and the ending is a world transformed by compassion and change. 




"Sometimes the strongest women are the ones who love beyond all faults, cry behind closed doors, and fight battles that nobody knows about."
A Lifetime of Love
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Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation | 4400 W. Riverside Dr., #110-1003, Burbank, CA 91505

One year ago, the Humane Society of the United States was in the midst of removing nearly 4,000 beagles from Envigo, a mass breeding facility that received multiple Animal Welfare Act violations for issues such as inadequate veterinary care and insufficient food. If not for this historic transfer agreement, many of these dogs were bound for animal testing laboratories across the country. Instead, we placed them with over 100 of our shelter and rescue partners around the country (in 29 states!) to find loving homes.

Dogs like Franny, who had spent her life at Envigo being forced to breed puppies to be sold to laboratories, and Enzo, a young puppy likely destined for a laboratory, are among the beagles who have underscored the significance of this historic operation.

VIDEO of Franny’s transformation and life in new home

VIDEO of Enzo’s first year in new home

“These dogs have spent the last year learning how to walk on leashes, finding the most comfortable spot on the couch, and becoming treasured family members in their loving homes,” said Kitty Block, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States. “Dogs used in laboratories typically live short, painful lives. It’s heartbreaking to think about what would have happened to these beagles if Envigo had been able to sell them to laboratories. Animal experimentation is undeniably cruel while non-animal models, such as organs-on-chips, computer modelling and human cell-based tests, are better for the animals and for humans. We were able to save these lucky few beagles, but more are being bred and sold to laboratories every day--it’s on all of us to make this change.”

As the Humane Society of the United States celebrates the happy stories from the loving adopters of these dogs, we are doing all we can to ensure no other company steps in to simply replace those dogs. On average, nearly 60,000 dogs are used in experiments each year in the U.S. and tens of thousands more are held in laboratory breeding facilities. Join us in calling on state and federal officials to end experiments on dogs and invest in science that doesn’t cause animal suffering.

We are leading a worldwide campaign to ensure that animal tests and experiments are systematically replaced with non-animal alternatives that are better at predicting how the human body will respond to drugs, chemicals and medical devices and more effective for researching how human diseases develop and respond to treatment.

In pursuit of that goal, in the U.S., we have secured funding commitments from Congress to ensure that Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration accelerate the development of non-animal methods and reduce or eliminate animal testing. We are also pushing the FDA to ensure that non-animal methods for drugs, medical devices and vaccines are being developed, approved and used instead of animal tests. Read more about our efforts to prevent dogs like Enzo from suffering in the name of science.

GenSol Diagnostics Launches the Next Generation of Canine Genetic Testing for

Breeders, Veterinarians and Companion Pet Owners


First-of-its-Kind “Breed-Specific Customizable Panels”

are Fast, Accurate and Affordable

Clayton, Georgia – 27 June 2023 –GenSol Diagnostics, a leader in canine genetic testing, today announced the launch of the first “Breed-Specific Customizable Panels” that are completely personalized, allowing breeders, veterinarians and companion pet owners to easily test one, or multiple, genetic disorders all in one panel.

Individuals can now customize their own breed-specific panel based on GenSol’s recommendation of health tests and add color tests or additional tests of their choice. And if individuals know the tests they need, they can easily create their very own panel from scratch – all in minutes. This means only getting the test results one needs without the confusion created by test results not relevant to a particular breed.

The launch of GenSol’s “Breed-Specific Customizable Panels” are part of Gensol’s mission to contribute to pet health by making DNA testing broadly accessible to breeders, veterinarians and pet parents who make breeding or health decisions through fast, accurate and affordable tests. Currently, GenSol serves more than 190 breeds.

GenSol's new "Breed-Specific Customizable Panels" mean individuals only need a single swab per dog to test for as many health or coat color tests they want. There is no longer a need to take multiple swab samples from the same dog for different tests, which makes the process even easier.

GenSol’s genetic testing panels are an effective tool used to determine and cultivate genetically healthy breeding practices and as a diagnostic tool for preventative wellness planning.

“To further GenSol’s mission of promoting pet health, we’ve created the next generation of genetic testing to continue making it even more accessible and affordable than ever before,” said Dr. Micah Halpern, GenSol’s owner and principal scientist. “There’s nothing like our new ‘Breed-Specific Customizable Panels’ on the market, and those concerned about canine genetic testing will be thrilled with its ease of use and how fast and affordable it is.”

GenSol’s new “Breed-Specific Customizable Panels” were developed with three goals in mind:

  • Fast - While many testing facilities take one-to-six weeks for customers to receive results, Gensol continues its commitment to rapid turnaround delivering test results in just 24-to-48 hours from the time the samples are received.


  • Accurate - Gensol continues its commitment to providing accurate results through innovation and state-of-the-art technology. Its custom Laboratory Information Management System tracks samples at every stage from order to result. Combined with a highly automated laboratory process, human error is almost eliminated.
  • Affordable – GenSol continues its commitment to making genetic testing affordable by offering everyday low pricing. GenSol’s first test is only $29.90 and all subsequent tests in the same panel are less expensive, making it a very affordable option.

To order GenSol’s new “Breed-Specific Customizable Panels” or to learn more about them, please visit www.gensoldx.com. For questions and to speak with a GenSol representative, please call 844-369-3686.

About Gensol Diagnostics

Since 2014, GenSol Diagnostics has been bringing fast, accurate and affordable canine genetic testing to the market. Gensol was founded to address the growing need for canine genetic screening using innovation and state-of-the-art technology that reduces the cost and time to determine the results for better breeding and healthcare decisions. GenSol was founded and is owned by Dr. Micah Halpern, who has spent more than 25 years applying the tools of molecular diagnostics for a wide array of applications in several fields. GenSol’s tests are fast, accurate and affordable. For more information, visit www.gensoldx.com.

Talkin' Pets News

July 1, 2023

Host - Jon Patch

Co-Host - Jasmine the Dog Trainer

Producer - Kayla Cavanaugh

Network Producer - Jayla Green

Social Media - Bob Page

Talkin' Pets News

June 17, 2023

Host - Jon Patch

Co-Host - Jillyn Sidlo - Celestial Custom Dog Services - Roan Mt. TN.

Producer - Lexi Adams

Network Producer - Ben Boquist

Social Media - Bob Page

Talkin' Pets News

June 10, 2023

Host - Jon Patch

Co-Host - Karen Vance

Producer - Philip Staub

Network Producer - Jayla Green

Social Media - Bob Page

Talkin' Pets News

May 13, 2023

Host - Jon Patch

Co-Host - Dr. Linda Register - East West Animal Hospital - Lutz, FL

Producer - Lexi Adams

Network Producer - Ben Boquist

Social Media - Bob Page


Denver, CO, April 12, 2023 — The Animal Law Firm (ALF), which in 2022 became the first national law firm representing pets and their people, today announced the addition of two new associate attorneys to their team of lawyers devoted to animal justice. The team expansion is in response to pet owners' rapidly growing—and unmet—needs for legal representation on behalf of their pets, hobby animals, or service animals.   

The ALF comprises lawyers specializing in animal law who advocate for pet and animal owners seeking legal representation for criminal and civil cases involving their domesticated animals. The new ALF team members will begin practicing in Colorado, but the firm has already expanded into New Jersey and Pennsylvania to defend and counsel the growing population of individuals seeking specialized animal representation in those states. 

Cerridwyn Nordstrom, Esq., a legally-blind attorney based in Colorado, has joined the ALF team. As a guide dog user, Nordstrom is passionate about service dogs and their handlers. In addition to providing counsel for a wide range of animal law cases, Nordstrom will focus on service animal issues such as animal access and civil rights and discrimination cases. Nordstrom graduated from the Sturm College of Law at the University of Denver and is an active member of the National Federation of the Blind, the National Association of Guide Dog Users, the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association, and the Colorado Disability Bar Association.

“It’s an honor to be a part of the outstanding team at The Animal Law Firm doing so much for animals and the humans they love,” said Nordstrom. “The rights of disabled individuals to have assistance animals need to be protected and made clearer; judges and the general public often misunderstand the role these animals serve and their human counterpart’s rights. I will strive to improve the quality of life for anyone who could benefit from having an assistance animal help them.”

Emily Ann Hynes, Esq. joins the ALF team with a degree from the Sturm College of Law at the University of Denver and an MBA from Oklahoma Christian University. Hynes views pet ownership as a means of preserving an owner’s well-being and independence and has advocated for their legal rights and for socially conscious sheltering of homeless pets. She has exceptional skill in solving landlord and tenant issues when animals are involved, protecting service animals and emotional support animal rights, and assisting pet owners in complying with city and county ordinances. 

“I am excited to join ALF and combine my two favorite things: pets and helping people. My goal at ALF is to help people keep their pets in their homes and understand the legal landscape around pet ownership. By helping our clients navigate legal problems pertaining to their pets, I aim to empower them and preserve their dignity,” said Hynes. “I am most excited to help improve the world's understanding of pet law. Colorado law, like in many states, sees pets as property; however, they are much more.”

The Animal Law Firm has a history of trailblazing the relatively new field of animal law and has set several precedents protecting animals and their owners. In a 2021 major appellate decision for animal rights in Colorado, ALF helped establish a precedent allowing unmarried couples to share custody of a pet after a breakup, rather than a judge needing to choose one person to be awarded custody. And in Pennsylvania in 2017, ALF established a dog owner’s right to sue a police department for the unlawful shooting of the owner’s dog and punitive damages when a court determined wrongful conduct.

ALF founder Kristina Bergsten, Esq. received her law degree in 2013, and holds many committee positions and award designations. She founded The Animal Law Firm in 2017.

“I couldn’t imagine two better additions to the Animal Law Firm team than Cerridwyn and Emily,” said Bergsten. “ALF has already made history in our field through our unyielding pursuit of justice for animals and their owners, and we’re just getting started. With these two on pet owners’ side, and a plan to serve more of the country’s animals, we’re excited to bring the fight for animal welfare into common conversation.”

About the Animal Law Firm: 

The Animal Law Firm, the first national law firm representing pets and their people, fights for the underdog. Operating as Colorado, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey’s premier animal attorneys, ALF handles cases involving dog bite defense, service animal representation, veterinary malpractice, pet custody, pet trusts, civil rights as they pertain to animals and animal ownership, and many other areas of animal law. The lawyers of The Animal Law Firm know how important our pets, service animals, and working animals are to us, and that’s why they use the tools of the justice system to help create a world in which animal welfare is the primary consideration in animal cases. 

ALF’s animal lawyers hold themselves to the highest standards of performance and ethics—and it shows in their winning track record. Learn more at theanimallawfirm.com or follow the Animal Law Firm on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and check out their podcast Fighting for the Underdog wherever you listen to podcasts.

Hammy & Olivia are social media’s favorite “talking dogs” //www.tiktok.com/@hammyandolivia?" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer" shape="rect">@hammyandolivia (5.7M followers). Their family-centric, everyday-relatable shenanigans are sure to make you laugh or do an eye roll. Within one year, Hammy opened his own takeout cafe, and Olivia never misses an opportunity to voice her displeasure in any given situation. 

 The Talking Corgis Authored a Book

Barkcuterie is a special take on the classic charcuterie board that is for every human’s best friend.

Curated by social media’s favorite corgis, Hammy and Olivia (@hammyandolivia), each artfully designed Barkcuterie board is chock-full of delicious homemade and store-bought dog treats. You’ll have fun making the quick and easy boards and even more fun sharing all the goodies with your dog. For cat owners, don’t worry! Hammy and Olivia have included a cat board for their feline friends. So, dress up your pup, get the camera ready, and celebrate:

  • National Dog Day
  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Birthdays
  • Gotcha Day
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • and more


25 Pawsome Snack Boards Your Dog Will Love

Give your dog the love they deserve with these beautiful and fun food boards. 

Now you don’t have to exclude your fur babies from the festive food with over 25 themed snack boards for holidays, special occasions, milestones, and just because. This special take on the classic charcuterie board is for every human’s best friend. Curated by social media’s favorite corgis, Hammy and Olivia (@hammyandolivia), each artfully designed barkcuterie board is chock-full of delicious homemade and store-bought dog treats. You’ll have fun making the quick and easy boards and even more fun sharing all the goodies with your dog. For cat owners, don’t worry! Hammy and Olivia have included a cat board for their feline friends. So, dress up your pup, get the camera ready, and celebrate.

Including over 35 easy-to-make recipes for pupcakes, biscuits, donuts, and pupsicles and adorable photos of Hammy and Olivia, Barkcuterie is the ultimate way to let your dog know how much you love them.



“LOVE YOUR PET DAY” on Feb 20th, Briton Publishers and author/photographer, Johanna Siegman, released “In Good Company.” A book that features many personalities with their furry loved ones with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Apex Protection Project, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

BOOK PARTICIPANTS INCLUDEEd Asner, Liz Abbott, Caroline Beck, Ed Begley Jr., Garrett Bennet, Raissa Katona Bennet, Jenny Bilfield, Carlos Carrasco, Laura Cohen, Michael & Tom d'Angora, Patricia de Leon, David Dubinsky, Danielle Eskinazi, Lorraine Feather, Paula Ficara, Frances Fisher, Heather Frank, Justin Frank, Joel Friedman, Tracey Gluck, Gina Hecht, Katie Hoff, Richard Karn, Ron King, David Koz, Norman Lear, Tanya Moss, Lu Parker, Bill Peterson, Arcadio Poveda, Gretchen Reinhagen, Allan Rich, Claudia Russell, Alex Rybeck, Arturo Sandoval, David Scharf, Adam Schiff, Mark Schiff, Dave Scott, Columbus Short, Jackie Speier, Molly Stern, Gabrielle Stone, Gene Stone, Tierney Sutton, Eric Swalwell, Gregory Tororian, Dee Wallace, Steve Wastell, Gren Wells, Vernon Wells, Adrienne Wilkinson, Mark Winkler, Richard Yniguez, Margarita Zavala and Cecilia Ramos

People are their most genuine selves when they’re with their pets. No matter how experienced or nervous someone is about being photographed, interviewed or even in crowds, as soon as they are with their pets, everything changes. This coffee table book of fine art portraits, featuring notable people from a wide range of fields (arts, science, literature, performance, music, etc.), with their pets. A portion of profits will go to support Apex Protection Project, a Los Angeles-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization, created to save the wolf species through education, rescue and advocacy. Unlike traditional pet portraits, these unique images depict the relationship between people and their beloved pets. They portray everyday moments between them, which are intimate and mundane, often humorous, whimsical, or touching, and always genuine. Each person provides me with personal details of their relationship with their pet in order for me to envision a concept that is particular to them.

All online booksellers, worldwide, and directly from the author via her website (www.johannasiegmann.com).
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